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An overview of Inbound Marketing

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  • 1. Inbound MarketingOverview Conor Boyce February 2013

2. Contents Digital migration Outbound to Inbound Marketing Inbound Definition Role of Content Marketing Step 1:Driving traffic to website Step 2: Online Lead Generation Step 3:Converting Leads to Sales Step4: Analyse and Measure ROI 3. If you always do what you always did, you will alwaysget what you always gotHenry Ford 4. Modern Marketing Facts Migration to the web enabled society is relentless 5. People are becoming digitally connected24/7 6. Effects of digital disruption are all around 7. Consumer buying habits arechanging 8. Global Internet Usage 9. Did you know that 10. The average US internet user.. 11. One third of US consumers 12. The growth of social networking 13. 90 million tweets per day 14. Growth of popularity of blogs 15. Showrooming 16. Mobile commerce on the rise 17. Outbound to Inbound 18. Buying habits are changing 19. Internet has turned what used to be a controlled one way messageinto a real time dialogue with millions(Future of Advertising FastCompany 2010) 20. Two types of marketingOutbound - interrupt Inbound - attract 21. Inbound v Outbound 22. Inbound get found, convert, analyse 23. What is inbound marketing?Inbound Marketing is amarketing strategy where businesses implement tactics to getfound online by customers. 24. Inbound Marketing involves creating and providing valuablecontent for your customers, promoting your remarkable content,building customer relationships, and overall pulling thecustomer toward you 25. Inbound Marketing Strategies Create Brand Awareness Improve search Engine Optimisation Create Thought Leadership Develop Valuable Customer relationships Establish Credibility Build Trustworthy reputations 26. Inbound Marketing is to digital as..Messi isto Barca 27. The Inbound process manages DigitalTraffic ! 28. Inbound methodology makes things work together! with ease and harmony 29. Inbound Marketing Funnel 30. A Process not tactics.. Inbound marketing is like a puzzle but not because itsconfusing. Its a puzzle in the sense that its made up ofmany pieces. Pieces that should not stand on their own,but when put together, make total sense. 31. No quick fixes. 32. Website is the Hub of all online activities.. 33. Its your online store 34. Step 1: How to Get Found = Driving Traffic toWebsite Create Remarkable content 35. Optimise the content for Social Sharing 36. Responsive Design Optimised for all screen sizes and devices 37. Content creation is the keystone of InboundMarketing 38. In the digital world.. contentGenerates momentumGrows your Digital real estateAdds value to your assetsDrives ROI 39. Content marketing is about Traffic generation 40. 70% of clicks are organic (not paid) 41. Search Engine Optimisation 42. Content creation Inbound marketing starts with blogging. A blog is the singlebest way to attract new visitors to your website.Blogging is notthe answer to a lazy mans dreams. 43. Blogging 44. It pays to blog. 45. Frequent blogging = more customers 46. Why Blogging? Each page on a website is an opportunity to rank for akeyword or phrase. More pages means more chances torank enter the magic of content creation. Blogging is a content foundation that helps you createemail newsletters, SEO-friendly website content, socialmedia, and other marketing initiatives with less effort 47. Why Blogging? Blogging is the only online marketing initiative that creates its own by-products. Search engines are trying to create the ultimate search experience and their search algorithms put a very heavy bias on websites that produce quality content. Companies that blog 15 or more times per month get 5X more traffic than companies that dont blog at all. 48. Impact of monthly blog articles 49. A blog is essential for any onlinebusiness 50. Point Being . If a blog gets posted in the forest, will anyone read it? Calories get spent creating keyword rich blog contentand its impact on search engine traffic will be severelyimpeded if links to those articles are not shared onsocial media. Building sharing functionality into your content (like aTweet This button) will allow others to share what theyjust read with their followers by simply clicking. 51. Social lives at the top of the funnel 52. Discovery prior to interest 53. Social sharing and SEO 54. Step 2: Whats happens to websitetraffic?Conversion tactics Online lead Generation 55. Conversion Tools Premium content Offers. Landing Pages Calls To Action 56. How does traffic translate into leads Leads are generated by making top level content offers andlanding pages! 57. Content offersResearchWho is the your ideal customer(s)andWhat information is of value to them ? 58. But 59. Good examples Marketo 60. SalesForce 61. Step 3: Convert leads to customersTurning Leads To customer requires..Targeted Content 62. Develop Buyer persona 63. Content delivery funnel 64. Follow up on leads.A humanora machine 65. Lead Nurturing.. 66. Help that lead along the way 67. Step 4: Analyse and MeasureDigital Footprint meansalmost full traceability 68. If you dont Things go wrong! 69. No hiding place anymore..Every campaign can be measured and ROI determined! 70. Digital Footprint means.We know everything.Marketing has never been easier. 71. What are the key metrics. 72. To be Measured 73. Analyse 74. Closing the Loop: Measuring ROI 75. Marketing Automation and Technology Does the heavy lifting for Inbound Marketing