Healthcare & Online Video: How to Use YouTube to Engage Health Consumers

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In 2010, 85% of the US online population watched a YouTube video and consumers watched an average of 1.9 billion YouTube videos per day. Created in partnership with Google, this webinar will focus specifically on online video search and consumption behavior of health consumers, complete with health video statistics via YouTube and our own research which outlines how 100 hospitals are using YouTube as a broadcast channel. We will also share best practices for video content creation, optimization and advertising on YouTube for hospitals, medical centers and medical companies, and one audience member will receive a free consultation focusing on their institution's YouTube page! From this webinar you will gain a better understanding of: 1. The growth of online video consumption and the types of videos health consumers are searching for and watching 2. The key benefits of using YouTube for video content creation and video advertising 3. How some hospitals are using YouTube to communicate with their communities

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Presented byJessica Liu, Twitter @jaielleEMG, Digital Marketing Manager&Katie GirskisGoogle, Account Manager

Follow @EMGtheagency, #EMGyoutubewebinarHEALTHCARE AND ONLINE VIDEO:How to Use YouTube to Engage Health ConsumersHealthcare Webinar Series

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Jessica Liu,EMG, Digital Marketing Manager

Katie GirskisGoogle, Account Manager

Follow @EMGtheagency #EMGyoutubewebinar3Welcome!4About EMG Webinars Short Q&A session will occur at end of presentation Webinar presentation will be recorded Link to be sent to attendees

Presentation posted to EMG Knowledge Center

Follow @EMGtheagency #EMGyoutubewebinar4Learning ObjectivesFrom this webinar you will gain a better understanding of:

The growth of online video consumption and the types of videos health consumers are searching for and watching

The key benefits of using YouTube forvideo content creation and video advertising

How some hospitals are using YouTube to communicate with their communities

Best practices for video creation and optimization on YouTube

5Follow @EMGtheagency #EMGyoutubewebinar5AgendaFacts on Health Information Online

YouTube the #1 Online Video Site

EMG Study: How 100 Healthcare Institutions use YouTube to Communicate

Best Practices on YouTube

YouTube Channel Evaluation

Key Takeaways


6Follow @EMGtheagency #EMGyoutubewebinarFinding Health Information Online is on the Rise80-89% of people ages 18-64 find health info online

70-79% of people ages 65-73 find health info online

And 50-59% of people ages 74+ find health info online

Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project, Generations Online 2010

FACTFinding health information online is the 3rd most popular activity following email and search7Follow @EMGtheagency #EMGyoutubewebinarSearching for health information, an activity that was once the primary domain of older adults, is now the third most popular online activity for all internet users 18 and older.

7Online Video Consumption is on the RiseFACTMore than 55% of older Boomers (ages 56-64) now watch online video, compared with 30% in 2008

FACTPercentage of all adult internet users who watch video online increased from 52% in 2008 to 66% in 2010Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project, 2010


Follow @EMGtheagency #EMGyoutubewebinarMore than half (55%) of older Boomers (ages 56-64) now watch online video, compared with 30% in 2008. Pew Research Center 2010

The percentage of all adult internet users whowatch video onlinejumped 14 points in the past two years, from 52% in May 2008 to 66% in May 2010.

8Americans are Watching More Online Videos & AdsFACT85% of internet users viewed at least one video

73% of video viewers viewed at least one video ad

175 million online video views

Year-over-year growth in video views is 71%

Viewing time per viewer is 15.1 hours

9Source: comScore Video Metrix, October 2010

Follow @EMGtheagency #EMGyoutubewebinar9Educational Videos are PopularComedy or humorous videosNews videosEducational videos Movies or TV showsMusic videos

Online video consumption across all video types is increasingSource: Pew Internet & American Life Project, The State of Online Video, June 2010FACT10Follow @EMGtheagency #EMGyoutubewebinar in 3 People Watch Health VideosHealth videos are the 6th most popular video categoryMore consumers watch videos about health than videos about food, celebrities or sportsSource: Google & OTX, Health Consumer Study, December 200911Follow @EMGtheagency #EMGyoutubewebinarTypes of Health Videos WatchedFACTconsumers prefer health-related videos to be less than 5 minutes

