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<p> 1. King Nestle International CompanyKing Nestle International Company specializes in supplying of the highest qualityseafood products. We proudly present our seafood products services that can addextra value to your commercial markets. Our fine tuned and highly dedicatedcustomer service will give you the confidence and pleasure working with us. Weact in reality as your overseas purchasing office, we effectively managing andoverseeing each aspect of the transaction on our clients behalf.King Nestle International Company buyers can essentially outsource to us keyelements of their own operations. This means our clients can smoothly andsecurely manage their purchasing in china with much less work and complicationand less personnel in their own operations while enjoying full confidence thatproduct will be delivered according to their requirements and specifications. 2. CUSTOMER SERVICE We are one of the leading providers of seafood from china. We offer anextraordinary selection of the highest quality seafood products. These seafoodproducts are prepared and packed by using personal equipped with unparalleledskills, knowledge and advanced equipment. We specialize in medium to largecommercial orders of seafood products. All the seafood products such as frozentilapia fillets, cod (Gadus morhua), Alaskan pollock fish, vannamei white shrimp,golden pompano, frozen squid and frozen blue mussels for our clients. We areoffering are done under tight supervision, ascertaining the highest level of qualityand best industry standards. Our teams are enthusiastic, passionate and offer result-oriented work for optimum level of satisfaction. We offer 24/7 and guaranteedservices to our customers.We offer complete inspection and quality control for utmost customer satisfaction.Please browse our website for type of seafood we are offering. Please feel free tocontact us 3. Frozenseafoodchina - Our ProductsVannamei White Shrimp Frozen Tilapia Fillet 4. Frozen Squid Alaska Pollock Fish</p>