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Gold River Business Scan November 2011

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This work was conducted on behalf of the Gold River Economic Development Committee of Council in an attempt to rationalize Committee targets with Council objectives.

Text of Gold River Business Scan November 2011

  • 1.Village of Gold River November 2011 Business Scan Patrick Nelson Marshall BES SURP | Economic Developer

2. Capital EDC Economic Development Company We are the only provider of economic development GPS Growth, Planning and Sustainability services located in Victoria. Retain us on a monthly basis and save money while growing your activity. Business and Economic Development Services | Demonstration Project Village of Gold River Review of economic development committee work | internal audit Cluster, Supply Chain & Industrial Sector Development Strategies Web Site conversion, transition from static to sales orientation Local and Regional Economic Scan Reports Confidential Business Retention and Expansion results Sales Training for Economic Developers Recommendations for Economic Diversification Program Re-Start In-bound Investment and Business Recruitment processes and training Head Hunting and Professional Searches for Public and Private Review and Assessments of Boards of Directors Growth, Planning & Sustainability Management Plans Support to Economic Development Officers Relationship mending between Local Government & Boards Business Meeting Hosting Interest Matching in Vancouver and Victoria Retained monthly consulting Economic Developer Workforce Strategy Reports Business Introductions to New Markets Local Area Procurement Tools Familiarization Tour Management International Tour Coordination Sister City Relationship Development 3. This Report illustrates the views of the Resident Business Licensees, Council and Committee Members Fourth Quarter 2011 VIEWS AND ATTRIBUTES OF THE RESPONDENTS 4. Stakeholder View of Regional Image Stakeholder views of their own community and region may differ. It is generally seen as a positive image with some reservation. 5. How Outsiders view the Region Their experience with outsiders perception of the Region may also be different. No perception means that there is work to be done creating a perception. 6. Effective Economic Development Some confusion. More jobs means expansion of existing, topped up with new business in a blend. 7. Personal Lens on Subjects Stakeholders should have different lenses and sensitivities so that there is balance. The Village is an Urban context. 8. Expansion and Recruitment Targets Each Sector exponentially effects the local economy from lowest at Government to highest in the Manufacturing segment. 9. Gold Rivers Three Greatest Strengths Affordability, Proximity to Recreational Opportunities, Access to Transportation 10. Gold Rivers Biggest Challenges Availability of well paid jobs, Citizen Attitude, Keeping Young Workers. 11. Top Three Economic Development Subjects Supporting Existing Business, Recruitment of non Retail, and Growth of Small Business combined with Revitalization of Commercial Area. 12. Local Government should spend Opinions are consistent across the profile. Strong Opinions lean towards More Employment Opportunities. These subject titles all fit into a Sustainability Charter which acts as a Guide for Development. 13. Respondents Sectoral History Where you are employed influences your view of the subjects before the Stakeholders. 14. Respondents Length of Service How long you have been operating in any given position may indicate an ability to change or not. 15. Respondents Accountability at Work The level accountability you are used to may be an indicator of how much risk you are willing to take. 16. Respondents Gender Gender Balance is sometime a factor in decision making style and management. 17. Gold River Original v. Newcomers Sometimes, the length of residency influences your ability to see the Forest. 18. Respondents Origins In other cases, bringing fresh eyes to a community can provide the benefit of a new view on old issues and challenges. 19. Regionalism Sometimes, the place where you were born shapes your view of the world. 20. Respondents Business Class While we do live in a classless society, sometimes, your root experience is an influencer. 21. Respondents Achievement Balancing experiences is important to stakeholder dynamics. 22. Respondents Skill Sets Determining where you are weakest and backfilling skills is important to the recruiting process. 23. Respondents Cohorts Balancing experience and generational perspectives is important. 24. Respondents Financial Responsibility 25. Respondents Diversity Speaking other languages is a helpful skill set when engaged in business development. 26. THE TOP 10 LIST & NEED FOR STRATEGIC FOCUS This section is about what the Respondents see as Regional priorities in Q4 27. Ernst Young Top 10 Issues List What the world sees as Top priorities are not necessarily a factor locally. 