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  1. 1. My Empower Network Review March 14, 2013AN INTRODUCTION TO THE EMPOWER NETWORKA few months ago a friend and longtime mentor of mine introduced me to a company called theEmpower Network. This friend has been making six figures for well over the past five years doinginternet marketing from home. So when he told me to take a close look at this company, Idefinitely listened. I hadnt heard from him in a while and he was extremely excited when telling meabout the company so that intrigued me.Before I continue on with my review here is another person who joined Empower who has hadsuccess that I wanted to share with you:Back to my storyWhat I found was quite astonishing.The Empower network was founded by two entrepreneurs named David Wood and David Sharpe.Wood was a once broke and homeless man living out of a van and literally showering at a beachdaily. Sharpe is a former alcoholic who worked in the construction industry for a lot of years. Thetwo came together working as internet marketers and found success.
  2. 2. The company they have created has become nothing short of a movement. Today empowernetwork has over 85,000 members and has paid out over $20 million in commissions to itsmembers across 140 countries around the world.The Empower network is set up as a network marketing company. But before you roll your eyesand move on, you should know something about how Empower Network is set up. You see unlikea traditional network marketing company you dont have to recruit people by making phone calls,chasing down contacts or throwing parties.Empower Network teaches its members to recruit new people into their organizations using onlineadvertising methods and marketing through various social media outlets. The logic is that in atraditional network marketing company, you have to convince someone that they need or want acertain product (vitamins, skin care, juice etc). Empower reasons that you can find people onlinewho are already looking for a home based income opportunity if you just advertise and market inthe right places. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it.Its a whole different approach to building a network marketing organization. And rather thanusing a phone, you can use the worldwide reach of the internet to accomplish this task.In fact, David Wood actually tells you NOT to use the phone to build your organization. He makesthe very compelling argument that calling people on the phone is one of the worst ways to build anorganization in todays world filled with social media, text messaging and busy schedules.One of the best arguments he makes for his case is that people usually ignore calls they see ontheir phone with numbers that they dont recognize. I can totally relate to this as that is how Itreat foreign numbers calling my phone as well. He goes on to argue that youd be calling from aforeign number if you were trying to recruit someone new into your organization.Like many people, I have been a part of network marketing companies before and failed. Theproblem that I had in other traditional network marketing companies was that I didnt like makingpeople feel like I was selling something to them. And many times I didnt believe in the products.Another problem was that the commissions were usually not significant in other companies and soyou had to make a ton of sales before you saw any kind of relevant income.The thing thats different about the empower network is that it pays out 100% commissions oneach sale. Yes you read that correctly. Instead of keeping 50, 60 or even 80% of the individualaffiliates commission like other companies, empower network puts 100% of your sales directlyinto your pocket.I wondered how they could do this and still be profitable. Well Dave and Dave make no secretabout how this is accomplished. The truth is that they are affiliates as well and have built theirown organizations within the company they own. So their income is tied directly to individuallypromoting their products as well.They also make money by running an opt ional affiliate system that allows you to also promotetheir products and get paid using an e-wallet system that handles all of your payout transactionsfor you online. But this is completely optional and not their core product.So what exactly are the core products that Empower is promoting?THE PRODUCTS
  3. 3. 1) The Empower Net work viral blogging syst em wit h 8 Fast Track t raining videos: $25.00The first product that empower promotes is a blogging system that is ready to use from the dayyou register. There is literally no setup. You can simply log in after registering and start blogging.You see most online marketers use blogs to promote their products. This is because blogging hasbeen found to be one of the most powerful tools for marketing and content promotion on theinternet.Because blogs usually have short posts and those posts often contain links in them, they aregenerally more keyword heavy than regular articles. This results in better rankings in searchengines.People find blogs easier to read so online readers and customers are likely to come back often tosee what you might have to say that is new or what has changed in the subject you are bloggingabout.So needless to say, blogging has become a very effective way to promote yourself or any productthat you have to sell. Most people looking for income online do not know all the technical detailsof setting up a blog so this is a very easy solution to that void.The best part about the Empower Network blogging product though is that the domain name thateach Empower blog is tied to is ranked in the top 550 websites in the world.This can be verified by going to and typing in Empower Network.The Empower Network blog you get is already installed and optimized and Empower has hundredsof thousands of incoming links giving their domain name huge authority in online search rankings.This in turn allows you to achieve excellent search results for your personal blog by basicallypiggybacking off of their site.This is all done with very little and sometimes no effort on your part.The 8 Fast Track training videos walk you through everything you need to get started and how tobegin blogging and they even discuss what you should blog about if you have no ideas initially onhow to start.The Empower network stays on the cusp of search engine technology and does all the work foryou which gives your blog authority and for the $25 that you spend, there really is no better valuefor a ready made blogging system anywhere on the internet.Summary: You get a highly search engine opt imized blog t hat is plug and play t o promot e
  4. 4. yourself or any product you choose t o. You also get 8 videos t o walk you t hrough how t ost art right away. There is not hing more t o pay if you choose not t o.Cost : $25.00 mont hly (If you are int erest ed in what is included click here).Click Here to Find Out More About the Empower Network2) The Empower Net work Inner Circle Audio Library: $100.00The empower network inner circle system is an audio training system that will completely changethe way you look at business. These audios are taken from live calls of training sessions thatDave and Dave have recorded where they have brought on industry leaders in Internet marketing,successful Empower Network team members and even themselves to train about the keys to theirsuccess.Surrounding yourself with successful people and modeling after them is one of the best ways toincrease your own success.A helpful feature of these recordings is that any one can be downloaded and saved onto an MP3file for your phone or MP3 player for later playback while youre in your car or working out etc.In these inner circle audios, one of the core commitments they teach is that anyone who wants tobe successful should listen to positive uplifting audio from legends of marketing and personaldevelopment on a daily basis.The continued access to this training entails a $100 monthly fee.
  5. 5. Summary: You get access t o a large library of audio recorded t raining in MP3 f ormat whichare being const ant ly added t o and updat ed t o keep you on t op of t he goings on in int ernetmarket ing and what met hods are proving successf ul. Cost : $100.00 mont hly3) The Cost a Rica Mast ermind Int ensive Training: $500.00 (one t ime f ee)This internet marketing training is done through videos designed to ratchet you above the majorityof online marketers and is designed for people who are extremely serious about making moneyonline.Unlike the previous 2 training tools which are monthly paid services, the Costa Rica training costs aone-time charge of $500.00.To touch just one of the topics covered in this training, you are taught to build relationships andtrust with your customers and followers. They teach that trust and likeability are paramount toreaching and maintaining an audience who will be loyal to you and your ideas.Some of the other topics covered in this training include: Systematizing your daily marketing Perpetual web traffic and promotion methods Visualization techniques Modeling yourself after success Duplication How to tell and sell through your own story Advanced selling psychology strategies Paid advertising methods Social media marketing & SEO techniquesand lots lots more
  6. 6. Summary: You get int ensive video t raining t hat will be helpf ul t o bot h t he newbie and t hemast er market er by ref ining t heir sales skills and met hods.Cost : $500 (one t ime charge)4) The 15K Formula 9 Video Series: $1,000.00 (one t ime f ee)In this series of videos, each one provides 2 to 3 hours of training on a single and specificmarketing topic. It is aptly named the 15K Formula because it is designed for people who want tomake at LEAST $15,000 per month in their online marketing business.Again, this training is a one-time fee of $1,000.00 and not a monthly recurring fee.This is more in