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Assignment 2.1

Text of Industrial Vocabulary by Ashley Rieke

  • 1. INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION VOCAB Ashley Rieke Period 5Monday, December 9, 13

2. Dene Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution occurred in around the 18th to 19th century. The Industrial Revolution began when the agriculture, mining, manufacturing and transportation began to make a huge change in time. The countries that participated in the Industrial Revolution were England, United States, Germany, Sweden, France, and Japan.Monday, December 9, 13 3. Urbanization Urbanization is when all the people where starting to head into the cities. The cottage industry was when people where working out of their houses. The migration of people from rural and urban during the industrial revolution. A lot of people where moving from farms to cities because it was hard to make money to support the farm along with the industries where buying the lands. Monday, December 9, 13 4. Agricultural Revolution It lead to the industrial revolution because they needed combines and tractors so they could farm to produce their crops and what not. Crop rotation is a way of planting the plants to improve the spoil and replenish it.Monday, December 9, 13 5. Textiles The rst commodity to boom was fabric and clothes. Textiles are fabrics and clothes, etc.. The spinning Jenny was a big help to the textile industry. Eli Whitney was the one who invented the cotton gin.Monday, December 9, 13 6. Steam Engine James Watt was the one who invented the rst steam engine. The steam engine was invented in 1698. The steam engine was important because it was a form of energy and can machinery for industries.Monday, December 9, 13 7. Bessemer Process It was the rst way to make steel out of molten pig iron. The Bessemer was invented by Henry Bessemer. This machine was important because it removed impurities from the metal and lead to the production of cheap plentiful steel.Monday, December 9, 13 8. Pasteurization He was a french microbiologist and chemist that was a very important founder of medical microbiology. He invented a way to treat milk and wine so that it did not cause sickness. This was important because it sterilizes the product and reduces the factor of illness consumption.Monday, December 9, 13 9. Thomas Edison Thomas Edison did a lot of things but a couple them are the light bulb, photograph, and the kinetoscope. Edison was a proud holder of 1,o93 U.S patents. One quote from Thomas Edison is Out greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.Monday, December 9, 13 10. Romanticism Romanticism was an artistic, intellectual, and literary movement that took place in Europe. It was a reaction to the Industrial Revolution in the way that it was seen as a way to escape the connes set by the standards made by the revolution. A couple of authors from the romantic era are Joseph Warton and James Macpherson.Monday, December 9, 13