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1. Social Media Marketing 2. Go Social with Social media marketing Social media has become a verysignificant part of our personal andprofessional lives, with the arrival of thesocial sites like Facebook and Twitter. It isthe most powerful tool of businessmarketing as well. Facebook and Twitterhave more than 900 million and 555million daily users count proving theirglobal success and efficiency. 3. Social Media MarketingAccording to the Constant Contacts 2011 SmallBusiness Attitudes & Outlook Survey, nearly 73percent of small businesses and organizationshave started availing marketing advantages ofsocial media and rest of 62 percent (approx.) oforganizations those are not using their serviceswill aggressively adopt them. Now, with theincreasing popularity of social media andcommunication this figure will definitely getvery high. 4. This marketing channel is very interactive, wide and effective. It improvesthe customer interactivity and retains the existing and potential clients tothe businesses. Social media is useful for businesses in various ways such as Social media improves the market creditability and good will of thebusinesses. It facilitates communication in between the organizationsand their customers. It has a positive impact on the brand value andmarket credibility of the company. This marketing channel helps businesses to reach out their targetlead or young generation which is a very important element of thecompanys success and the basis of social media marketing. 5. Custom engagement is one of the most crucialaspects of a business that helps to retain the existingcustomers and increases brand credibility. Socialmedia channel or marketing simplifies customerengagement with great flexibility. Social media is the foremost means of generatinga highly potential online traffic to the businesswebsites. So, it is the best channel to attract themost relevant and quality traffic that a businessrequired. 6. Social media marketing can improve business returns over investmentor ROI and conversion rate from the desirable ROI. By offering an easy access to customers feedback social mediamarketing helps businesses to improve their products and services. It is the most cost effective ways to introduce or launch any newproduct or service for business. The extensive approach of the socialmedia conveys new products or services quickly and effectively to appealthe targeted customers. 7. The strong social media strategiesand social profiles are the majorcomponents of the social mediamarketing. The businessrequirements vary with their offeredservices, business goals and targetedcustomers. 8. Some of the major benefits of social media marketing are as followCustomer engagementDirect customer communicationsSpeed of feedback/ outcomesLeaning customer preferencesCost effectiveImprove brand valueMarket researchMarket credibilityExtensive business approachGreat lead generation sourceCustomer services 9. WebVriksha is renowned Social media marketing agency that offersproven and effective social media marketing services. Our servicesimprove business returns over investment by managing all social mediaaspects of the businesses. We provide Social media marketing in Mumbai(operational headquarter) and across the globe. For more details log onto: http://blog.webvriksha.com. 10. Social Media MarketingS 12/41, Hawares Centurion,Sector 19A, Nerul (East),Navi Mumbai 400 706, IndiaEmail: info@webvriksha.comGIVE US A RINGPhone: 022 277 099 54Abhishek: +91 9821 58 58 56