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Who are you?

Heather DoeringAceInTheHoleBranding.comGET NOTICED!3 Simple Strategies

Welcome to the webinar! Since youve joined us today, Im guessing youre ready to do things differently in 2016! WHO are you, and WHO comprises your niche audience? Once we understand the WHO, we can implement 3 key strategies that help you stand out from the crowd.

Housekeeping questions at the end

Todays objective is to discover how to differentiate yourself from the competition and then use that advantage to clearly communicate your Signature Brand to your target market, enabling you to connect and build relationship with your ideal prospects and convert them to life-long clients.

Thats a pretty loaded statement! Were going to break it down into 3 easy-to-implement strategies that move you from one of millions to THE 1 in a million.

With that, lets jump in! (Next Slide)1

That, my friends, is the question

Who are YOU???

Most entrepreneurs know just enough to scratch the surface of marketing their business but not enough to utilize the incredible tools at our fingertips or to maximize reach and effectiveness..

They often throw spaghetti at the wall, hoping something sticks.

Todays class is designed to uncover who you are and to introduce 3 concepts that will set you apart from the competition.

They'll provide a launch pad to catapult you into the business model consumers demand.

Well touch on the following;Be a mission, not a titleEmbrace Social SellingCreate Your Signature Brand

By the end of this webinar, youll have the pieces to put together a plan that will transform your business

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Technology has transformed how consumers make purchasing

Why do we need to do things differently than we ever have before? We dont need to change for changes sake; we need to change to meet the expectations of the consumer.

Technology has transformed the way consumers make purchasing decisions. The first thing most of do when wanting to learn ANYTHING is to Google it. WE then go through a process, called the Buyers Journey, which well discuss in a bit.

Gone are the days of relying on a shingle and the Yellow Pages to generate the bulk of business. The way weve always done things doesnt yield the same results it used to. We live in a truly global marketplace. We can purchase just about anything from anywhere in the world at the click of a mouse. How, then, can a small business owner compete with the big dogs? Its easier than you might think!

You MUST differentiate yourself from the myriad of those who share your title. Consumers sort through reams of information on a regular basis (have you bought toothpaste lately??). Our objective needs to be developing a system that continually puts you in front of those ideal prospects, building relationship and trust.

If you fail to stand out, youre one of the millions


Differentiation is KEY to being found

Google is a verbBeing AWESOME is not enough!You MUST set yourself apart Heres how

Be a Mission, Not a Title

To Stand Out#1AceInTheHoleBranding.comStrategy

Whats your title?When people ask what you do, whats your response? Im with______ or Im a real estate agentor I sell insurance.

When we identify ourselves as a title shared by our competition, were judged, so to speak. Youre no longer you. Youre just another face in the crowd. Nothing sets you apart or makes you memorable.

Theres a psychology at play were one of many who do what we do. Think about it how many real estate agents do you know? How about financial advisors? Teachers? From the consumers perspective, the title puts us into a big giant bucket with everyone else. Were one of millions.

Wed like to think our winning personalities will be enough to make people remember us forever, but the truth is, were just like everyone else,

But wait, you say. I have an incredible unique selling proposition! I have great customer service; Im an expert in what I do; People like me!

Guess what? Your competition says the same thing.

So, how do you set yourself apart?..... (next slide)


Turn Your Title Into AAceInTheHoleBranding.comMission!

Turn Your Title (Click to pull in MISSION) into a MissionThis sets you apart no longer are you immediately classified by your title; rather, you serve a purpose, making you memorable and unique

How do you find your mission? 3 simple steps1. Identify Your target who is your ideal client? Be specific about who they are and what matters to them; age, gender, geography, hobbies, family status, interests, income, etc; this requires research!!! You want to really understand WHO they are so you can meet them where theyre at. Once you know WHO they are, you can.

2. Identify their values and objectives What reason(s) do they have for using or needing your products/services? Goals, objections, challenges, issues. Once you understand this piece, you can then share amazing content to address those issues, ultimately enabling you to

Solve their challenges By supporting the prospect through the decision making process and presenting yourself as the logical solution, youve built a mutually beneficial relationship.

Once youve completed these steps, you can THEN. (next slide)6

Create Your Mission AceInTheHoleBranding.comCompare Im a real estate agent, with I provide Millennials with the tools they need to purchase their perfect starter home.Missions make you different from those who share a titleGet your mission into the hands of your prospects!

Now Create your missionCompare Im a hairdresser to My mission is to help women look as beautiful outside as they are inside. Which is more memorable? Which causes you to stop and think Wow! How does she do that?? I want to be as beautiful outside as I am inside!!!Think for a minute how can YOU turn your title into a mission?When asked what you DO, start with My mission is to.

Differentiates you from the massesIt makes you memorableIt takes you out of the bucket and puts you on a pedestal

Being a mission makes an emotional connection, is impactfulIs personal

Once youve created your mission, its time to get it into the hands of those prospects! Our 2nd strategy to stand out from the crowd is.(Click Slide)


Social selling is the practice of using social media to interact directly with your prospects and leads by offering them valuable, thoughtful content to answer questions and meet needs until they are ready to buy

Heather Doering

. #2 Embrace Social SellingBefore we can embrace it, we need to know what it is!!

Social selling is one of the hottest buzz phrases out there. Its part of the business landscape, whether we like it or not. What, exactly is it?

Ive defined it this way:

Social selling is the practice of using social media to interact directly with your prospects and leads by offering them valuable, thoughtful content to answer questions and meet needs until they are ready to buy

In other words, its creating and sharing great digital content that successfully carries them through their buyers journey.

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WHY Embrace It?

AceInTheHoleBranding.comEnables you to connect with ideal prospects in the right placesIs integral across all demographicsIs a conduit for connecting and building relationships with people who WANT what you offerAvailable on demand consumers can access you 24/7/365

Why embrace social selling?

Simply put, it builds relationship with your prospects and sets you apart from the masses.

Social media is an integral part of life and an essential conduit for connecting to and building relationship with people who want what you offer. No more casting a wide net and hoping for a few minnows!

Social selling enables us to truly target our ideal niche audiences by focusing on the problems and challenges they face. Old school teaches us to communicate one broad message, and do so on our terms, whether the consumer wants the information or not. That message may or may not hit on the right audience, and more than likely, it will get lost in the noise.

Social selling allows us to communicate the right messages to the right people in the right places at the right time, at the click of a button. Social media is global and available 24/7/365

Its role in consumer behavior (and our response to it) will continue to strengthen as technology increasingly impacts our lives.

Ok. We understand why to embrace social selling. WIIFY? (Next Slide)


AceInTheHoleBranding.comWIIFY?Social Selling.Whats In It For YOU?Inexpensive often FREE!Builds relationshipsKeeps you front of mindBuilds credibilityEstablishes expertiseConnects you to prospects where THEY hang out

Social Selling.CLICK FOR ANIMATIONWhats In It For YOU?:Builds relationships with prospects and leads (remember we do business with those we know, like and trust)Keeps you front of mind youre regularly interfacing with prospects and leads as they work through the buyers journeyBuilds credibility and establishes you as an expert in your field youre providing great, valuable content that meets the challenges and goals of your targetConnects you to the prospect where they spend time the RIGHT platforms for your target audienceProvides a medium through which you can answer questions and lead prospects through the buyers journey, one step at a timeIts