How to Get Your RFPs to RSVP

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Tips and tricks on how to convert your RFPs into cold hard leads and sales.


<ul><li> 1. How to Get Your RFPs to RSVP</li></ul> <p> 2. Whats an RFP? 3. RFP An RFP is a Request For Proposal which means someone is asking you for information to determine whether or not they are interested in doing business with you 4. Its No Guarantee Just because you get an RFP doesnt mean automatic business 5. Take The Next StepTake your RFPs one step further 6. Give them a proposal accompanied with something useful to them 7. Who Doesnt Love A Free T-Shirt? How great is it to get a free t-shirt? 8. Well you wont exactly be handing out t-shirts but you will need to give free samples and content in order to grasp your clients attention 9. Give Them ValueWheres my free sample?In the current business world clients expect more free things than before 10. Give them something of value that may not always be given out for free 11. Create a Relationship Come to a terms of agreement Make it clear that you want a real sales relationship, not just a sale 12. Define The Relationship Explain to them what you can offer long term Show that you will still be around after a sale is made 13. Remember RFP is a Stepping Stone You need to remember that an RFP is just the beginningIt is your follow up actions that determine the possibility of a sale 14. Visit Us For more information on how to convert your RFP to a real live sale check out our FREE guide on Selling into The Fortune 1000 /selling-into-the-fortune-1000/ </p>