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  • 1. Not mentioning the Problems you solve

    Are you forgetting to mention the problems

    you can actually solve for your target market

    in your online profile?

    Your fellow members may actually be in need

    of your services, but if you don't tell them

    about the problems, pains or predicaments

    you fix, how will they know. How can they

    recommend you if they don't know what it is

    you actually fix or solve?

    2. Not describing the people you help

    Do you actually mention who your clients

    are, the type of clients, and the criteria you

    look for in a client, on your profile? The

    majority of people on forums and social

    networks are pretty vague in this respect, and

    then they wonder why they get all sorts of

    vague introductory emails from people they

    don't want to communicate with, more

    importantly, they receive pro-active

    communications from people who do not

    have a need for their products or services.

    Struggling with Linkedin? Here are common reasons why your Linkedin profile might not be generating the leads and enquiries you want.

    Linkedin is one of the best B2B resources for

    generating leads, customers & stra tegic par tnerships.

    The problem is, many people s prof iles read l ike CVs.

    Don t make the same mistake.

    3. Forgetting to mention the solution you offer

    It's funny, how many times have you visited a

    profile....Read about the person, their football

    team, their partner, children, which sign of the

    zodiac they are, which car they are like, even

    which character from the Matrix they are like,

    (some even do describe the car they are like) but

    you have no compelling reason or wish to

    actually connect with them, because you don't

    know what problems they solve or whether they

    can actually help you or generate the results that

    you & your stakeholders or shareholders require.

    4. Next steps

    Ever had loads of people visit your profile that

    lead to nothing - Not even a personal message to

    acknowledge they've read your profile and found

    it interesting. Do you actually tell your prospects

    what they should do having read your profile.

    People are silently begging to be led. Start

    building that confidence by leading and

    demonstrate you can help them. Think. You've

    explained who you are, what you do, who and

    how you can help, next step is obvious - Invite them to get in touch and CONTACT YOU.

    Start building that confidence by leading and

    demonstrate you can help them. Think. You've

    explained who you are, what you do, who and

    how you can help, next step is obvious - Invite

    them to get in touch and CONTACT YOU.

    How much money do you think you might have

    lost, by not implementing any, some or all of the


    Connect with other local business owners

    from throughout the highlands on our site.

    EVERY 2nd


    4:00 6:00pm


    Did You Know?

    380 ebooks are sold every second on Amazon.

    Thats 22,800 every hour550,000 ebooks sold

    each and every single day.

    Starbucks apparently spends more on health care

    insurance for its employees ($300 million) than on

    coffee beans.

    With little schooling, Andrew Carnegie left Scotland

    for America at age 13 working in a factory for $1.20

    per week. He Founded the Carnegie Steel Coy.

    which he later sold in 1901 for $200m. ($5.4bn


    That 91.3% of small business owners recently

    interviewed didnt know their current cost per lead,

    cost per sale or life time value of a customer.

    If you dont then why not get in touch for a free chat.


    The Grow Your Business Club Website helps our

    members to identify, pursue and achieve their

    personal, professional and commercial goals and

    objectives. Its your business, youre in control, you

    decide whether to lurk and do nothing or proactively

    participate and leverage whats inside the club to

    your advantage and grow your business - Not us.

    Remember - Givers Gain. Takers drain and lurkers

    simply remain the same. Its Your Choice.

    Struggling to live the life and lifestyle you want? If youre at a

    cross roads in your life or feel undervalued or unappreciated then

    we can help you identify whats holding you back, and assist you

    with private and group support to achieve your life goals.

    Struggling to start a new business or become self-employed? If

    youre struggling to document and execute your model, vision and

    strategy for your new business idea, then allow us to help you or

    point you in the right direction to a member who can.

    Struggling to generate suspects, prospects, leads, sales or

    referrals? Allow us to help you identify why youre not engaging

    prospective clients online, winning appointments or closing the

    sales that you want or need & then create a plan of action to help.

    Struggling to grow your business? If you need help to create the

    systems, processes and entrepreneurial spirit that you need to

    have a successful enterprise, then allow us and our members to

    develop you, your team(s) and your business.

    Want Help To Grow Your Business?

    Whether its to raise your profile, win new customers, or

    generate referrals, become a Boardroom member and

    have your very own advisory board to assist you to grow

    your business.

    With openness and transparency, mutual accountability

    and specific help to specific issues, Boardroom membership

    is a valuable asset for any business. It gets better

    Its tax deductible, and comes with a money back

    guarantee. Now you cant say fairer than that. Can you?

    Local Club meetings are held at the Station

    Hotel, Mid Street Inverness, every 2nd

    Thursday. NEW Members & Guests

    Welcome bring a friend. Pay at the door.

    you can upgrade and become a

    Boardroom member and

    participate in regular private

    mastermind group sessions.

    There are no lurkers in the

    Boardroom. Everyone is there to

    help and support each other and

    to assist you to grow your

    business. Additional benefits

    and discounts are available to

    Boardroom members, and best of

    all Your Membership is

    guaranteed to generate an ROI.

    For the serious small

    business owner only

  • KNOWLEDGE We share practical know how

    to assist pre-start, start-up,

    survival and high growth

    businesses to grow.

    CONTACTS Our regular club meetings

    enable local members to

    generate leads, enquiries

    and referrals.

    OPPORTUNITY We help individuals to

    recognize opportunities for

    personal, professional and

    commercial growth.

    GROWTH We offer a number of products,

    services and solutions to help

    individuals achieve their goals

    and objectives.


    Weve been receiving GYB coaching now

    for 6 weeks.

    In that time, we have changed our

    approach significantly and generated:-

    1. hits, clicks, and profile views on Linkedin.

    2. NEW customers with a higher opening

    order value.

    3. Greatly improved our cash flow & cut


    4. A NEW credit control strategy to further

    improve cash flow

    5. A much improved balance sheet & exit

    value for the business

    6. A renewed vision, vigour and passion for

    5. A much improved balance sheet & exit

    value for the business

    6. A renewed vision, vigour and passion for

    what we offer our customers.

    Total value received to date: 40,000+

    In short, every time we speak with our

    GYB coach, we make progress.

    If you want to grow your business, then

    do what I did, call them.

    Call them.

    Whats refreshing is that its real solutions

    to real business problems. What they offer is

    common sense thats not common practice.

    Laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat. Ut A

    A former Scottish and UK Shell Livewire winner, Royal Bank of

    Scotland and Princes Scottish Youth Business Trust winner, Fraser

    has been featured in the national press, the online media and on TV.

    If you would like help to grow your business and to generate leads,

    enquiries, prospects, sales or referrals for your products , services or

    solution or would like to start a club helping businesses in your area,

    then contact us below for a free chat.

    We have a number of workshops, webinars,

    and open evenings happening in and around

    the Highlands and Islands over the next 12

    weeks. refer to our website for more info..

    WHATS ON: Helping businesses In 41 countries around the globe

    Grow Your Business is the brainchild of Fraser Hay, coach, marketing consultant

    and author of 10 business books on Amazon. Fraser has helped small business

    owners from 41 countries around the globe to identify over 100,000 marketing

    issues, challenges and obstacles that have been holding them back and

    preventing them from achieving their entrepreneurial goals and objectives.

    B runt