How to use social media to boost recruitment

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Frank Communications shares tips how social media could boost recruitment


  • 1. How to use social media to boost recruitmentFRANK COMMUNICATIONS OY Tel. +358 (0)9 4241 3377 frank@frankcommunications.fiFredrikinkatu 45 A, 00100 Helsinki, Finland Fax +358 (0)9 670 377
  • 2. Not just anadvertising channel Social media is not just a publication channel. If you use it, have an active presence Use social media also to follow interesting people and competitors
  • 3. The strength is in thenetworks The power of social media is in the networks. Build and nurture them already before you need to recruit Social media is full of great applicants, but also great messengers
  • 4. Get the entirecompany involved! Utilise your employees personal networks Encourage people to spread the word about open positions Ask your personnel to update their LinkedIn profiles and to link them to your company profile Bring out your talented people. Candidates will want to know, who theyll be working with
  • 5. Dare to stand out Recruitment is also marketing. Involve marketing people in the process Candidates appreciate a personal touch Avoid recruitment jargon. Be honest about what sort of character is required for what sort of job In social media, even a small company can have a big presence
  • 6. Pay attention tochannel selection Use a combination of different channels social media and others to advertise open positions Select channels based on the position youre hiring for The channels you use relay a strong message of your company culture Make sure that you send a coherent message through all channels
  • 7. Mind the basics Make sure that your company profiles are up to date Make sure your electronic application form works properly
  • 8. Make it easy to applyfor a job Dont hide contact details Be clear about who to contact, how and when Be open and clear about how and when the recruitment process will proceed
  • 9. Pay attention toconfidentiality Only collect relevant data from applicants Pay attention to confidentiality also in social media. Not all applicants want to publicise the fact that they are applying
  • 10. Its not all about themoney Dont do social media just to save money Make a budget for the time you need to spend using social media, not just the money
  • 11. The contents of this presentation were originallypublished on Twitter as a campaign of 25 tweets.#25recruit
  • 12. Would you like tohear more?Frank CommunicationsTel. +358 (0)9 4241 3377frank@frankcommunications.fihttp://frankcommunications.fi LinkedIniss