How to Develop Extra Mile People

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This articles is about developing extra mile people which will enable to develop & manage high performing teams

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  • 1. SecretsSecrets of Nurturing Extra Mile Peopleurturing PeopleExtra Mile People can bestow extraordinary performances to organizations. If we look for high performingteams off the corporate world, still we can find such efficient & effective teams operating in our society. Onesuch amazing unit is a Family. Have you thought about the magical mechanism of getting work done in a highperforming family There can be many but lets pick few in common. family?Imagine how your family worked during the last New Year or Christmas season. It is a very busy period where afamily needs to work extra. Usually in a family, mother having the expertise & experience in kitchen willing takesup the task of cooking. Father, knowing that he is not comfortable with tools & technologies at kitchen,volunteer to polish the floor while watching television so he will not miss his favorite cricket match. ElderDaughter who doesnt like to mess up her clothes in cooking or cleaning will do the interior decorations. And theyounger son, who is an entrepreneur, will be exited to clean the store room as he can find some gadgets to helpwith his new invention, may be a singing robot. This very simple example imparts a profound phenomenon. In asuccessful family there is room for individual preferences & their talents. This will lead for fulfillment. But thisway of working doesnt work all the time. There can be impediments & deadlocks to deal with. In a family youmay stumble across numerous complex circumstances where members depend on each other & undertakedifficult tasks which can be cumbersome & undesirable. But family members are emotionally bound to run anextra mile to bring the success even when the family is at stake. Therefore if I summarize the two vital factorsbehind a high performing family; Factor 1 Room for individual preferences which leads to fulfillment.1: Factor 2 Emotionally bound to go an extra mile until the success is achieved.2:These factors will indeed have a great impact when managing high performing teams in an organization too.Lets look how to apply the first factor in an organization.Unfold The Hidden Treasures Within People & Help Them GlowManager is responsible to flourish his subordinates to high performance category as well as to maintain theimpetus of those who perform well. For that you need to identify their preferences & offer them opportunitywhen ever possible. How to identify your employees preferences & hidden talents? Steven DeMaio, in one of hisarticles published in Harvard Business Review had shared some handy workouts for managers for this purpose.1. Turn a compliment into an interview When an employee does an excellent job, rather confine it to a merepraise, have a discussion on how he/she really did it. Get to know the process. So you may find hidden talentsof the employee and give him the opportunity to apply again. Also you can ask him to present his process to restof the team. This will share the knowledge & employee will feel accomplished.2. Analyze how people think, not just what they do. Performance evaluations assess the achievements againstdo.the goals. But the actions of an employee towards the achievements are originated from the thinking patterns,attitudes & paradigms. Describe those habits of mind to employee in his evaluation so he will know that themanager have truly understood his thoughts & contribution he makes.

2. 3. Ask for the reasons behind preferences. Good managers know the likes & dislikes of employees and reasonpreferences.behind them. Managers tend to build up friendly conversations and be aware about what makes an employeefeel fulfilled. It will enable him to strategically allocate resources.4. Inquire about peoples dreams. A manager asks John if you are given a chance to select your career oncedreams.again, what it would be? May be from this kind of dialogue will unveil the true thoughts of John who is currentlya software engineer, but desperate to become a technical writer. Perhaps you can give him a chance dependson situation. But you will never know this unless you ask.Likewise plumb the depths of each person you currently manage to fish out the talents that lurk beneath. Thiswill offer you the key to motivate your employees.Develop Emotional CompetenciesThe second factor is, a manager is has to work on developing emotional competencies of his subordinatesemotionalwhich makes them emotionally bound to go an extra mile until the organizational vision is achieved. DanielGoleman in his theory of emotional Intelligence based performance defines Emotional competence is alearned capability based on emotional intelligence that results in outstanding performance at work Those are: Emotional Self-Awareness - knowing what one feels.Self- Emotional Self-Management - The ability to regulate distressing affects like anxiety and anger and toSelf-inhibit emotional impulsivity. Social Awareness - The competency of Empathy. It also involves the ability to read nonverbal cues fornegative emotions, particularly anger and fear, and to judge the trustworthiness of other people. Relationship Management - The effectiveness of our relationship skills hinges on our ability to attuneourselves to or influence the emotions of another person.GOLEMAN DANIEL GOLEMANs FRAMEWORK OF EMOTIONAL COMPETENCIES Self (Personal Competence)Other (Social Competence) Self AwarenessSocial Awareness Emotional self-awareness Empathy Accurate self-assessment Service orientation Recognition Self-confidenceOrganizational awarenessSelf Management Relationship ManagementEmotional self-controlDeveloping othersTrustworthiness InfluenceConscientiousness CommunicationRegulationAdaptabilityConflict managementAchievement drive Visionary leadershipInitiativeCatalyzing changeBuilding bondsTeamwork and collaborationIf managers can mold their organizations to present a warm reception to dreams of employees & breedemotional competencies within them, it will yield you with the power of nurturing extra mile people.By Janani Liyanage MBA, B.Sc IT (Special Hons)