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Leather furniture repairs and renovation in Surrey. We are trained in all aspects of furniture leather repair, Sofa repairs Surrey, Upholstery repairs Surrey and leather renovation.


<ul><li> 1. Welcome to Leather Repairs Surrey Leather Repairs Surrey are a Nationwide leather renovation specialist dealing with leather furniture and car interior leather.Why not place a enquiry? A ach a picture! What have you got to loose, the quote is FREE. Name *:Telephone :Email *:Leather Furniture - Surrey are acovered Trained in all aspects of leather repair and leather renovation. We specialise in leather furniture repairs to all kinds of leather furniture, lounge suites, sofa etc and can eectively repair the results of scus and scrapes, cuts and tears, burns, pet damage, nail polish spills or supergluespillage and Colour discoloration caused by clothes dye or sunlight.Description :Postcode :We can clean and restore: S cus S cratches Colour loss Flat S eat cushions Broken arms S tiching Frame damage S prings New leather panels Z ipsAs well as leather renovation we can complete leather cleaning service to bring the leather back to its original condition with many more years of use. O ur leather cleaning and renovation service can clean, re colour, condition and re seal your leather furniture leaving it looking almost like new.Options : Please select Location *:Photo: Choose File No file selected Fields marked with a * are mandatory.SubmitWe do not just clean it we fully renovate it. Pre C lean Deep C lean C olour Restore ResealingS often the dirt and Grime Cleaning deep in the grain with our antibacterial cleaner Restore the colour over the scus and colour loss areas Appling a leather sealant to protect HIGHEST STANDARD OF REPAIRS EVER LEATHER OF ANY TYPE OR COLOUR LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE ONSITE REPAIRSOUR LEATHER FURNITURE REPAIRS ARE USUALLY CHEAPER THAN YOU HOME INSURANCE EXCESS SO WHY NOT REQUEST A QUOTE BEFORE YOU MAKE YOUR CLAIM.&gt; READ CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS </li></ul> <p> 2. Home|Leather Furniture|Leather Car Interiors|GalleryCopyright 2013-2013, Leather Repairs. All rights reserved.converted by</p>