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  1. 1. Kravitz Personal Injury LawyerTo' $; _:i I!' , ,o~ 3 " AKS;1 . . no..V4-4 .TL, 75
  2. 2. ABOUT KRAVITZ LAWKravttz Law is widely recognized as one of the top personal injury law llrms in the province of Ontario and is dedicated to semng our community by proleuing ltie rights of injury victims while making a dillerence in the lives of our clients and their familiesOur legal team is comprised of experienced lawyers and paralegals who are supported by a dedicated support staff We can assist you in over 20 dillerentlanguages and will ensure that you receive the best possible resultsThe lawyers or Kravilz Law possess vital trial expenencet having successfully conducted trials at virtually every level of court in the province of Ontano Funherrnore.some ot our lawyers were previously employed by insurance companies.goiemmenl agencies.and public transportation companies and have intimate Knowledge or vanous relevant tactics and procedures.which gives us the leading edge over our competitionwe are known tor never tiacliing down trom challenges such as lengthy legal oaltles or aggressrve 'altaclr lawyers Taking each case as tar as necessary.never settling for less,and ensuring that our clients receive all or the benefits and compensation they are entitled to have earned its the reputation ol oeing firm out lairPersonal inIuri law is our locus and passion we are 100 percent devoted and dedicated to getting the absolute best result tor our clients and their lamilies,as well as providing much needed support at a time when iniuni victims reel the mosivulneraolellyou or aloved one was imured contact Kravrtz Law lot a consultation it is absolutely tree,and there are no obligations We can visit you at home or in the hospital,and since we wont.on contingency you do not have to pay until we win your case 95 meals or combined experience has made Kravitz Law what it is todaylor our clients we are the shield and the sword protecting their rights and at the same time getting them the absolute pest results and maximum compensation that they deserve
  3. 3. I Injury Lawyer (.7Q) . .1.-1.512. B.. arrise.P, erson, .. I*-u -.1-mm "5:. Kil| ilil Imu: r -l. "": ':Barrie personal injury lawyers are proudly serving the community and providing help and support for local injury victims.For years.Kravitz Law has been helping injured Barrie residents and their families get the compensation that they are entitled to.We have recovered millions of dollars in settlements and have won some of the landmark cases in Canadian law. Barrie personal injury lawyers are widely regarded as the experts when it comes to motor vehicle accidents.pedestrian accidents.public transportation accidents.motorcycle bites.and slip & fall accidents.Our lawyers have successfully won some of the most complex cases involving brain injuries,spinal cord injuries,orthopaedic injuries.and injuries resulting in chronic pain and psy- chological trauma.
  4. 4. ii>. ufl. /ills Pars,anal Injury Lawyer (800 9 4-Q361rrI 'I II: ".l'| l|| %9el|"5.. .i| lil! l | lll| ll; ' ll"": 'lStoutiville personal injury lawyers have been assisting local injuryvictims by providing help and support to local residents during theirtime of need.Kravitz Law is known for going the distance to ensure that our clients receive the best possible results and ser- vice.Sloufiville personal injury lawyers routinely offer home and hospital visits to not only protect the rights of injury victims,but also provide a convenient service by seeing clients wherever and when- ever it is best for them. I
  5. 5. Qlllll ElRll|llllHl')( I-QYXXSF l? Rl 3Z: Z7l-".2.~-_l_n"~nntnjaxoononguURILLIA PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERYour local Orillia personal injury lawyers have been proudly serving the community and providing help and support to injury victims and their families. lt you have sustained a personal injury in Orillia,Kravitz Law is here for you.Our personal injury lawyers in Orillia are specialists when it comes to car accidents.slip & falls,motorcycle accidents,public transit bites,orthopaedic injuries,as well as spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries.
