How Today's Marketers Are Using Social Media #IS12

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  • 1. How Todays MarketersAre Using Social Media

2. How Todays Marketers Are Using Social Media While social media has the potential to increase and monitor brandawareness and drive lead generation, most organizations andmarketers are still not sure how to go about it. At the same time,social media spend is seeing the biggest growth as a % of marketingbudgets. In this session, youll learn about how leading marketers are usingsocial media and what results theyre able to achieve.SLIDE :2 3. HOW TODAYS MARKETERS ARE USINGAgenda SOCIAL MEDIA What are they using it for? How are they going about it? What results are they seeing? What are the best practices? Discussion with Question & Answers 4. Joe LucasSpeakers InsideView, Senior Marketing Manager Cynthia Countouris Accolo, VP Marketing Ellen Valentine SilverPop, Evangelist Koka Sexton InsideView, Director Social Strategy 5. CYNTHIA COUNTOURISSLIDE :5 6. Leveraging Social Media at Accoloa unique vantage point1. Career Opportunity (Job) Marketing ____2. Corporate Leadership and Branding3. Product Marketing and Sales Engagement4. Customer Retention and Support5. Product Roadmap / Feedback ____6. Enterprise Social Networking (SocialText)SLIDE :6 7. Corporate Leadership and Brandingdiffering sites provide differing valueSLIDE :7 8. And Be Social! make it fun and easy to shareSLIDE :8 9. ELLEN VALENTINESLIDE :9 10. Facebook: Social Newsletter Opt-in1,415 sign-ups via ourFind out how To do this: Facebook page in 9 months. 11. 66% Prefer Social Sign in 12. Automation NurturingMeaningful Interactions Business RulesDynamically Generate ContentRegistration Automated Emails Email Follow up 13. Marketing AutomationAlign your marketing department with your customer 14. KOKA SEXTONSLIDE :14 15. Social Media @InsideViewBrandingEngagementLead GenerationCustomer RetentionSLIDE :15 16. The ROI: Social Marketing Skill LevelsSkill Level 1Skill Level 2Skill Level 3 Skill level 4 Fans Social Media New leads EnchantmentFollowers Engagement and RevenueandSubscribersSLIDE :16 17. Top of funnel lead genSocial channels have a Twitterlarge reach that can beFacebookused to communicate aswell as generate new leads Communityfrom multiple sources. Product Webinars Papers New Leads 18. Targeting new leads through social mediaFocusGain AttentionCapture Bio searches Follow MQL data Tweet searches Communicate Push additional content Push content Feedback & SharesImagine the machine you would create if sales people understood this. 19. Discussion TopicsHow are you leveraging social media?What are your goals for social media?How does sales align to social marketing?What tools are working?How do you measure engagement?How are you able to show ROI and results?How are you using social activity during lead nurturing?What are your plans for social media in the future?SLIDE :19 20. Key Takeaways1. Know your audience, know your objective(s) and how youll measure them2. Dont bite off more than you can chew3. Keep your eyes open. This industry is still in the formative stages4. Be Social! Have fun! Youre creating human relationshipsSLIDE :20


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