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Global Lingo - our services and our clients' opinion about them. Take a look at what we offer: transcription, minute-taking, translation, interpreting

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Translation | Interpreting | Transcription | Minute Taking

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LondonCluj Napoca

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GLOBAL NetworkWe can translate to and from any language thanks to

our global network of freelance linguists

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OUR SERVICESGLOBAL LINGO provides comprehensive language solutions to both private and

public markets: translation, interpreting, transcription and minute-taking services.

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Translation Services

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More than 140 languages

Experienced freelance translators…

… in different areas of expertise: legal, medical, HR, marketing, events, etc.

In-context proofread

The final document will be on the client’s desk first thing the next morning

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Interpreting Services

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GLOBAL LINGO’s network of professional interpreters cover all business sectors: event, legal, medical, public sector, EWC …

… and convey the words accurately and stylishly into any language

Quality orientated and competitively priced

We supply all the necessary technical equipment

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Transcription Services

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Over 70,000 hours of speeches, press conferences, meetings and hearings…

… in verbatim and tidied-up transcriptions

Quality assurance and on-time delivery

Our transcripts are relied on by several governments, two of the world’s largest oil companies, and three of the top banks in the world.

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Minute Taking Services

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Minute Taking

Perfect understanding of industry-specific terminology

No grammatical mistakes

Correct spelling of all names and terms

Accurate abbreviations and acronyms

Our professionals attend the meeting either in person or by telephone

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Audio-Visual Services

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High Definition Video Conferencing

Digital Audio Recording (DAR)

Infra-red Language Distribution

Wireless Conference Microphone Systems

Interpreters’ Booths

Audio and Video Conversion and Manipulation

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OUR CLIENTSWe consistently provide some of the

world’s biggest companies with accurately translated or transcribed

files which perfectly match their needs.

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Our Clients

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Our Clients

“Customer service at its best. The services you provided for us were extremely accurate and done in a very timely manner. Your translation services exceed all our expectations.

Our clients trust our services.

Whether it's about a one-page certificate or a website to be translated, a one-time event to be interpreted or a constant presence at company meetings for transcription of audio documents and minute taking, we get the job done thoroughly and immediately.

Our standards are set by our clients, as we constantly monitor their opinions. They currently score us 9.25 out of10.

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OUR TEAMWe are a team of dedicated professionals who provide fast, reliable and accurate transcription and translation services as

well as great customer service.