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Get to know about the 12 steps of life's purpose | Abundance Coaching

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What are the steps that can be used to find the purpose of life? Abundance Coaching provides you some steps that can help you in identifying life's purpose and helps us to achieve them.

Text of Get to know about the 12 steps of life's purpose | Abundance Coaching

  • Life PurPose AbundAnce Process
  • 12 Steps of Break through
  • Step 1 Your Life Purpose Plan Find your Why worth living, create your radical vision and build your life purpose plan!
  • Step 2 Your Clarity Blueprint Get clear on where you are at in your life and discover the proven strategies to win your game of life.
  • Step 3 Your Authentic Amazing Self Discover who you are, your personality, strengths and behaviours and begin to transform your life starting with your heart.
  • Step 4 Values Finder 360 Find out What Matters the most to you and then use your core values to maximize your life as a whole and in your 4 essential core value pillars of life.
  • Step 5 Your Abundance Mindset Replace Scarcity with abundance and learn the 5 keys to create an abundance mindset so that you can overcome and become all you need to be.
  • Step 6 The Responsibility Actualizer Claim your power by taking responsibility with courage so that you can own your thoughts, words, responses, and actions.
  • Step 7 The Commitment Umbrella Get committed to the best things in life and step in at 100% so that you can make a difference in the world by giving away your abundance you perpetually receive.
  • Step 8 The Deciding Factor Learn the power of every decision that you make and how you can manifest and seize the moments that make life great for you and those around you.
  • Step 9 Your Best Self Learn the visualization and tools to breakthrough and break free from the troubles that bind you to scarcity and then step into the freedom of your liberated best version of you.
  • Step 10 The Happiness Multiplier Uncover the truths about happiness and ensure that you are abundantly happy and that your amazing, happy and optimistic approach to life multiplies on others.
  • Step 11 The Principle Map Apply the 52 universally proven principles that will help you build your character, self- discipline, vision and leadership so that you can have consistent fulfillment and success in life.
  • Step 12 The Legacy Factor Be empowered to understand your true meaning for life, your gifts and talents and then create a living legacy everyday for yourself and the world.
  • Contact Abundance Coaching Scott Epp C.P.C. (Certified Professional Coach) [email protected] mobile: 0481 307 778

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