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  1. 1. Garden All Year RoundNo matter what time of the year it is, there is always something that needs to be done inyour garden. It is true though that, in winter, things slow down a bit and you can get around to those landscaping tasks that you may otherwise have been neglecting. That is not to say that there is nothing to do in the garden to keep it in tip top shape, but there is less. Chances are that you wont be doing a lot of planting and that your garden is looking a lotsparser than normal but you do need to look after the plants that you do have. Water in winter is scarcer and plants need more protection from the cold. Applying mulch in wintercan help to maintain the moisture in the soil, help to stop weeds growing not even winter can stop these and also help to protect plants from cold seeping up from the surface ofthe soil. Mulches made from tree bark are the most popular as they tend to look pretty good.You should also not neglect the nutrients in the soil the plants themselves need fewer nutrients but you do need to look into preparing the soil for the coming spring. It is a goodidea to enrich soil that is less than satisfactory in winter do this by adding loam orcompost. The ideal soil is rich in nutrients, loamy and drains easily. Make sure to dig soilover well to aerate it and to break up clumps of hard dirt. This type of soil is what is required by the majority of plants to thrive. If you decide to tackle landscaping projects, now is the ideal time it is easier to see which areas need more attention and which areas need interest to be added. Interest is easilycreated by paths which lead to different areas of the garden. These paths do not need to beformally paved the use of stones or gravels can create suitable paths. Stone can also beused to accent various features in Landscape Supplies Bacchus Marsh and to create moreareas of interest. Stone can be used very effectively in pots in order to create a fuller lookuntil the plants in the pots grow in properly or can simply be used to create a fresh new lookfor pots. You could also use tree bark edged with stone in order to denote pathways for amore natural looking path.Always remember, Winter can be a busy time in the garden as well.