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LittLe Thumpers Propagating Value By Jaaziel Charishma Ragland. S I MBA TSM – Mdu 5

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My Presentation part of an assignment in MBA

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  • 1. LittLe ThumpersPropagating Value
    Jaaziel Charishma Ragland. S
    I MBA
    TSM Mdu 5

2. Who is the target consumer?
A group undergoing a sea change
A global people with Indian perspective Truly Glocal
The Modern Indian (the todays and hopefully tomorrows consumer from the case!!!) this says a lot
Frugal in spending
Advertisement sensitive (cricket)
Kirana stores still a favorite
Brands have a long way to reach the remote consumer time is the byword
3. Consumer Behaviour An Indian Perspective
Will they ever change???
Ans: yes they are changing
But it is a slow process having barely perceptible growth
4. The Product Speaker(s)A brown consumer durable product
The bundle of benefits from AVAL
Core competency of the Industry shorter journey time of product from a concept to the market
Core Competency of Little Thumpers ( The little Firm) Intricate design, the outcome of which intoxicates the consumer ( In detail later)
5. Why Speaker???
Core competency
Technologically competent
Market savvy
Seasoned marketing team
Pucca distribution system
The only felt downside rectified (i.e., insight into consumer Behaviour
6. What kind of product the speaker is?
A manufacturer brand
An augmented product (competition management) that aims at becoming the potential product
A product that meets
The stated needs of the consumer
The real needs of the consumer
The secret needs of the consumer
7. Speaker
No of speakers depending on segment
No of speakers may vary as per order (gift speakers, speakers for valentines day, Friends day, wedding day, Birthday, etc)
Directly proportional to the target consumers (Quality assured at a cost!!!)
Continuous improvement on quality feedback taken positively and productively
8. Speaker
Comparatively high (2 years guarantee)
Subject to handling by consumers
Also subject to technological change (though not in the near future)
Time is the watchword here
Conformance quality
High (its an augmented product)
9. Speaker
One of the vital factors for success
Youngsters key influencers in purchase decisions and post purchase decisions
Youngsters and Style go together
Style coupled with performance an invigorating combo
In built 8 GB flash memory* for storage
10. Speaker
Pre made products reach consumers within 2 hours of ordering (Within madurai) {Speed}
Accuracy the right product to the right consumer
Care Handling with care always
11. Speaker
Zero setup time
Consumer friendly product with procedures a baby can do
First time buyers get a special treatment of getting speakers installed by qualified personnel from LT
Uses flash drive technology for plug and play
12. Speaker
Maintenance and Repair
Separate website for with FAQs and trouble shoot tips and methods
A chat room with at least 2 CGHOs answering queries
Free MP3 songs and announcement of the next innovation in file
Cognitive dissonance removal tactics followed kind of a brain wash through quality assurance and zero feedback time
13. Our Marketing Mix

  • Quality segment based

14. Design Conducive, compact and hi-fi 15. Features 16. In built radio transmitter 17. 8 GB Memory storage* 18. Brand Name Little Thumpers