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  • An Imagined Community:A McKinsey Framework for Evaluating Alternative Strategies

  • Where Will Judaism Be 100 Years From Now?Relevant, Sustaining and ThrivingOr Limited and nearly extinct?

  • Imagined CommunityOverall StrategyWhat are we trying to achieve?What are our success measurements?How do we create sustainable organizations?How do we best fund and support these organizations?How do we best select which initiatives to fund?How if any do these organizations work together?

    MarketingHow can we identify and choose the right market segment(s) to serve?How can we differentiate our offering from competitive offeringsHow far can we go in customizing our offering for each customer?What are the major ways in which we can grow our organizations?How can we build stronger nonprofits?How can we reduce the cost of customer acquisition?How can we keep our members loyal for a longer period?How do we retain through evolving needs of individuals and groups? Core Questions

  • Transforming JudaismParticipant ExperienceActualPotentialMinimize gap between Actual and Potential ExperienceShift focus to participants needs and expectationsDetermine market messaging and positioning based on needsDesign content which self-motivates and propelsLeverage and brand existing material to foster collective consciousness


  • Addressing Individual NeedsMaslows Hierarchy of Needs

  • The Experience Cycle Activation Awareness Initial ExperienceInitial Assessment Continued ExperienceSocial ContextOverallAssessmentWhat is it?

    Why do I care?

    What do I do?

    What do I get out of it?

    What need does it serve?

    Who else is doing this?

    What will people think of me?

  • Experiential PositioningEvangelist(Totally Engaged)UnengagedInitialAdvancedExperienceIndividualAcceptanceApplicable ExperiencesEnvironment AwarenessMusicDiet /ExercisePersonal DevelopmentPolitical MovementJudaism

  • Engagement & CommitmentUnaffiliated

    Members Maturing Members InfluencersCommunityCrowdCongregationCommittedCoreAttendees

    What are individual benefits at each stage?

    What are individual responsibility at each stage?

    Objective is to achieve deepest involvement with least effort and greatest reward.

  • Evaluation FrameworkInitiativeWeight WatchersRed Hat SocietyPolitical PartyMedia EnterpriseReligious OrganizationAmazonPersonal ExperienceAwareness/ Attitude/ BehaviorMaslows Needs AddressedProblem(s) SolvedPerceptionEngagement Requirements/ BenefitsService AttributesCore ElementsPersonalizationSocial AspectAdvanced InvolvementTerms, Price and Value PropositionCustomer ServiceStrategyTarget Market(s)Reach/FreqInvestment Ongoing CostCPU /CPABreakeven LevelSustainabilityFramework Strategy

  • Key ComponentsFor Sustainable ProgramsStructureLogicAdaptabilityRelevancyLifestyle ApplicationMarketing & Retention ApproachBusiness PlanLongevityExpertise and CredibilityAnticipation

  • Where is the Opportunity?(Inform)Relevant ContentIndividual Initiative SeekingCurrent or ContextualPersonal Development(Live)Personal ActionOnline & Real WorldAspirational PlatformSample & ExperienceTikkun OlamPersonal ActualizationCollective Action(Connect)SOCIAL NETWORKINGIndividual & group empowermentTrendsetting InfluencersExpert AccessContinuity Aspect

  • Inventive, but usefulOriginal, but not abstractStylish, but accessibleBold, but not offensiveBreezy, but still meaningfulForward-looking, but rooted in the presentSmart, but not academicConfident, without braggingSexy, but not vulgarOpen-minded, but still opinionatedInviting, but not ordinarySOURCE: "Think Bravo," Bravo networkBravo defines the "guardrails" of its "brand personality" as:Bravo: Bravo Think

  • Initiative ResultsWhat it means to be Jewish?AwarenessAttitudeBehavior(Social, Cultural, Religious)IdentitySense of belongingFamilyHistorical PerspectiveCollective ConsciousnessCommunity InvolvementSocial ActionJewish Organization ParticipationSynagogue AttendancePhilanthropic OptionsAffinity to IsraelPrayerTorah StudyMitzvot

  • Outreach OpportunitiesLife and Calendar Events Serve as Touch PointsBirthHebrew EducationBar/ Bat MitzvahAttending CollegeGraduating CollegeDatingMarriageConversionChild BirthVolunteerism

    Infertility Growth Cycle for Children Divorce Illness Death Emotional Issues World Events Holidays Trip to Israel Retirement

    These Touch points afford the opportunity to connect to market segments