[How to] develop a deeper rapport with your audience

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  1. 1. [How To] Develop A Deeper Rapport With Your Audience By: Gary Stewart JobSlayer.net
  2. 2. In this slide share, I will be discussing communication and building rapport. More specifically, a formula that will transform any kind of relationship that you have with someone if you apply these methods. Once you learn and master this formula, you will be able to communicate with everybody on every level and ultimately get your business to the next level.
  3. 3. First off, what does Rapport mean? According to Google, this is what it means Here are the three things to connect with people:
  4. 4. Voice Be authentic. Be yourself. Offer your unique gifts. Just because this person over here is getting the results that you want, doesnt mean you have to learn everything that they know to get going. You have your own gifts, you just need to discover them.
  5. 5. Be transparent. Dont try to act like you have it all together. Dont be afraid to be vulnerable. Let people see the other side of you. Be passionate about what you do. Have you ever seen someone on camera and they are just boring? You dont want to do that because if you convey that message, the viewer will find someone that is passionate and they will just join that person instead of you.
  6. 6. Be on mission. Think of opera singerthey sing in Italian but still move people to tearshow? They sing from the heart and are not afraid to do it on stage because they are on mission. The mind aspect are removed. Why dont they get stage fright? They dont because being on mission means that the ego is no longer there and the sole purpose becomes to convey a message no matter what anyone thinks about it.
  7. 7. Vision Its hard to accomplish anything without a vision. Speaking your vision to others will let others see where you are going and it lets them connect with their own vision. This is what I call operating from inspiration instead of desperation.
  8. 8. Think to yourself right quick What is my Vision? For example, my vision is to help 10 or more people a year to get out of their day job or take their business to the next level.
  9. 9. Value Its important to create valuable content. You want to solve their problems, but you dont have to solve problems in every blog, email, video, etc. People respond to practicality. It doesnt have to be a huge result in order to share with others.
  10. 10. People will see your results and watch you grow and prosper. Its easier to follow someone that isnt a millionaire or just getting started because that successful person may be so far ahead of them that one on one training can be very unlikely. You want to keep you content entertaining, engaging, and educational.
  11. 11. In conclusion, we talked about the 3 Vs on how to build a deeper connection with your audience. Voice, Vision, Value. Its important to be on mission for your business so that when you speak your vision, you will providing so much value that you inspire that person to want to take action. Hope you enjoyed this message and if you would leave me a message below telling me about which part you got value from the most. If you would like to know more about what I do exactlyCLICK HERE NOW.
  12. 12. If you would like to read more of my content visit: JobSlayer.net Lets connect! Facebook.com/gstew069 YouTube.com/channel/UCY_dRL5XGWyz3roY-jbTGBQ Twitter.com/gstew069


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