Infographic: Why Social Media Marketing for Business

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What is Social Media? Defining social media is a long-standing problem, as it can range from engaging in community forums through to being present on social networks. It also needs to be realized that what works for one organization or individual may not necessarily work for the other. Examples of the types of social media and online PR engagement tactics include: • Use of Twitter/microblogging • Social network profiles (Facebook) • Creation of video sharing sites (YouTube) • Corporate or brand blogs • Virtual world creation and management • Use of social bookmarking sites/tools • Use of social media news sites • Creation of podcasts • Creation of widgets Why is Social Media Important? • Social media is here to stay. If you don’t have a strategy, it’s more than likely your competitors will have, or are planning to. • A good strategy will, at its core, allow you to garner insight into what customers really think about your organization. It allows you to monitor and protect your reputation. • For the costs that are involved, it’s a great “soft” marketing and communication channel. Although it’s well worth remembering that measuring any ROI against social media can be extremely difficult. • Boosting overall online activity. Social media will help your SEO and drive visitors to your site. • It helps your organization speak and listen. Ever tried to make people aware of something while nobody listened? Social media can help you be heard. Equally, it allows otherwise-unheard customers to strike up a two-way conversation with you. • It makes your organization become transparent, which is a very important element in current business practice, especially online. • It’s an educational experience. You will be able to learn from customers: what they want, where they are, etc. Equally, customers can quickly learn from you: services, products, locations, etc. • Relationships will be built and maintained between you and your customers. • It helps you fish where the fish are. The Internet is becoming increasingly fragmented and distributed. Social media can help you find the correct audience or customers and engage with them, instead of wasting resources in the wrong areas. Why Customer Insight Group, Inc. Customer Insight Group, Inc. ( is a full-service strategic marketing firm helping companies develop and execute high-performing acquisition, loyalty, engagement and retention programs by leveraging customer behavioral and attitudinal insights. Balancing strategy with creative execution, we create compelling customer-centric programs that reflect our clients’ brand visions. Social Media Grader: Social Media Blog: Social Media Roadmap: