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    Image Upload for sharing PhotosBy Gary Richards on November 1, 2013

    Do you like capturing special moments that you spend with your family and friends in a camera.Digital camera has made it possible to keep all your moments with yourself till the end of time.You are just required to click the camera and then save all your images on your computer.However, images clicked using a digital camera are larger in size thus they occupy a lot ofspace on the hard drive of your computer. Sometimes, when you have to store some reallyimportant stuff, there is no space left on your computer to do that. Also, if you want others tosee those pictures you need a platform through which everyone can access them without anytrouble. So, you need a service that can offer you space to store your images, and also makesthem available for public view.


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    Image upload service is the answer to both these requirements. Using this service you canupload your photos on the internet, and you will not be required to keep a backup of theseimages anywhere in your computer because they will be there on the internet till the time youwant them to be. This service also allows you to share your images with whoever you want justby giving them the link of the web page where your images have been stored.

    Now, the actual working of this service involves the selection of the images on your computerthat you want to upload and just pressing the submit button. This will direct you to the pagewhere you images have been uploaded. So, as you can see, it is a very simple process thatdoesn't require you be overly educated in technical stuff. Basic knowledge of internet andcomputer would be sufficient to complete the process. Some image hosts would allow you theservice of uploading one image at a time, and these hosts are free image upload hosts.However, there are some hosting websites which allow you to upload multiple images, and youcan even upload images zipped in a folder as well. These websites are the ones that wouldcharge you for the extra services they provide. There are a few other limitations in imagehosting. You can't upload an image file of any size on any host website, and the space that youwill be given to store your images on a particular website will also be limited. So, choose fromfree and paid image upload service based on the needs you have.

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