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  • 1. Lessons in Leadership and Sustainability from Greensburg Kansas Laura Brown Community Development Educator Crawford County UW Extension July 13, 2010

2. Wisconsin leadership Academy trip to Greensburg June 6-11, 2010 3. 4. 5. Kiowa County Extension Office 6. Public Square 7. Leadership in Public Square Process

  • Training our next generation of leaders is key

We need to build a passion for our community that becomes instilled in the people here. We already have a community of 850 leaders- because they invested in staying here. Leadership is about enabling people to perform difficult tasks. Weve enabled each other. Weve worked through this because weve had the passion. 8. 9. GREENSBURG VISION 2017

  • Blessed with a unique opportunity to create a strong community Devoted to family Fostering business Working together for future generations

10. Goals

  • Partnerships for Development Create a County Development Board with representation from all four sectors which will work to foster growth
  • Community Conversations Utilize the Public Square Steering Committee to actively engaged sector activities and coordinate community events
  • New Parks & RecreationCreate a facility incorporating an indoor pool, fitness center, meeting rooms and office space for staff to implement a comprehensive cultural events program
  • Can Do Attitude Use organizations from the four sectors to reinforce a sense of community and a can do attitude...
  • Youth LeadershipDevelop a program of youth & adults working together on leadership awareness & involvement, and have a visible youth presence in all planning sectors engaging as many youth as possible

11. The Sustainability Decision Only a crisisactual or perceivedproduces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend onthe ideas that are lying around . That, I believe, is our basic function: to develop alternatives to existing policies, to keep them alive and available untilthepoliticallyimpossible becomespoliticallyinevitable . Milton Friedman 12. What Does Sustainability Mean in Greensburg? We have learned that sustainability does not just mean green building. It is time and energy, lifestyle changes, and education, building relationships. This means we are focused not on right now or two years from now, but 20 years from now. We are planning for our grandchildren. 13. 14. LEED Certified Buildings 15. Greensburg City Hall 16. Leadership Notes from the City Administrator

  • Patience, persistence, vision, and communication were essential. True leadership happens when the critics are loud and you are still making progress.
  • Our biggest challenge was not the short term disaster relief but the longer term work that we are doing now that will affect the community for many years to come.

17. 18. 19. 20. 21. Kiowa County Hospital 22. 23. Greensburg Greentown 24. 25. 26. 27. Economic Development Scott Brown Kiowa County United 28. 29. 30. Greensburg Sunchips Business Incubator 31. 32. On Rebuilding Green

  • We said, if the city and the county are going to do it, lets be a leader in the business community and rebuild LEED certified.
  • This really helped to rebuild relationships in the community that had been shattered before..It is critical that we did what we did and that we continue what were doing.
  • -Mike Estes, BTI John Deere Greensburg

33. Future Site of Kiowa County Commons 34. Challenges

  • Housing- ongoing big issue
  • Housing and services for seniors
  • Attracting and keeping essential services- eye care, pharmacy, dental
  • Community health- food access?

35. Lessons on Rebuilding After a Disaster

  • How do we generate community without tragedy?Tornado caused a mental shift
  • You plan to plan so you know how to make decisions.
  • Positive conversation changes the world.

36. 37. Questions?

  • Thank you!
  • Laura Brown
  • Crawford County University of Wisconsin Extension
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