  6. 6. 6BE6 RE EB>9T| $2E :EEPETB|6h| i$2$2|F2ENT AREAS! FEDESTR| .i3.iS ACClDEl"i'S Motor vehicle accidents invoMng a pedestrian can cause senous injunes and can happen for many different reasons Contriliuting iactois such as poor weather or road well driver negligence may all play a role in the accidentBeing struck by a motorvehicle can have devastating and sometimes deadly consequences injuries caused by pedestrian accidents can range lrom soil tissue damage cuts and bruises,lo lractures and injunes olthe brain and spinal cordPedestrian accidents typically require eidensive medical care lolloived by lengthy and alien costiy rehabilitation Mounting medical bilis.iostwages.and other expenses can quickly become overwhelming and place undue nancial and emotional stress on the inchm and his or her lamilvPedestrian accidents in Omaha lall under the same category as motor vehicle accidents and are thus governed by the same legislation However,there is one major dillererice-there is a reverse onus on the at-laull party.andthal means lhallhe guilty party muslprove his innocence This requirement presents pedestrian victims with the possibilitv to receive substanliallv higher compensation for their injuriesll you or a loved one has been injured as a result ol pedestrian accident.know that having an experienced and dedicated lawyer on row side can make all the dillerence lorwctims andtheii families The legal team at Kravitz Law IS considered l0 be among the lop ranked in the province ol Omaha.and our lawyers have successfully recovered millions 01 dollars in compensation tor personal injuri victims "'3''"'" ll . i ll/ . l c l w. In j lll i. .: ~.vci lid.mi-
  7. 7. 6BE6 RE EBGQTIQE :QBTHREAERIQ lhlrll-t|3|E FR. -. C."l'lCE OR'l'HO. '~AEDlC | lUURlEi3Orthopaedic inyuries can be caused by vanous acodents such as slip and crashes.and ottier unpredided accidents.Fractures.damage in cartilage,tendons can all he classied as orthopaedic inyunes and can leave ttie vldlm witti long term and sometimes lltelong impairments such as nerve damage and chronic pain In some cases.orthopaedic inyury victims may need to undergo surgical procedures followed by lengthy rehabilitation and vanous therapies in order to correct the damageNKl3V1Z Law.our legal team works with medical experts who can ensure that you receive an accurate diagnosis as well as the best treatment tor your condition.whidi will allow you to readi the maximum recovery from your IHJUHESltyou or a loved has sustained an orthopaedic inyury in the province of Ontario,you deserve compensation Contact Kravitz Law today for alree initial assessment there are no obligations.and you can gelthe peace of mind that you deserve We will ensure that your nghls are protected and while youlocus on getting better,our legal team will locus on getting you the absolute maximum comoensanon yOUare entittedto.Do not sutler in silence,getttie ]USllCE that you deserve Contact Kravitz Law today.and out the winning legal team in your lCOME!I / i-l'L"iy"11Z PC'iStil. U.l Iii; i_i: 'y Lti'~. i*; cl : ;5:ii'i'i: *
  8. 8. opens RE EI3BE> RF EBMTIQE :T|3iHM>T| $2 |3|3>| N >h| |32 E| N>| - SZQBR K. i; iii/Pciwiiiiif lii_ii. iiv 1.2 ~. '_~'ci' B; ii'z'i. * PR. -. CTICE ~ TRA'JM.9.TtC BRAIN AND SPIN/ -. L CORD . iRE. 3tS OF ll3JURlESTraumatic brain ll"t]UtlES typically have a mayor negative impact on the quality ot lite ol the injured victim and his family because of the resulting loss ot physical and cognitive tunctions Victims ot traumatic brain injuries may require constant medical attention and care that can only be provided by a qualied team 01 medical experts Because these II'l]Ufl9S are unpredictable in nature,it is extremely ditcultto properly assess the needs and costs ot the care the victim will require in the futureSpinal cord inyunes can have devastating and lite-altering ellects on the victims quality of tile Conditions such as paraplegia,can drastically change the lite ol an inyury victim who may sutler not only physically out also psychologicallywhile aayusting to this condition which untoitunately is often permanentCanng tor victims of traumatic brain and spinal cord inyunes can put undue emotional and nancial stress on the victim's families Costs of medical care and rehabilitation as well as outsot-pocket expenses and in the event that the victims wages were Cfmfally importantto the household.can create mounting.overdue bills ttiat quicloy add up and become unmanageableThe legal experts of Kravit: recognize the needs of critically inyured accident victims and their families and realize that determining the right amount ol compensation can make the ditteience between having sufficient financial security and not making ends meetAt Kravitz Law our legal team works with medical experts who can ensure that you receive an accurate diagnosis as well as the nest treatment tor your condition which will allow you to reach the maximum recovery tic-m your inyuries Also our medical experts can help us accurately determine the level ottuture care that will be required Ola the victim and in turn can help us determine the correct amount ol nancial compensation that will be required by the Watt and his tamili