Hongdefa's engineers installed maize milling machines for Ugandan clients

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  • Hongdefa's engineers installed maize milling machines for

    Ugandan clientsPosho is one of the most popular foods of most Ugandans, and it is similar to polenta in

    Italian cuisine. It is not sweet or savory, but bear the taste with any soup (usually spottedbean soup). Posho is made up of finely ground white corn flour mixed with boiling wateruntil it becomes solid. It is not easy to cook as it must be mingled thoroughly andbecomes stiff while mixing.

    In Uganda, this heavy food is prized for its fill you up ability and it doesnt have tobe peeled, washed, sorted or soaked like some other things. Maize (corn) is relativelyeasy to grow and there are grinding mills in every village so people prefer to grow theirown corn and then have it ground into flour as needed. The flour becomes the materialthat makes posho vital

    It is known that Ugandans prefer super white and fine maize flour is slightly differentthan maize meal in other countries, which requires us to change the technology of maizemilling machine. So our technical team for the Uganda market has made a special design,the production of the machine can fully meet the needs of the Uganda market.

    As a result of technological innovation, our sales of maize milling machines in Ugandaare on the rise. Now, our two engineers, Mr Guo and Mr Zhang, have installed andcommissioned maize milling machine for a client in Lira, Uganda. At present, theequipment has been installed, these days are commissioning. Next Monday the directorwill come to inspection of the their work. And after this installation, our engineers plan tocome to Kampala and Mukono to install another two sets of corn milling equipment.

  • We offer lifelong aftersale services, to provide a door to door services for Ugandacustomers, in March this year, we opened the branch office in kampala of Uganda, wherehas a big storage room, easy access to some machines and spare parts for Ugandacustomers. The office manager Mr Jason lives in Lusaka all the year, and if any needs, hecan go to visit customers in Uganda and see the site of land or workshop building and givesome good advise to customers.We have installed many different capacity of maizemilling machine in Gulu Kampala Mbale, Mukono, Lira etc. You can go there to see therunning maize milling machine and our office manager will also give you some advice oninstalling and operating the corn mills machine.

    You can also contact with us if you have interests in the maize milling machineryTony yaoMobile:+8618330112982Email: tony@sjzafrica.com www.wheatmaizemill.com