How To Create A Value Based Business

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How to Create
a Value-Based Business

One of the essential secrets of success in Internet marketing is to create a value based business.

The first step in doing this is to establish a ladder of value for the product.

The next big goal should be to send customers through that value ladder.

In order to entice customers up the value ladder, a marketer should recognize and promote the ever increasing value gained for each step that the customer ascends.

For example, if the marketers product is information, the value ladder may ascend from books to CDs to DVDs to seminars to one-on-one coaching. As a customer moves up the ladder from watching DVDs to attending a seminar, he will gain more information, see more success, and make more money. As he sees more and more benefits, the customer will want to go to the next level of the ladder in order to achieve even more success.

In fact, the customers should have the same exact goal as the marketer. They should have a goal to ascend through the value ladder as they receive advantages from each level. In order to help them see this goal, the marketer should show and teach the customers that there are higher levels of value. There are more benefits out there for them.

Unfortunately, many marketers are scared of their customers. They are afraid that the customers will get mad if they try to sell them one more thing. But if a marketer believes in his products and the value they provide, then he has an obligation to get those products into the hands of his customers.

The marketers focus should be on building value for the customer, not just making money for himself. A business owner will not be afraid or ashamed to market a product that he believes will benefit his customer. If he has his customers best interests at heart, he will want to push them through the value ladder.

If customers understand their success is the marketers motivation, they will have the same goal as well. They will want to move through each level of the value ladder because at each level they will receive even more advantages than they did at the previous level. When the marketers goal and the customers goal mesh, then a value based business has been created and everyone benefits.