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Singapore featured article on Big Data, Social Data API, CRM and Futurecasting potential influencing predictive analytics. By Dave Mendoza 2


  • 2. With a track record spanning more than a decade and established clients in key sectors, CnetG is well- positioned to help you take your business further. Our regional presence will help you gain a foothold into Asia, Europe and beyond. An executive search rm counting Fortune 500 companies among its client base, we view executive placement as building organizations. Wenevertakeoureyesotheball. Customer Orientation | Integrity | Excellence | Teamwork | Communication | Enterpreneurship Executive Search and Selection Energy Industrial Pharmaceuticals & FMCG Corporate & Investment Banking HR & Finance Commercial golfimagecourtesyofarielc@stock.xchng THAILAND T +66 2259 6924 E SINGAPORE T +65 6829 7035 E MALAYSIA T +603 7665 0050 E
  • 3. July 2013 C o n t e n t s Be curious about the business that you work in and the business environment in general. Noel McGonigle 26 Entrepreneurs overestimate the power of their idea or technical skill and underestimate the value of proper management systems and execution to reach the result they want. Jonathan Raymond Knowing a job title in a social media or external online search is no longer enough without context. Dave Mendoza The key thing is that we started this journey mindful of the scale of our ambitions balanced against our starting point and resources available. Brett Terry 31 21 44 Features Workforce Trends 14 Decidiphobia: Getting Todays Digital Natives to Think for Themselves Robert W Wendover asks whether we can figure things out without a menu of choice. Organisational Change 16 The Organisation Development Cycle (Part 2) We continue with Part II of a two part article where Alison France explores the stages of the OD cycle. Courage 18 7 Courageous Conversation Questions to Apply at Work Sandra Ford Walston explains how challenging conversations can test us in an uncomfortable way. Positive Psychology 19 The Unexamined Life of Missed Goals and Postponed Dreams Sulynn Choong asks : Do you realise how the insidious subconscious programming of habitual patterns make up the powerful mental software that runs your life? Recruitment 21 Futurecasting: How the Rise of Big Social Data is set to Transform Hiring Best Practices Globally Entirely new business intelligence resources are changing the way we think about career progression and creating talent pipelines to meet corporate hiring objectives. By Dave Mendoza. HR Practitioner 26 Transforming the Perception of HR Azzurri Communications HR Director, Noel McGonigle, talks about the change management programmes he oversaw which culminated in recognition at the 2013 HR Distinction Awards for the pivotal role played by the HR team. Best Practice 31 9 Best Practices that Directly Impact your Businesss Ability to Reach you Profit Target If you are interested in maintaining sustainable growth, considering effective online prospective or how to take your business to the next level, read about the Ownership Stack it will directly impact your business. Special Feature - Learning & Development 33 Why not make an investment where it matters most? Four HR leaders talk about the value of the Personal Development Plan. Trends 37 Experience more important than education Some of the key findings from the Randstad Q2 WorkMonitor Report. Talent Management 38 The Anointed Ones The Talent Conundrum Identifying the key factors talents look out for in an organisation. By June Hamid. Building Leaders 40 Dont Beat Up a Dead Horse Why is it that most businesses and HR leaders refuse to dismount the dead horse? Asks Roshan Thiran. Engagement 44 Brett Terry : We looked holistically and boldly at the culture we wanted to shape and set our course. The Alzheimers Society shares how they took some important steps towards further engaging their people. Governance 50 Role of Internal Audit in HR Governance Vijayam Nadarajah shares how internal audit adds value to HR governance. In This Issue 09 News 13 Featured Blog Victorio Milian 23 Lit You Already Know How to be Great. A Simple Way to Remove Interference and Unlock Your Potential At Work and At Home 26 HR Practitioner Noel McGonigle 30 Diary 44 Q&A Employee engagement 49 Ladder HR Matters July 2013 | 3
  • 4. July 2013 Products and Services featured in this issue A D V E R T I S E M E N T EDITORIAL Editor Rowena Morais. Writer Isabella Chan Writer Peter Raj TECHNICAL SERVICES Technical Advisor Mark Victor Graphic Design Izham Rizal Ismail ADVERTISING SERVICES General Queries PRINT EDITION SUBSCRIPTIONS Subscriptions Executive Stephanie Lin | Annual subscriptions are available at RM99 (inclusive of postage and handling). International subscriptions are available at the rate of USD47 annually. This entitles you to four issues per year published at the end of January, April, July and October. For more information, please contact us. DIGITAL EDITION SUBSCRIPTIONS Available at USD6 per year. SUBMISSIONS We encourage readers to submit suitable ideas or features for consideration. All correspondence of this nature should be directed to the Editor by email or post. Flipside accepts no liability for loss or damage of unsolicited material. PUBLISHER HR Matters Magazine is a publication of Flipside Sdn Bhd. Suite 1208 Level 12 Amcorp Tower Amcorp Trade Centre No.18 Persiaran Barat 46050 Petaling Jaya Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. Phone +603 6140 6398 | Fax +603 6140 6397 PRINT SERVICES Printer Thumbprints Utd Sdn Bhd Lot 24 Jalan RP3 Rawang Perdana Industrial Estate 48000 Rawang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. PERMISSIONS AND REPRINTS For permissions and reprints, please contact the Editor. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photo-copying, recording or otherwise without the prior permission in writing of the Publisher. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this publication, the Publisher assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions or any consequence of reliance on this publication. All trademarks and copyright in this issue are recognised and acknowledged where possible. If we have failed to credit you, please contact us. We will happily correct any oversight. All material is accepted on the basis of a worldwide right to publish in printed or electronic format. The opinions expressed in this publication do not necessarily represent the views of the Editor or Publisher. All rights reserved. Copyright Flipside Sdn Bhd 2013. British Council CnetG First Staffers Leaderonomics Propay Partners Randstad The Iclif Leadership & Governance Centre 4 | July 2013 HR Matters
