How to Use a Business Journal to Create Value for your Startup

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<ul><li><p>HURDLE BUSTERS</p><p>Business Journaling</p><p>Creating Purpose &amp; value for your </p><p>StartupChelsea Dygert#ConsultMent#YesPhx</p></li><li><p>A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, </p><p>connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. </p><p>A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate. </p><p> Seth Godin, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us</p><p>Business is about your TRIBE</p><p>#Con</p><p>suul</p><p>tMen</p><p>t</p></li><li><p>Sources: Keep A Business Journal</p><p>What IS a Business Journal</p><p>#Yes</p><p>Phx</p><p>A recurring log of information, documenting your journey through your business</p></li><li><p>A DAY IN THE LIFE Information overload Lack of clarity &amp; focus (due to overwhelm)</p><p>How many tabs do you have open right now?? Too busy for more productive habits Knowledge comes &amp; goes Inefficient staff turnovers</p><p>Loss of info with loss of staff Second-guessing decisions Erratic momentum Motivation struggles (why am I doing this?)</p><p>Sources: Chris Mohritz</p><p>Whats the NORM</p></li><li><p>COMMON PROBLEMS There's too much to remember A lot slips through the cracks Repeating past mistakes Sending good money after bad Duplicated effort (management &amp; staff) Knowledge lost Less-than-harmonious staff Indecisiveness Slow execution Little business documentation for leverage when seeking partnerships / investment Sources: Chris Mohritz</p><p>What are the PAIN points</p></li><li><p>THINGS WE CAN CHANGE Need focus time to think things through Need success habits Need daily inspiration (reinforce progress) Need to create consistency Need a paper trail for troubleshooting Need to capture lessons-learned Need habit of self-assurance</p><p>Sources: Chris Mohritz</p><p>Whats Missing</p></li><li><p>Where Can we Make It Better</p></li><li><p>CLOSING THE GAP Keep a record of your journey Consistency Momentum Compounding progress (accelerate growth) No second-guessing (nimble &amp; decisive) Record of what worked, what didn't work &amp; WHY Daily inspiration Efficient use of marketing resources Easier capital (investors journals)</p><p>Sources: Chris Mohritz</p></li><li><p>Leverage the Information Create real business plan </p><p>(youve refined it through journaling) Turnover to CEO Turnover for merger or acquisition Staff turnover (training) Greater ROI marketing (SEO) Greater ROI operational changes</p><p>ORGANIZATION WIDE Require staff to journal for status reports (gold) Sources: Chris Mohritz</p></li><li><p>Getting StartedOptions 1-4: Chris Mohritz</p><p>TOOLS:</p><p>Writing on your iPad. Seamlessly NoteShelf</p><p>Blogger / Wordpress Can publish privately / password protect</p><p>YoutubeCan publish privately</p><p>Instagram</p><p>Inspiration to keep daily log</p><p>TED TALK - Record 1 Second a Day</p></li><li><p>HOW TO:Goal is to create habit Daily is ideal (weekly is fine to start) Put it in your (daily) to-do list End each entry on a high note Quickly becomes addictive Periodically review entries (weekly) Choose platform youre comfortable enough to STICK to</p><p>Keep it fun and relaxed</p></li><li><p>Ask &amp; AnswerQuestionare by Chris Mohritz of WebRocket</p></li><li><p>Option 1: TYPE IT { GOOD } Blogger,, etc. noindex if Internet accessible Password protected</p></li><li><p>Option 2: WRITE IT { BETTER } Handwritten Can be paper or tablet/phone--Plenty of App options likeNoteShelf</p></li><li><p>Option 3: </p><p>SPEAK IT { BETTER YET } Can be hand recorder, PC, or tablet/phone</p><p>Theres an app for that, too</p></li><li><p>Option 4: VIDEO IT { BEST } Can use webcam or external camera Can store as private on YouTube</p></li><li><p>Option 5: INSTAGRAM</p></li><li><p> Post a daily photo Associate Photo with Writing / recording</p><p> Can do presentation style Attach to word doc Insert in a blog post, etc.</p><p> You can use this to build your tribe for your company AND / OR a tribe around YOUR brand as an entrepreneur</p><p> Great for B-2-C companies, companies needing to build a tribe or get crowdfunded</p></li><li><p>RECAP:</p><p>#Yes</p><p>Phx</p><p>A Business Journal: A recurring log of information, documenting your journey through your business</p><p>Use it:To create focusRefinementInspirationLeverage for business valueStaff - training and knowledge retention</p></li><li><p>Connect:Chelsea Dygert </p><p>Dygert #ConsultMent</p><p></p><p>@cimforgiven</p><p>at Local coffee shop #YesPhx</p></li></ul>