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Presented by: Abhijit NayakSubmitted by: Mr. Anilesh Kapoor

IntroductionHousing Development Finance CorporationFounded in 1977 by Hasmukh bhai Parakh HDFC Bank was incorporated in August 1994The Bank started operations as a scheduled commercial bank in January 1995 under the RBI's liberalization policiesIt is the first in new generation commercial banksRegistered office in Mumbai, IndiaPromoted by HDFC, the parent companyListed in NSE, BSE, NYSE

ProfileType: Public Founded: August, 1994 Headquarters: HDFC Bank Ltd, Mumbai, India Industry: Banking, Insurance, Capital Markets and allied industries Products: Loans, Credit Cards, Savings, Investment vehicles, Insurance etc.Net revenue: US$ 6.5 billion (March 2013)Net income: US$ 1.87 billion (March 2013)Profit: US$ 1.1 billion (March 2013)Assets:US$ 66.7 billion (May 2013)Equity:US$ 8.6 billion (March 2013)Employees: 69,065 (March 2013)Website:

Board of directorsMr. Aditya Puri- CEO & Managing director Mr. Jagdish Kapoor - Chairman of HDFC Bank. Mr. Harish Engineer- Executive directors Keki Mistry- Managing Director Mr. A Rajan- Country Head-Operations Mr. Rahul Bhagat- Vice president

MissionWorld Class Indian BankBenchmarking against international standards.Best practices in terms of product offerings, technology, service levels, risk management and audit & compliance.To build sound customer franchises across distinct businesses.

NetworksIt has 3251 branches in IndiaIt has 11177 ATMs in the countryIt is spread 2022 cities in IndiaAll branches are OLRT (Online Real Time) connected Representative offices in Hong Kong, New York, London & Singapore

ProductsTravelers Cheques : Travelers Cheques are a safe and easy way to protect your money when you travel. You can encash them only when you need to, and only against your signature

Credit Card : Credit Card can be used for all your requirements, be it shopping, eating out, holidaying, fuelling up your vehicle, railway ticket reservations just about any financial requirement, planned .

Home loan : Home loans for individual to purchase or construct houses. Personal Loans : The procedure of personal loan is simple, documentation is minimal and approval is quick.

Foreign Currency Cash : Foreign Currency Cash is a convenient way of meeting personal expenses along your journey, paying for taxis / internal travel, food expenses etcForeign Currency Demand Drafts : Demand Drafts are issued in seven currencies like USD, GBP, EURO, Japanese Yen(JPY), AUD, Canadian dollars (CAD) and NZD.Foreign Currency Cheques Deposit: We can directly deposit our foreign currency Cheques in to our saving or current account.Remittances : HDFC Bank offers the remittance facilities by which we can send and receive money to anyone. They are categorized depending on location and the urgency with which we want the money transferred

Trade Service : HDFC Bank have people with high level of expertise and experience in trade services to provide services to suit specific requirements and structure solutions for business needs. HDFC Bank have 500 branches for trade services. Mutual funds : Mutual funds are funds that pool the money of several investors to invest in equity or debt markets. Insurance :HDFC Bank offers a world of choice in insurance. Like children future plans, retirements plans, standard life, etc.

Business strategyIncreasing market share in Indias expanding banking.Delivering high quality customer service.Delivering more products to more customers.Maintaining current high standards for asset quality through disciplined credit risk management.Develop innovative products and services that attract targeted customers and address inefficiencies in the Indian financial sector.

