Growing your network safely

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How to grow your network safely using Facebook's privacy settings.

Text of Growing your network safely

  • 1.Growing your network. Safely.
    Peter Fletcher

2. Lets get to know each other
3. Why use Facebook?
Keep in touch with family and friends
Share photos
And stories
Most importantly, have fun
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4. Why Facebook for work
Develop your profile Nikki DAgostino
Build your network Rob Ham
Leading to new managements
Career opportunities
Support when life is tough sacked and single
5. The problem
Status updates can get you sacked
So can photos or comments
You might be stalked
Or harassed
Some bosses dont get Facebook
6. Being dooced
Heather Armstrong
Blogged about work and church
Never mentioned names
Sacked Feb 26, 2002
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7. Two steps to safe Facebook
Have *that* conversation
Get proactive with privacy
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8. Facebook. Yes? No? Maybe?
Is Facebook permitted at your work?
Why not?
9. Your Facebook profile
Is Facebook public?
Or private?
Or somewhere in between?
Who gets to decide?
10. Your work on Facebook
Can you discuss your job?
What about if you dont say where you work?
Can you discuss your manager? Colleagues?
11. What goes on your profile?
*Those* photos?
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12. Can Facebook be used
To check tenant references?
Employee work references?
Manage employee productivity?
Or absenteeism?
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13. Be proactive with privacy
Create a professional impression AND have fun
Interact with clients safely
Avoid conflict with your boss
Get into good habits early
14. Who gets to see your profile?
Work mates?
Other PMs?
What parts of your profile do you want visible?
15. Who do you add?
Work mates?
The gardener?
Maybe the answer is everyone. Say what?
16. Managing your privacy
Create Friend lists e.g. owners, tenants
Used to include or exclude who sees what
17. Four main privacy controls
Profile who gets to see the info on your profile
Search who can find you and what they can see
Newsfeed and Wall
First three are the most important
18. Who can find you?
Adjust your Search visibility
Adjust Search result content
Decide if you want to be found in a public (Google, Yahoo, Bing) search
19. Adjust Profile privacy
Problems are caused by:
Status and Links
Photos Tagged of You
Videos Tagged of You
Photos you upload
20. Problem status updates
21. Customise Status and Links
Use Customise to include or exclude friends and lists
Can include or exclude based on lists or names
22. Customise albums
Default setting is Everyone
Create albums based on content
Choose one of the defaults or,
Include or exclude lists or people with the customise function
23. Consider alternatives
Facebook business Page
A personal blog
24. In conclusion
Facebook brings lots of opportunities
But a number of risks
Have *that* conversation
Be proactive with your privacy
Especially with Status, photos and videos
The Real Estate Marketing Maven on Facebook
0419 538 838
26. 27. Whats the big deal?
200+ million on Facebook
5th biggest nation on earth
Michael Jackson 9.3m fans
Barack Obama6.5m fans
Altitude 2000+
28. Loyal Fans with Pages
29. Fan Pages an overview
Functions like a personal profile
Reviews, discussions, notes
30. Similar rules
Add value
Create engaging content
Keep it light
Sell only as a service like Andy
Respond and engage
31. Building fan community
Recommend to your friends
Promote with Facebook ads
Hyper-targeted campaigns
Ask friends to recommend
32. First impressions count
Post consistently
Create a landing tab
Manage wall and news feed settings
33. Creating fan interactions
Upload and tag pics
Create an event
Create and tag a note
Post interesting/entertaining links
Create a discussion
Ask for reviews of your service
Add an application