How to use instagram for ecommerce

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<ul><li><p>How to use instagram for E- commerce marketing?</p><p>As we all know photos and videos have a great impact in the minds of people.</p><p>Instagram, a photo &amp; video sharing and social networking site that plays a vital role</p><p>in E/ commerce business. Create a professional profile for your E/ commerce</p><p>business by adding your business name, logo and website URL. You can share</p><p>photos and videos of your business products to the network of people, promote</p><p>them and highlight your brand thereby increase your brand recognition.</p><p>You may have a questionHow to use Instagram for E/ commerce marketing? It</p><p>is the first step enabling the customer to make purchase decision.</p><p>As you cannot add links to your post in Instagram, it is important to make the image</p><p></p></li><li><p>attractive, creative &amp; impressive and product description clear which will enable the</p><p>customers to reach you. You are allowed to provide link in your profile so if your</p><p>posts seems engaging and interesting automatically the viewers will be interested to</p><p>know the person or the concern posted it.</p><p>Use hashtags(#) with popular &amp; relevant keywords and your brand identity to get</p><p>your products noticed by the viewers. You can make use of ecommerce service</p><p>Soldsie to drive customers from the comment section of Instagram thereby you can</p><p>sell directly.</p><p>User generated photos that portrays the products while it is used by customers</p><p>adds value as they are real time images. Integrate Instagram photos into your</p><p>ecommerce website by displaying user generated photos which once clicked will</p><p>pop up the original product image and redirects to the concerned product page.</p><p>You can move one step ahead and use video capabilities in your posts to drive the</p><p>attention of the customers.</p><p>Create contest or campaign by choosing the hashtag which is unique and related to</p><p>your brand, setting up the scope that says which picture, theme and hashtag to be</p><p>used and deciding the reward policies. This will have a great effect. Not only focus</p><p>on promoting your brand but expose the special events of company and add posts</p><p>in a way to celebrate the seasons &amp; festivals.</p></li><li><p>Get more followers with the entertaining and eye catching posts who will in turn</p><p>into your customers thereby increase sales. This is how Instagram can be used for</p><p>E/ commerce marketing.</p><p></p><p>How to use instagram for E-commerce marketing?</p></li></ul>