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  • McKenneys provided a new decentralized domestic water system at a maximum-security correctional facility in Bessemer, Alabama.

    THE CHALLENGEWith no up-to-date drawings to indicate cur-rent service and systems locations, McKenneys developed the energy conservation measures (ECM) to decentralize the existing hot and cold domestic water system and installed new

    distribution piping. The facility remained active throughout the project, requiring detailed planning, maximum prefabrication, and minimal disruptions to water service.

    THE SOLUTIONThe McKenneys team leveraged its knowl-edge of correctional facility operations, along with its turnkey design/build delivery methods to meet NORESCOs ROI requirements. McKenneys also conducted detailed site

    surveys, built full-scale mock-ups, maximized off-site prefabrications, and minimized outages to reduce operational disruptions.

    THE RESULTSPrecise planning, prefabrication and onsite coordination minimized installation time. Overall, McKenneys was able to develop the ECM and meet the ROI goals of NORESCO while replacing both the hot and cold domes-tic water systems with no service disruption.

    Intricate Solutions Pay OffPROJECT NAME

    Domestic Water Decentralization at Donaldson Maximum-Security Facility


    Bessemer, Alabama


    Owner: Alabama Department of Corrections

    Performance Contractor: NORESCO

    Turnkey Design Builder: McKenneys, Inc.


    Building Information Modeling


    Plumbing Shop Prefab

    Energy Management

    Pipe Shop Prefab


    Performance Contractors


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