28. Our Region Needs Attention Sometimes these graphs speak for themselves. 29. HOW DOES NEW BUSINESS HAPPEN This section is about what the Respondents Experience 30. Where do you refer people to for information? Cross promotion of products and services is critical to residents understanding that every business is not a Corporate Giant, they are people who invested in a job for themselves and their families. Larry P Municipal Office Ourselves. We provide information on real estate listings for businesses and residential properties. Mayor and Council I do not refer people Municipal Hall I give them the information I have/know and then put them to who else I think might help them in the community. Village Office I would have no idea where to send them. Village office Reality office Town office Village office have never referred 31. When did you move in and what was the experience like? No capital 5 year plan! I am just in the process of purchasing a second residence in Gold River. I live in Campbell River. I lived here in 1983-84 as a teacher: town booming with the big industries at the wharf. I returned recently in January 2008. Much different time. I bought a business here. I did not move. Grew up here and then moved back in 2004 2005. non-eventful 5 years ago - good 1985 as a young mother with a husband in a new job, my experience was positive. 2003, good experience Also grew up here from 1968-1984 I moved to Gold River in 1959, and enjoyed growing up here and making this my home. Mid 2005 Loved it. Took a few years to get our business going in town. March 2011, positive. 1999 good 1996 I moved to Nootka, to gold river in 99. loved it 32. What web site did you use and was it helpful? It was a very bad web site. Is there such a website? Village of GR Gold River Buzz The BUZZ. gold river buzz Google Gold River 33. Who was on your Reception Team? No clue Do we have one? I do not know. Whoever is around at the time, as far as I could tell. We need to have the presence of our village advertised at trade shows, and promoted in a much bigger way. Municipal staff and........ Village Office I have no idea. ?? Mayor? I do not know - The Mayor? I Have no idea 34. What role do you play in recruiting people and business to the Village of Gold River? None None Fielding inquiries from the public with regard to real estate listings for businesses NA None None Minimal We leave an impression of what quality business can be in our community. No idea. None Very little unless linked to our Business None 35. What web site did you use and was it helpful? It was a very bad web site. Is there such a website? Village of GR Gold River Buzz The BUZZ. gold river buzz Google Gold River 36. Web Promotion Cross promotion of products and services is critical to residents understanding that every business is not a Corporate Giant, they are people who invested in a job for themselves and their families.. 37. Retention and Expansion These are the two basic functions of economic development. Would you be surprised to know that everyone over the age of 13 has a responsibility to contribute to success, hence the phrase, it takes a village. 38. RESIDENT BUSINESS ACTIVITY Q4 This section is about the Resident Business Activity 39. Your Peers Product Mix Change This illustrates innovation and market dynamics. 40. Your Peers Product Mix Change >18 Months In the next 18 months, a couple of businesses are introducing new products which is a positive sign. 41. Your Peers Special Niche There is not a high incidence of specialization amongst the group. 42. Your Peers Business Sales Turnover This indicates an average group of businesses. 43. Your Peers Business Trade Area Indicates a slight diversity in your peer group. Surprised to see global in the group. 44. Your Peers Customer Frequency This is a poor sample so no real information derived from this question. 45. Your Peer Business Sales Q4 Indicates a sense of strong change and decreasing. May be seasonal. 46. Your Peer Average Sales The perception is that sales are on average, stable, with one indication of increases. 47. Your Peer Type of Customer Dominance of one-to-one sales is higher risk of rapid change. Lack of dependence on Government sales is a positive attribute. 48. Your Peer Customer Age Cohorts Not enough data to give a clear picture. If there was, there are clear gaps that would indicate lack of balance in perspectives. 49. Your Peer Estimated Incomes Not enough data to give a clear indication. 50. Your Peer Marketing Sales Tools Not a lot of diversity of tools here which is useful when planning for the Sun Coast Wood Campaign. 51. Your Peer Expansion Plans Not enough responses to determine a strong pattern here. 52. Peer New Location Plans No movement here. 53. STAKEHOLDER VIEWS ON REGIONAL WORKFORCE Q4 This section is about the views of the Workforce 54. Quality of Workforce Views are moderate and non committal on this subject. 55. Head of Hous