Industrial to collaborative economy

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Contrasting Industrial Capitalism with the Collaborative Economy: examples and benefits. I gave this talk at TEDx Harlem on March 26, 2012

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2. IndustrialCollaborativeCapitalismEconomy Assets & wealthIncreasing rolecontrolled by the few of individuals 3. Industrial CollaborativeCapitalism EconomyMonoculture diversity centralized distributeddefends the status quo experiments, learns, adapts , evolves 4. IndustrialCollaborative Capitalism Economy& mesh networks 5. IndustrialCollaborative Capitalism EconomyRoll up Roll out 6. Industrial Collaborative Capitalism Economyseeks monopoly status seeks to maximizeparticipation 7. IndustrialCollaborativeCapitalismEconomyEconomies of Scale Economics of Free standardization & volume of the already bought & paid fordelivers low cost of excess capacity of personal & personalized effort HAVE TO WORK WITH OTHERS 8. Industrial CollaborativeCapitalism EconomyTrade secrets Idea exchangepatents Open standards 9. By Sujohn Das 10. IndustrialCollaborative Capitalism EconomyNetwork TV 11. Industrial Collaborative Capitalism EconomyMainstream MediaBlogosphere 12. IndustrialCollaborative Capitalism Economy Years 60 10 years3 yearsBeds 645,000 1,500,000 beds 2m nights bookedCountries 100 230 countries 186 countries 13. Industrial Collaborative Capitalism Economytoo big to fail resilient & redundant 14. IndustrialCollaborative Capitalism EconomyShares the value 15. Our carsSHARED 16 16. AUTO PRENEURS LES AUTO-PRENEURSEarn 65% of Gross RevenueBUZZCAR IS THE PLATFORM PARTNER Sets & applies criteria for good drivers, rated by others App & website to quickly find & reserve cars Contract & structure for rental Insured during reservation w/ roadside assistance Payment collection 17. DRIVER MEMBERS 18. IndustrialCollaborative Capitalism EconomyBuses & Trains 19. IndustrialCollaborative Capitalism EconomyeBayEtsyKickstarterNeighborgoodsNeighborrowParkAtMyHouseReCaptchaRentabilitiesSuperMarmiteTwitterWazeZilok 20. IndustrialCollaborative Capitalism Economy Maps Open Street MapsCrisis Mappers Net 21. Industrial CapitalismCorporations survival at center 22. CollaborativeEconomyPeople thriveat the center