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Despite a sluggish economy, events of all types have experienced growth in both registrations and fundraising. Are you taking advantage of this growing channel? Join Andy Welkley, Product Marketing Manager at Blackbaud for Peer-to-Peer solutions for a quick overview of how you can empower your participants to reach their personal and social circles and fundraise on your behalf with Blackbaud's Friends Asking Friends.

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  • 1.4/30/2013 Footer 1GET PERSONAL WITHPEER TO PEER EVENT FUNDRAISINGPeer-to-Peer Fundraising Resources:

2. 4/30/2013 Footer 2 3. 4/30/2013 Footer 3It is more about their NETWORK,than their NETWORTH!WHATS DIFFERENT ABOUT PEER 2 PEER? 4. 4/30/2013 Footer 4 5. 4/30/2013 Footer 6HOW CAN THE ORGANIZATION MAKE A DIFFERENCE? 6. 4/30/2013 Footer 7WHO TALKS TO WHO? (OR IS IT WHOM?) 7. 4/30/2013 Footer 8 Empower TEAMS of development associates!- Teach them to set up Personal Pages- Create content for Email campaigns- Social Sharing donors and participants are there JOIN THEM!- Mobile Fundraising on the go!PARTICIPANTS TO THEIR NETWORK 8. 4/30/2013 Footer 9MAKE IT PART OF THEIR PAGE 9. 4/30/2013 Footer 10GIVE AND RECEIVE ENCOURAGEMENT! 10. 4/30/2013 Footer 11SOCIAL MEDIA 11. 4/30/2013 Footer 12MOBILE BE WHERE THE DONORS ARE!Mobile applicationMobile optimized forms! 12. 4/30/2013 Footer 13Turn Participants into Fundraisers!- Personal Trainer coaching emails, tips & tricks- Automatically send emails based on activities- Look for most active participants, not just top $$ORGANIZATIONS TO THE PARTICIPANTS 13. 4/30/2013 Footer 14YOU CANHELP YOURSUPPORTERS! 14. 4/30/2013 Footer 15Make it Easy!Provide a fundraising tool kit!PUT TIPS AND TRICKS ON YOUR SITE 15. 4/30/2013 Footer 16COACH AND MOTIVATE! 16. 4/30/2013 Footer 17CREATEENGAGINGCONTENTW I T H O U T G R E A T C O N T E N TS O C I A L M E D I A I S U S E L E S S 17. 4/30/2013 Footer 18PHOTOS 18. 4/30/2013 Footer 19 19. 4/30/2013 Footer 20FIRST, THE BAD NEWS 20. 4/30/2013 Footer 21SO - BRING EM BACK!! 21. 4/30/2013 Footer 22Not all fundraisers are created equal! Does the organization treat captains, top fundraisers and pastparticipants differently? Segment your lists Team Captains / Returning participants / All- Team Captain support with recruiting messages- Reach BOTH groups early in the process- Create incentives for top performers & captainsORGANIZATIONS TO CAPTAINS / TOP PERFORMERS 22. 4/30/2013 Footer 23AND, WHAT DO THEY RAISE? 23. 4/30/2013 Footer 24FRIENDS ASKING FRIENDS:MOBILE / SOCIAL / SIMPLEEmpower, Reach & ManageFundraisewith FriendsMobile appSocial toolsenablesharingacross majornetworksProvenTechniquesto MaximizeTheirFundraisingMaintainMomentumwithRetentionFeaturesSupport from start to finish and beyondIntuitivedesign toolsputorganizationin controlRapid andEfficientImplementation