FACTMany health consumers have watched videos about their specific health condition12FACTConsumers enjoy watching educational videos related to specific conditions and those featuring experts such as doctors

FACTConsumers report that online health videos serve as a top resource when searching for medical conditions and prescription drug info

Follow @EMGtheagency #EMGyoutubewebinar12Video Ad Spending ProjectionsVideo ad spending will double from a 5.5% share in 2010 to 11.3% in 2013

Video ad spending will escalate to 39% of overall online budget in 2011

200920102011201220132014Video38.6%39.5%38.6%54.2%34.2%40.4%Banner Ads3.8%16.2%11.4%12.9%7.0%8.9%Search1.4%15.6%9.9%13.6%10.2%10.8%Rich Media-8.3%4.6%1.4%2.1%-0.6%-2.5%Email-27.9%-17.8%-0.2%3.5%3.2%4.6%US Online Ad Spending Growth, by Format, 2009-2014 - % Change13Increased spending because:Increase in professional contentIncrease in viewing hoursTechnology improvement (HiDef)Improved targetingBetter formats/more creative ads

Source: eMarketer, December 2010Follow @EMGtheagency #EMGyoutubewebinarOne reason for the huge increase in video ad spending is that brand marketers will shift more of their ad budgets online. Since there is more professional video online than ever before, buyers have more inventory to choose from.

Its expected that advertisers will be providing more professional content, viewing hours will increase, technology will improve (HiDef), targeting will improve, and there will be better formats/more creative ads.13YouTube is the #1 Online Video Site14Follow @EMGtheagency #EMGyoutubewebinar

There are more online video consumers than 1 year ago2 out of 3 online video viewers used Google/YouTube Note: comScore, November 2008, comScore, October 2008

Whos Watching Online Video? Everyone.15YouTube is the #2 search engine

154thlargest website in terms of what Google yahoo MSN YouTube

4th largest in terms of uniques16

Customized User ChannelsPromoted Videos with Call-to-ActionIn-Video Display Ads with Video Targeting

3 Options for Success on YouTube16Advertising on YouTube. There are 3 basic yet effective ways for OSO healthcare advertisers to engage customers on the youtube platform which include

Through establishing a destination for their brand on their own Customized User Channel Targeting users while they Search for Content through Promoted Videos with Call-to-ActionEngaging Users While they watch videos via YouTube Display Advertising

Now im going to walk you through each option for you to have a better understanding 17Highlight your video content and win new customersUse your Promoted Video to drive traffic to your site

Promoted Videos and Call to Action17For clients with Video content, you want engage your clients while they search on YouTube. With Promoted Videos, you can ensure your content is being surfaced and discovered by your target audience during the hundreds of millions of search they perform each day.

Just like AdWords, keyword-based targeting gives you control over the search terms that trigger your video promotion, you only pay when your video is clicked, and campaign performance can be tracked right from your AdWords account.

A new feature that also were excited about is Call-to-Action a free text overlay that allows you to drive traffic right to your site, further increasing your conversion rate. And for maximum exposure, activate your Promoted Video campaign to appear in results for not only YouTube but for Google Search and the Google Display Network as well.

These features make Promoted Videos a dynamic way to promote your content and win customers. orabrush is a company that has a product known as the tongue scraper that has been able to increase sales for their product through the use of their youtube video. So I will play that video for you now.


Engage your customers as they watch partner contentTarget specific video content or partner channels

Invideo Display and Video Targeting Tool18Another targeting option to win customers While They Watch is invideo display.

Invideo Display advertising is the perfect opportunity to engage your customer during their lean-forward moment right as they watching the video. All campaigns are set up in AdWords, and come in a variety of formats from our 468 by 60. Invideo Overlay is our 300 by 250 Companion ad featured prominently next to the video.

For use of The Overlay + Companion template for maximum exposure on our Watch page to really capture the customers attention.

And because theyre set up in AdWords, display campaigns in YouTube offer all the same targeting options as any other Display campaign, from Contextual to an Enhanced Online Campaign or Placement-targeted campaign focused on YouTube.