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High Intensity Double Roller Type Magnetic Separator,All type of magnetic equipment

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Text of High Intensity Double Roller Type Magnetic Separator,All type of magnetic equipment

  • 1. t-mmatrt jrmuamrts Manufacturer of all types of Permanent Magnetic Drum Separator0 nn! 0,. s;4- I1" tr ' n n V " 3}3}I'. "-l'(-" ]MI)_JL'hlI". "m'-I3|1|IM3lH; ) . -Ivlll'a"'n"a'. -W"'l13!lr? l'fl| Il. H| III. * Vii!

2. 9 HREENHTH INDUSIRIES It give us immense pleasure to introduce ourselves,Shreenath Industries as Manufacturer of all types of Permanent Magnetic Drum Separator,Double And Triple Drum Type Magnetic Separators,Magnetic Drum Pulley & Mag- netic Drum,High Intensity High Gradient Magnetic Roll Separator,Multi- Dackvibrating Screens,Single Deck Vibratory Screen,Shreenath Im pact Pul- veriser,intensity Rare Earth Plate Magnet,High Intensity,High Power Mag- netic Grill,High Intensity Over Band Magnetic Separator,Suspended Perme- nent Magnets,Rare Earth Liquid Line Separator,Sipce Pulveriser,Roll Crusher,Screen Separator,Magnetic Floor Sweepe etc. 3. Drum type Magnetic Separator : Permanent Drum type Magnetic Separator is most _ useful for separating tramp iron from non magnetic D71 material processed in bulk quantity,for the purity of , , .5T end products,recovery of metal having commercial .1 value and protection of processing plant and r - machinery. 4. Permanent & Rare Earth Magnetic Drum Pulley: lThe magnetic Drum pulley replaces the drive pulley at the end of conveyor belts.In view of the wide variety of conveyor belt types,the drum pulley are supplied made to measure and ready for installation. 5. [Permanent & Rare Earth Magnetic Drum:1 d .l The permanent Magnetic Drum consists of stationery permanent Magnetic assembly having uniform and everlasting Magnetic eld across the entire width of the drum,which is effective over approximately half the drum circumferences as shown in g. 6. High Power Magnetic Roll Separator: .15 ;x ,Shreenth were the rst to introduce Indigenous High.Intensity.High Gradient dry permanent magnetic roll V S '.~ separators in the Indian market.These machines which ' are manufactured are base on the popular Permanent 8roll Technology which has been used successfully in K"hundreds of Industrial minerals applications aroundthe world. 7. Multi-Deck Vibrating Screens : Multi-Dack Vibrating Screens For Faster More Accurate E _!Sizing,Splitting or Correcting.Designed for use in thesizing of Minerals,Ceramics,Refractories and other_ powders.The principle on which the SHREENATH ifMulti form Grader Operates is equally adaptable for T the handling of many ceramic products. 8. Single Deck Vibratory Screen Belt Conveyor 9. an.Impact Pulverizer :An extra heavily constructed machine designed to pulverize even rocks & minerals of medium hardness.Fineness ranging between 100 mesh to 300 mesh(150 to 50 microns) and in some cases upto 500 mesh."Non concrete foundation" frame - with AVM pads may .be provided. .)N 10. High Power Rare Earth Plate Magnet : Flush Face Plate Magnates deliver optimum tramp metal separation performance when used in above-the ow chute or belt application.When installed over the material ow the powerful Flush Face plate magnets deliver continuous magnetic protection for down stream processing equipments by lifting ferroustramp out of the product flow stream. 11. SHREENHTH INDUSTRIESOver Band Magnetic Separator : Suspended Permanent Magnetic Overband Separators are designed to eliminate tramp metal from the product carried by belt,vibratory feeders or inclined planes. Over bands are mainly used to protect Machine such as Crushers,Shredders and others,to remove ferrous particles and purify products 12. Stineeunm mousmnzs CONTACT USADDRESS82, RADHESHYAM INDUSTRIAL ESTATE.OPP.G. V.M. M.,ODHAV,AHMEDABAD-T5 Email :I [email protected] com-outI ,.. i-lllll| |lll Call : +91 9898768361 +91 9327044520trtwm.Iniii 13. SHREENHTH INDUSTRIES ThankyouFor more details please visit us at WWW. SHREENATHMAGNET. COM