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How to grow your network safely using Facebook's privacy settings.


<ul><li>1.Growing your network. Safely.<br />Peter Fletcher<br /></li></ul> <p>2. Lets get to know each other<br />3. Why use Facebook? <br />Keep in touch with family and friends<br />Share photos<br />And stories<br />Most importantly, have fun<br />Photo credit: spoon on Flickr<br />4. Why Facebook for work<br />Develop your profile Nikki DAgostino<br />Build your network Rob Ham<br />Leading to new managements<br />Career opportunities<br />Support when life is tough sacked and single<br />5. The problem<br />Status updates can get you sacked<br />So can photos or comments<br />You might be stalked<br />Or harassed<br />Some bosses dont get Facebook<br />6. Being dooced<br />Heather Armstrong<br />Blogged about work and church <br />Never mentioned names<br />Cathartic<br />Sacked Feb 26, 2002<br />Image source:<br />7. Two steps to safe Facebook<br />Have *that* conversation<br />Get proactive with privacy<br />Photo credit: bobster855 on Flickr<br />8. Facebook. Yes? No? Maybe?<br />Is Facebook permitted at your work? <br />Why? <br />Why not?<br />9. Your Facebook profile<br />Is Facebook public?<br />Or private?<br />Or somewhere in between?<br />Who gets to decide?<br />10. Your work on Facebook<br />Can you discuss your job?<br />What about if you dont say where you work?<br />Can you discuss your manager? Colleagues?<br />Anonymously?<br />11. What goes on your profile?<br />Swearing? <br />Smut?<br />*Those* photos?<br />Photo credit: Leonid Mamchenkovon Flickr<br />12. Can Facebook be used<br />To check tenant references?<br />Employee work references?<br />Manage employee productivity?<br />Or absenteeism?<br />Photo credit: surfstyleon Flickr<br />13. Be proactive with privacy<br />Create a professional impression AND have fun<br />Interact with clients safely<br />Avoid conflict with your boss<br />Get into good habits early<br />14. Who gets to see your profile? <br />Work mates?<br />Owners?<br />Tenants?<br />Boss?<br />Other PMs?<br />What parts of your profile do you want visible?<br />15. Who do you add?<br />Work mates?<br />Boss?<br />The gardener?<br />Owners?<br />Tenants? <br />Maybe the answer is everyone. Say what?<br />16. Managing your privacy<br />Create Friend lists e.g. owners, tenants<br />Used to include or exclude who sees what<br />17. Four main privacy controls<br />Profile who gets to see the info on your profile<br />Search who can find you and what they can see<br />Newsfeed and Wall<br />Applications<br />First three are the most important<br />18. Who can find you?<br />Adjust your Search visibility<br />Adjust Search result content<br />Decide if you want to be found in a public (Google, Yahoo, Bing) search<br />19. Adjust Profile privacy<br />Problems are caused by:<br />Status and Links<br />Photos Tagged of You<br />Videos Tagged of You<br />Photos you upload<br />20. Problem status updates <br />21. Customise Status and Links<br />Use Customise to include or exclude friends and lists<br />Can include or exclude based on lists or names<br />22. Customise albums<br />Default setting is Everyone<br />Create albums based on content<br />Choose one of the defaults or,<br />Include or exclude lists or people with the customise function<br />23. Consider alternatives<br />Facebook business Page<br />LinkedIn<br />Twitter<br />A personal blog<br />24. In conclusion<br />Facebook brings lots of opportunities<br />But a number of risks<br />Have *that* conversation<br />Be proactive with your privacy<br />Especially with Status, photos and videos<br />25.<br /><br />Facebook<br />The Real Estate Marketing Maven on Facebook<br /><br />LinkedIn/in/peterfletcher<br />0419 538 838<br />26. 27. Whats the big deal?<br />200+ million on Facebook<br />5th biggest nation on earth<br />Michael Jackson 9.3m fans<br />Barack Obama6.5m fans<br />Altitude 2000+<br />28. Loyal Fans with Pages<br />29. Fan Pages an overview<br />Functions like a personal profile<br />Wall<br />Tabs<br />Reviews, discussions, notes<br />Applications<br />Fans <br />30. Similar rules<br />Add value<br />Create engaging content<br />Keep it light<br />Sell only as a service like Andy<br />Respond and engage<br />31. Building fan community<br />Recommend to your friends<br />Promote with Facebook ads<br />Hyper-targeted campaigns<br />Ask friends to recommend <br />32. First impressions count<br />Blurb<br />Info<br />Post consistently<br />Create a landing tab<br />Manage wall and news feed settings<br />33. Creating fan interactions<br />Upload and tag pics<br />Create an event<br />Create and tag a note<br />Post interesting/entertaining links<br />Create a discussion<br />Ask for reviews of your service<br />Add an application<br /></p>