How to use LinkedIn to boost your personal brand

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LinkedIn Marketing 101

How to use LinkedIn to Boost your Personal BrandingWalter Lim


Myth #1LinkedIn is only helpful if I am looking for a job.Adapted from HubSpot

Lead Generation via LinkedIn

Myth #2If I update my profile, everyone in my network will be notified.Adapted from HubSpot

Myth #3I can only connect with someone I know well.Adapted from HubSpot

Myth #4There are secret features that get unlocked when you hit 500 connections.Adapted from HubSpot

Myth #5Accepting invitations from people I dont know well will open me up to spam.Adapted from HubSpot

Myth #6I can only message people I am personally connected to.Adapted from HubSpot

Myth #6I can only message people I am personally connected to.You can message people in the same group as you, or send them an InMail if you are a premium user.

Myth #7I should only post content about my company and industry.Adapted from HubSpot

LinkedInis the number one professional network

CEOs Prefer LinkedIn

Anatomy of a Good LinkedIn Profile


Anatomy of a Good LinkedIn ProfileVia

Anatomy of a Good LinkedIn Profile


Example of My LinkedIn Profile

Include Keywords in Headlines

Use bullet points to highlight competencies

Focus on achievements and include numbers

Highlight relevant CCAsDont forget your contact

Make it SEO FriendlyUse the keywords that you want associated with you.Cut and paste into a world cloud generator to check.

Claim Your Custom URLOnline brand name Consistent across social channels Use company or product brand name

Connect with Right PeopleColleagues and Bosses (current and ex)Clients, suppliers, distributors, partnersProspects and influencersFriends and familyAlumni associates

Make It Personal and Relevant

List Skills and Endorsements

List Skills and EndorsementsLinkedIn members wholist their skills receive 13 times more profile views than those who dont.

Join and Create LinkedIn Groups

Join groups related to your businessConnect with thought leadersMessage group members

Engage with LinkedIn NetworkLike/comment on their posts (or engaged posts)Share their LinkedIn posts on your profileCongratulate or like their new jobs/ anniversaries

You can also comment or like or share a post which your friend engaged with.

We love to be liked!

Establish thought leadershipHow Tos, Trends, News, InsightsShare on other social networksExperiment!

Write and Publish on Pulse

Guts of a Good Article

Pick an interesting and relevant image

Choose a title that attracts attention

Include interesting facts and figures in your article.

Provide real value to your readers (not pseudo-marketing spiel)

Include a calling card to generate leads from your article.

Track Performance of Articles

Learn Who Your Readers Are

Connect/Engage Advocates

LinkedIn Pulse InfluencersMovers and shakers Divided into specialtiesHigh number of followersUseful to follow

LinkedIn Pulse ChannelsTopical in natureUseful to garner insights and ideasGet featured if you can!

Do NOT do the followingAdd somebody on LinkedIn just to immediately send sales messageWrite advertising or sales copy on Pulse disguised as helpful articlesPromote yourself focus on your prospects!Forget to reciprocate with a like or comment

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