  • 5. See page 8 for details. Subscribe to This Issue Search for HR Matters Magazine in Groups Remember Diary these dates! Talent Management. Raising Your Game. 2013 HR Briefings 22 August 28 November Not been receiving our alerts or email newsletters? Add these e-mails below to your safe list:, and On the Cover : Perception Rowena Morais, Editor Unless we become aware of these patterns, much of our life is unconscious repetition. In short, we can dream and speak of our potential for greatness but if we do the same as we did yesterday, and have done for the last ten years, the outcome would be the same. Sulynn Choong. Sulynn comments that it is easy for us to continue doing as we have done. However, any quest for self-actualisation or to realise our potential must begin with mindfulness of beliefs, thought and action. And if you think about it, mindfulness is really not so much a useful skill but an absolute necessity in our increasingly frenetic, busy lives. As Robert Wendover discusses decidiphobia, the young people entering our workforce today are faced with many challenges. One of them is learning to figure things out without having all the choices laid before them. Mindfulness will help them make more sense of their situation. Noel McGonigle, Group HR Director for Azzurri Communications, the featured HR personality in this issue, shares how there are times when the job is fast changing or ambiguous. You need to get used to working with limited information. You need to know how to use what you have to craft a plan for moving forward. Mindfulness is key. It involves coming to terms with what you know and what you dont know. In our role as HR leaders, mindfulness is absolutely critical to what we do, as we grow, develop, nurture and engage people from within the organisation. In this issue :- Alison France continues with Part II of her article looking at the Organisation Development cycle; Dave Mendoza shares how we can accurately predict where and how future and current job candidates are likely to perform best with futurecasting; The State of the Business (SOBO) 2013 Report examines nine best practices that have a direct impact on a small businesss ability to reach their profit target; Four HR leaders share their ideas on the value of the Personal Development Plan to identify and address both short and long term development goals; Brett Terry reveals five steps taken by Alzheimer Society in their journey towards greater employee engagement; and much more. As always, hope this gets you inspired. Happy reading! HR Matters July 2013 | 5
  • 6. July Contributors | HR Matters Noel McGonigle served in the Royal Air Force for 22 years in a variety of operational and human resource appointments. Noel joined Azzurri in 2006 and is responsible for all HR activities, including Health and Safety. He is passionate about leadership and employee engagement. Azzurri has seen its employee engagement scores improve year on year and has been shortlisted for a number of HR awards, including winning Best Reward and Benefits Strategy in 2010 and a Distinction in Change Management in 2013. Robert Wendover has been researching and writing about workforce trends for over 20 years. Managing Director of the Center for Generational Studies, he is author of nine books and a regular contributor to electronic and print media. He has served as a special advisor to the American Productivity and Quality Council (APQC) and served on the management faculty of the University of Phoenix. Mike Morrison is the Head of Global Training Project Unity at Damco. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Mike is an experienced Organisational Development professional. Mike runs and leads several online communities; the largest is on LinkedIn and has more than 21,000 members. Sandra Ford Walston is known as The Courage Expert and innovator of StuckThinking. She is an internationally recognised speaker, learning consultant, author and entrepreneur for twenty years. Sandra instructs at the University of Denver on several programmes and is the internationally published author of three books: COURAGE, STUCK and FACE IT! 12 Obstacles that Hold You Back on the Job (2011). Check out Chris-James Cognetta MSIT, LPC-Intern is an award winning instructional designer and independent training and development expert with more than 25 years of experience in the creation of blended learning solutions. He has honours awards and affiliations from the National Institute of Staff and Organisational Development, the Ford Foundation and many more organisations for the creation of innovative and groundbreaking programmes. As a business psychologist and HR professional, Alison France has a passion for using positive methodologies to shape the attitudes of leaders and organisations, enabling them to achieve profitability. Alison has facilitated organisational change initiatives as well as designed and delivered award winning leadership development programmes. When not working, Alison enjoys riding her two motorbikes on UK roads and European tracks. Vijayam Nadarajah has worked in insurance companies and banks for more than 18 years. Her extensive experience in operations, internal audit, investigation and risk coupled with leadership, drive and passion for good governance, control and corporate behaviours has seen her through a series of commendable achievements in the appointments that she has held. 6 | July 2013 HR Matters
  • 7. 2013 HR Matters | Contributors Dave Mendoza is a multi-award-winning talent acquisition thought leader and global speaker. Recently, he was a Finalist for the HROAs Trustee Award North American Thought Leader, 2013. He has also earned awards for Excellence in Sourcing Innovation and Most Strategic Use of Technology Awards. He recently authored Futurecasting: How the Rise of Big Social Data API is Set to Transform the Business of Recruiting. Sulynn Choong is a positive change consultant and coach working with organisations to energise their workforce for outstanding performance. Combining practical corporate experience with evidence-based research in positive psychology, she assists CEOs in evaluating their organisations existing and proposed change initiatives for coherence, congruence, relevance and positive impact. Roger Brooks is the Executive Director of Training & Development for Safeguard Business Systems. Roger also serves as the Board Chairman for Girl Power 2 Cure, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organisation whose mission is to make Rett Syndrome the first curable neurological disorder. His motivation is his daughter, Juliana. Girl Power 2 Cure, Inc. works to support the more than 500,000 girls and women currently suffering from Rett Syndrome. Junaida (June) Dato Dr Abdul Hamid provides HR management, customer service, team building and related training and consultancy for multinationals, GLCs and the government arena. She is not merely a facilitator, but an excellent communicator, business coach and now an entrepreneur. As a Consultant Trainer, she has facili...