I Don't Know (and that's OK)

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Keynote address for Product Development Insights conference - NYC 10/1/2010.

Text of I Don't Know (and that's OK)

  • 1. I Dont Know (And Thats OK.) Cindy Alvarez The Experience is the Product - http://www.cindyalvarez.comCopyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez

2. Im here today to promote ignorance.Copyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez 3. Product Development MaturityCopyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez 4. Product Development Effectiveness Copyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez 5. How does knowingkill great productdevelopment?Copyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez 6. Knowing is static but the world changes Copyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez 7. Knowing is apples but thesituation may be oranges Crowdsourced localization of KISSinsights - 100+ questions in 14 languagesCopyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez 8. You know but you dont know enough ONLINE BILL PAYaverage bills paid/ monthaverage $/paymentmost likely to pay these types of billslog in X times/monthpay X bills per session Copyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez 9. You know but you dont know enough BEFORE: ONLINE BILL AFTER: put incoming bills in PAY cross it off the the bill pile calendar average bills paid/ circle due dates on month check if I can pay more calendartowards my credit average $/payment card bill set up reminders on my cell phone most likely to paytransfer extra into these types of billssavings pen and paper calculationslog in X times/monthcheck when payday ispay X bills per sessionCopyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez 10. Knowing makes you lazy and youll forget to provide dataUsers need this... The market demands this... Trust me and just build it.Copyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez 11. which breeds HiPPOs. As the CEO, I just know thisllwork... Copyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez 12. If you were right, you denied your team the opportunity to learn and feel awesome Copyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez 13. And if you were wrong, you lose credibilityThis is all your fault! We built exactly what you asked for. Copyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez 14. For great product development to thrive,Copyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez 15. Foster a culture ofnot knowingbut learning Copyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez 16. WAIT! What do you mean, you dont know?!Copyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez 17. (This approach isnt easy on enterprise customers, CEOs, or project managers.)Copyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez 18. I dont know, but -- heres how were going to find out.. my hypothesis is... heres what I do know... Copyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez 19. More rigor + More work + More uncertainty = Better odds* * come on, you know there are no guarantees in product development! Copyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez 20. OK, so how do we foster a culture ofnot knowingbut learning? Copyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez 21. Start with ground rules:Copyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez 22. Its always OK to ask what is the goal of doing this? Copyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez 23. All brains are good brains. Copyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez 24. Limit heads down time.Copyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez 25. Ugly data trumps no data. Copyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez 26. Develop your ownlearning funnel: Copyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez 27. interviewsA/B testing competitive researchsurveys user testing best practicesbug reportsmarket research analytics summarize(most companies skip this--> fail)whats importantCopyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez 28. Teach your team to fish: Copyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez 29. Dont expect people to just know how to contribute How can we ask the customer?How can we ask the data? How can we compare ourselves to alternatives? How can we try doing the opposite thing? How can we gain a new perspective? Copyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez 30. Show off: Copyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez 31. We learned ____________,so we didnt build _____________,which saved us ________! We learned ____________, so we quickly did _____________, which earned us ________! Copyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez 32. Oh, and -- dont try to do thisall at once: Copyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez 33. ideathis was great ideathis sucked ideathis needs work ideathis was great (It wont be this neat, but you get the idea.)Copyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez 34. Go out thereand I dont know your way to your nextgreat product!Copyright 2010 Cindy Alvarez