Gabriel d'arcy ceo bord na mona 17.10.12

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<ul><li> 1. UCD Michael Smurfit Business SchoolSustainability ClubIreland becoming a world leader as a competitive low carbon economyGabriel DArcy CEO Bord na Mona plc17 October, 2012.</li></ul> <p> 2. Shannon River Level40 cm higher in 2009 than 1954 record level 3. How water availability may change, as temperatures,populations and industrialisation increase 1961-90 4. How water availability may change, as temperatures,populations and industrialisation increase2070s 5. Highest Wave Energy Resource in Europe - Up to 76 kW/m 6. Natural ResourcesWave Resources Best in Europe - annual averagepower levels of up to 76kW/m. Accessible Resource - 21 TWh or75% of Irelands 2006 electricityrequirement.Tidal Resources NI Coast has good Resources Viable resources - 0.915 TWh peryear. Could access up to 336 MW as thetechnology advances. 7. Wavebob Ltd. 8. OpenHydro - Tidal Energy Turbine at EMEC TestingSite Scotland 9. Horizons of Growth Horizon 3Profit Horizon 2 Horizon 1 Time (years) 10. Landfill Gas Overview 11. Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations 12. Instrumental temperature record 13. Climate ChangeThe Key Driver of Change 14. Wind Power The Issues 15. European Solar Resource Map 16. European Super Grid 17. Biomass Co-Firing: 220kt 2012?2011/12 (f) 1,032,000 ET fuel Consumed 781,000 MWhr Produced 160,000 ET of Biomass Represents 15.5 % co-firing 121,000 MWhr Green Electricity 137,000 t CO2 abated 2010/11 917,500 ET fuel Consumed 700,000 MWhr Produced 124,000 ET of Biomass Represents 13.5 % co-firing 94,500 MWhr Green Electricity 107,000 t CO2 abated 18. Potential Supply Area 19. Recommended Option Lough Termination Point Ree Reservoir Peamount ReservoirGarryhinch Bog River(Bord na Mona) StorageSaggartShannon(Raw Water ) Reservoir1LoughDergParteenBasinRiver ShannonMDW0158SK53D08 20. Green Supply Chain Award Bloom 2012SourceProcurement AwardMarketing Innovation AwardHealth &amp; Safety 21. were the first generation with tools to understand changes inthe earths system caused by human activity, and the last withthe opportunity to influence the course of many of the changes now rapidly under way Peter Vitousek Stanford University Biologist 22. Priority Areas- From Recent EPA Report Water Habitat and Species Waste Energy RenewablesBnM is uniquely positioned to play a leadership role in delivering Irelands climate change agenda 23. The Past 24. The Present 25. The Future 26. Thank You</p>