How to Use a Business Journal to Create Value for your Startup

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    Business Journaling

    Creating Purpose & value for your

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  • A tribe is a group of people connected to one another,

    connected to a leader, and connected to an idea.

    A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.

    Seth Godin, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us

    Business is about your TRIBE





  • Sources: Keep A Business Journal

    What IS a Business Journal



    A recurring log of information, documenting your journey through your business

  • A DAY IN THE LIFE Information overload Lack of clarity & focus (due to overwhelm)

    How many tabs do you have open right now?? Too busy for more productive habits Knowledge comes & goes Inefficient staff turnovers

    Loss of info with loss of staff Second-guessing decisions Erratic momentum Motivation struggles (why am I doing this?)

    Sources: Chris Mohritz

    Whats the NORM

  • COMMON PROBLEMS There's too much to remember A lot slips through the cracks Repeating past mistakes Sending good money after bad Duplicated effort (management & staff) Knowledge lost Less-than-harmonious staff Indecisiveness Slow execution Little business documentation for leverage when seeking partnerships / investment Sources: Chris Mohritz

    What are the PAIN points

  • THINGS WE CAN CHANGE Need focus time to think things through Need success habits Need daily inspiration (reinforce progress) Need to create consistency Need a paper trail for troubleshooting Need to capture lessons-learned Need habit of self-assurance

    Sources: Chris Mohritz

    Whats Missing

  • Where Can we Make It Better

  • CLOSING THE GAP Keep a record of your journey Consistency Momentum Compounding progress (accelerate growth) No second-guessing (nimble & decisive) Record of what worked, what didn't work & WHY Daily inspiration Efficient use of marketing resources Easier capital (investors journals)

    Sources: Chris Mohritz

  • Leverage the Information Create real business plan

    (youve refined it through journaling) Turnover to CEO Turnover for merger or acquisition Staff turnover (training) Greater ROI marketing (SEO) Greater ROI operational changes

    ORGANIZATION WIDE Require staff to journal for status reports (gold) Sources: Chris Mohritz

  • Getting StartedOptions 1-4: Chris Mohritz


    Writing on your iPad. Seamlessly NoteShelf

    Blogger / Wordpress Can publish privately / password protect

    YoutubeCan publish privately


    Inspiration to keep daily log

    TED TALK - Record 1 Second a Day

  • HOW TO:Goal is to create habit Daily is ideal (weekly is fine to start) Put it in your (daily) to-do list End each entry on a high note Quickly becomes addictive Periodically review entries (weekly) Choose platform youre comfortable enough to STICK to

    Keep it fun and relaxed

  • Ask & AnswerQuestionare by Chris Mohritz of WebRocket

  • Option 1: TYPE IT { GOOD } Blogger,, etc. noindex if Internet accessible Password protected

  • Option 2: WRITE IT { BETTER } Handwritten Can be paper or tablet/phone--Plenty of App options likeNoteShelf

  • Option 3:

    SPEAK IT { BETTER YET } Can be hand recorder, PC, or tablet/phone

    Theres an app for that, too

  • Option 4: VIDEO IT { BEST } Can use webcam or external camera Can store as private on YouTube

  • Option 5: INSTAGRAM

  • Post a daily photo Associate Photo with Writing / recording

    Can do presentation style Attach to word doc Insert in a blog post, etc.

    You can use this to build your tribe for your company AND / OR a tribe around YOUR brand as an entrepreneur

    Great for B-2-C companies, companies needing to build a tribe or get crowdfunded

  • RECAP:



    A Business Journal: A recurring log of information, documenting your journey through your business

    Use it:To create focusRefinementInspirationLeverage for business valueStaff - training and knowledge retention

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