AnalysisStrengths Support of various promotersHigh level of servicesKnowledge of Indian MarketsBrand name

WeaknessesMinor hindrancesLags modernization

Opportunities Growing Indian banking sector. People are becoming more service oriented In the global market. Adding new Branches and ATMs

Threats From various competitors-Foreign banks-govt. banksFuture market trendsEmployees strike

ModernizationLatest Technology

Plans to deploy connections, with built-in redundancy in the networkTested CDMA and GSM solutionsspecially for ATMs as they consume very small bandwidthsFor corporate and retail banking the bank uses Flexcube and Finware of i-flex respectively .For disaster recovery the data at the main centre is replicated in real-time on-line at the Chennai siteSecurity

Security in banking, to a large extent, is built into the software or the application itself.The data that are being transferred to the regional centres or from internet banking request, are encrypted

Capital StructureThe authorized capital of HDFC Bank is Rs550 crore (Rs5.5 billion). The paid-up capital is Rs424.6 crore (Rs.4.2 billion). The HDFC Group holds 19.4% of the bank's equityRoughly 28% of the equity is held by Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) and the bank has about 570,000 shareholders

Positioning strategyHDFC Bank has positioned itself as a bank which gives higher standard of services through product innovation for the diverse need of individual & corporate clients. So they want to highlight following points in their positioning segment :-Customer centric-Service oriented-Product innovation

AchievementsET Awards for Corporate Excellence - Company of the Year 2012Best Online BankBest Use of Business IntelligenceBest Customer Relationship InitiativeBest Risk Management & Security InitiativeBest Use of Mobility Technology in Banking in 2012Best Domestic Bank in India in 2013Most Trusted Finance Brand in 2013


Demographics variablesLocation -Metros & Rural areas OccupationBusiness person* High income & Low Income groupSalaried class (both govt. & private)* High income & Low Income groupAgeAdultsMinorExclude ones- senior citizens

Psychographic variablesLifestylePeople who believes in modern banking with higher set of service i. e. internet banking (in contact, mobile refill, travel currency card etc.)Insurance classSecurity class high rated securities

City attributes (regards to price)

Different levels Emerging levels

Positioning strategyHDFC Bank has positioned itself as a bank which gives higher standard of services through product innovation for the diverse need of individual & corporate clients. So they want to highlight following points in their positioning segment :

-Customer centric

-Place oriented

-A new home

-Service oriented

-Product innovation a backup of your old house

Target marketCorporate banking market : this market target the industries & fulfill their financial needs.

Capital market : this segment is targeted on the long term needs of the individual as well as of industries.

Retail banking market : this segment is for retail investors & provide them short term financial credit for their personal, house hold needs.

MARKET MIX:A. Product:HDFC offers mainly banking services, but there are many financial products which it offers along with banking. HDFC ergo, HDFC life and HDFC home loans are some of the products. In total, the financial product portfolio of HDFC is huge.In terms of a banking, its product are its services, like net banking and ATM,and being a major bank, HDFC has planned its products in proportion with the ever increasing customers needs, demands and expectations.HDFC offers large variety of loans for purchasing houses, construction, re-construction, buying housing land, apartments etc. with maximum loan cover of up to 85%, and maximum repayment period of up to 20 years which is a major propulsion factor for it as a bank.


The bank has an amazing 3488 branches in 2231 cities across the world. It is headquartered in Mumbai, India. HDFC bank has 11,426 ATMs across India. Furthermore, the banks services are deliverednot only through ATMs or branches, but also through an excellent net banking service, phone banking, mobile banking and SMS banking.

HDFC has overcome these challenges by placing its operational premises at some of the most easily accessible locations across cities and towns, that are made available to its large number of account holders at strategically planned branches.


Compared with national and PSU bank, the pricing is premium, because the minimum amount required to open an account is high. But at the same time, there are many rules, like home load interest, which are as per RBI guidelines and are competitive in nature. Thus, prices for these products are in control by the market and not by the corporation. It provides reasonable loans at maximum repayment tenure and at par interest rates to both old and new customers. Apart from regular charges, it does not charge anything for miscellaneous and associated functions such as cheque replacement, advance loan repayment, take over etc. that justifies a lot.


HDFC has maintained a 360 degree approach in planning its commercials, campaigns and marketing activities in general. These promotional activities include variety of subtle television commercials with a message, a recent and innovative method of promotion by placing signboards and milestones in the rural portions of country in local/native language.Placing No Parking boards outside residential and commercial buildings, that has promoted its connection with the masses and making prospective client base associated with the name i.e. HDFC. HDFC uses undifferentiated marketing techniques, it mainly focuses on