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  • 1. How to Hire Rock Star Interns Make progress not coffee
  • 2. Road Map1. Background on InternMatch2. Nine Steps to Hiring Better Interns, Saving Time, and Getting More Done
  • 3. Our Background New Aggregated Internships12,00010,0008,0006,0004,0002,000 0 July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb March April Started in 2009 Roughly 300,000 unique student visitors in April 2012 -- growing fast Over 700 direct university connections
  • 4. Our InternsInternMatch has now hired over 50 interns We have hired numerous campus ambassadors at schools including MIT, Harvard, Upenn, Wisc onsin, Michigan and more! ** US Employers with 20+ Employees
  • 5. Why Hire Interns New Aggregated Internships12,00010,000 Fill in critical skill gaps8,0006,000 Pipeline for hiring4,000 Regional Expansion2,000 0 Nov March April July Aug Oct Jan Sept Dec Feb
  • 6. Free Labor? DONT hire thinking this is a good tool for free labor DO expect to have to put some time into this process Paid interns are generally more skilled, more likely to convert to full-time and will save you time and energy.
  • 7. Not for everyone Hiring top notch students with the right culture fit is essential for SMBs and Startups Autonomous but not automatic +50K / Contributes energy Fantastic Intern to office/team Future hire Cant test assumptions -25K / Needs to be motivated Mediocre Intern Only around for 3 months
  • 8. #1 Have a Goal/Project in mind Specific projects make management Have a Goal/Project in mind easier and products more valuable. This resume guide was made by our first ever intern when we had no in- house designer
  • 9. #2 Decide on Compensation Marketing/Business: $10 - $12.50/hour CS $12.50 - $20/hour MBA $12.50 - $15/hour Educational Compensation is worth more than $$$. Learning software (Basecamp, Hootsuite, etc) is huge!
  • 10. #3 Decide on a Manager Meet once a week for coffee Have a Goal/Project in mindTell the student to ask questions Set benchmarks/goals for projects
  • 11. #4 Define Position Nuts and Bolts Length? Typically 3- 6 months long Hours? Typically 10-40 hours per week Season? Summer you get more attention from a student
  • 12. #5 Create a posting Pitch company Have a Goal/Project in mind Pitch education opportunity Detail the role Use our free template! Got to internhip-posting
  • 13. #6 Pimp it out Tweet about it Send it to rock star former interns Send it on to favorite TAs, professors,etc
  • 14. #7 Always be Closing Interviews: Sell: Spend first 5 minutes talking up your company and role Be prepared: Have a list of questions ready to Have a Goal/Project in mind evaluate the student. Review: Extra-curriculars are often more important than grades. Follow-up: Setup a time to talk again with the student before making a decision. Manage expectations.
  • 15. #8 Get Started on the right foot Let students know what they need on the job (laptop, a suite, etc) Create an email account for them Be upfront about office rules and expectations, etc
  • 16. #9 Have Fun Interns can and should impact your culture They come and go Have a Goal/Project in mindbut you can have a truly meaningful impact on their future
  • 17. How to find applicants? Hustle Post to universities Craigslist Let us hustle for you Post positions at
  • 18. Thank You Nathan Parcells, Founder/CMO [email protected] 301-873-8435