Holiday destinations in romania

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Holiday destinations in Romania

Holiday destinations in RomaniaStudents:Andreea MaldarasanuAndreea Toader

When I think of someones holiday I hope that our country , Romania, to be on his list.There are many beautiful places , natural reservations , historical monuments , parks , castles, etc..We chose five destinations in our country that surely will please all; These places are :

The Transalpina RoadThe alternative idea aboutthe construction of the Transalpina is that it came about during thereign of King Carol II, hence thenickname of The Kings Road.

With that in mind, a person wanting to experience the Transalpina in all its splendor should plan for an mid-to-late fall trip. During this time, the deciduous trees will see their leaves change color, creating an unbelievable backdrop with tons of different shades of green, orange, yellow, red, and brown.

Bucegi MountainsThe Bucegi Mountains have spectacular peaks and gorgeous scenery and are the most visited range in Romania.The mountains offer something for everyone, even those that are not so inclined to a long hike. The development of the Bucegi area has made it a constant draw, both for tourists as well as locals looking to get out for the weekend.Even with a large number of visitors, there is plenty of room for everyone and a great mountain experience can still be found with relative ease.

Babel and the SphinxFor most visitors, the first sight they will encounter after reaching the top ridge will be Babel, which basically translates to the old women. These natural rock formations look almost like mushrooms and have been shaped by countless centuries of winds and rain.A similar formation is found at the Sphinx.Here the rock is massive and many visitors choose to have lunch in the shade of the gigantic formation.

Bran CastleBearing the nickname of Draculas Castle, no other landmark in the country of Romania has received as much attention as Bran Castle.When the royal family was kicked out of the country by the communist government in 1948, Bran Castle was seized as public property. After a lengthy property dispute, it returned to Habsburg Empire hands and became the first private museum in Romania.A large part of Bran Castle is open to visitation and a person can see many interesting artifacts accumulated through the previous royal residence and even earlier times. Where the castle shines is as its role as a model of how medieval castles were typically shaped with interior courtyards, towers, and plenty of hidden nooA visitor can find some good bargains on local cheeses and tuica, the national drink of Romania.

Danube DeltaStarting in the Black Forest of Germany and ending at the Black Sea, the Danube River covers nearly 3,000 kilometers before reaching the spectacular delta. For much of the journey, the Danube is simply a big river, but the delta offers something completely different. Branches and tributaries connect the various towns and villages that make up the delta and the abundance of food and natural ecosystems has led to a wild proliferation of plants and animals, including an estimated 300 species of birds. In total, the region of the Danube Delta measures around 5,700 square kilometers, making it the most sparsely human populated area in all of Europe.

About what to see at the Danube Delta as there are seemingly an infinite number of sights. The cities of Sulina and Sfantu Gheorghe both offer museums, beaches, and other attractions, but the true beauty of the region is found in the wild landscape of the delta. In both towns, a visitor can join an organized day-long cruise through the backwaters and tributaries. These cruises will often incorporate a safari-like trip to the Letea Forest to see wild horses. For a more personalized tour, can be made with the fisherman whose boats are moored on the banks of the river.

These landscapes , places are some of the many places you can visit in our country.If you visit all the beautiful places in Romania you remain amazed by its beauty and you didnt want the holiday end so soon .I hope that your next holiday destination to be in Romania because it is so beautiful !