How to use social media to support b2b sales

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Frank Communications shares tips how social media could be used as a part of b2b sales.


  • 1. How to use social media to support b to b salesFRANK COMMUNICATIONS OY Tel. +358 (0)9 4241 3377 frank@frankcommunications.fiFredrikinkatu 45 A, 00100 Helsinki, Finland Fax +358 (0)9 670 377
  • 2. Keep in touch actively When your company appears in the media, tell people about it before and afterwards Let people know, when they can come and meet you in events Keep in touch with customers also in between projects Keep your customers up to date on new products, services, offers
  • 3. Let others benefit fromyour expertise An active expert is a customer magnet Offer something useful: user guides, case stories, videos Share information about your line of business
  • 4. Dialogue = good,Monologue = bad Dont just publish stuff. Ask your target groups for feedback Keep an eye on what people talk about and offer your point of view Dont just focus on your company and products, discuss topics that are of general interest Dont push yourself or your products Get people to tell stories about how they use your products or services
  • 5. Pay attention to targetgroups There are lots of opportunities to direct your messages to specific groups. Use them Tailor your messages according to channel and target group
  • 6. Be professional Make sure your contact details are up to date Use a current, professional-looking photo when representing your company Think before you publish keep work and leisure separate Keep a positive and constructive tone in your comments
  • 7. Catch the leads You CAN find new customers from discussion forums Decision makers use social media to support purchasing decisions Follow signals: who reads your tweets, who responds to your posts Keep an eye on what your competitors do
  • 8. Grow your contact base Connect with people you know in real life also in social media Update your contact lists actively Update your LinkedIn profile and share the link actively
  • 9. The contents of this presentation were originallypublished on Twitter as a campaign of 25 tweets.#25socialsales
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