How to Engage Patients Using Data, Social Media and Games

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Strata Rx Conference Sept. 25-27, 2013 Creator & Moderator: @DrBonnie360 Presenters: Dan Conroy with Aetna CarePass, Anmol Madan with and Bruce Springer with OneHealth


  • 1. Presenters Dan Conroy Anmol Madan Bruce Springer Head of Business Development, Aetna CarePass CEO & Co-founder, CEO/President, OneHealth Creator & Moderator

2. An Evolving Ecosystem of Experimenters 3. Social Networks and Data 4. Health & Medical Data Sources 5. Health & Medical Data Users 6. Consumer/ Patient/ Population Engage User with Interface Capture Data Provide Feedback User Changes Behavior Further Feedback and Reinforcement Behavior Change Persists Repeat Feedback to Nudge Healthy Behaviors 7. The Engaged, Activated and Empowered Patient 8. 3 Case Studies-Using Data for Self-help 9. Issues and Challenges Privacy Security Data sharing Citizen Science Institutional goals vs individual resistance 10. +1.310.666.5312 @DrBonnie360 Bonnie Feldman DDS, MBA Business Development for Digital Health