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Prelims from the Business Quiz at FORE Business School An online prelim!

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  • 1. FORE GENESIS 2009 Business Quiz Prelims 20 Questions

2. RULES Feel free to guess, there are No negative markings If a question has two parts, part points will be awarded to the teams that answer one part of the question correctly. The Starred questions are from Question no. 13 to Question no. 20. Incase of a tie these will be considered. Incase of tie with regard to starred questions, the team will be selected by sudden death starting from starred question 13 to Question no. 20. 3. 1 Connect the images and name thecompany. 4. 1Gammon India Landmark projects The foundation of Gateway of India, The Longest River Bridge across Ganges at Patna, Terminal Building for Sharjah International Airport and the Longest Urban Flyover (5.3 Km) at Hebbal, Bangalore. 5. 2 What did these two artists recently come together to create? 6. 2 The artists are Mike Ming and Derek Welch. They designed the Dell Studio 15 laptop cover designs .Mike MingDerek Welch 7. 3 What is their claim to fame? 8. 3 9. 4 a) Ad for which company and b) What is it depicting? 10. 4FINANCIAL TIMES advertisement, depicting mergers and acquisitions. 11. 5 Located in Delhi, started in 1890, this shop boasts of being one of Indias oldest stores that sell a particular type of product. Identify the shop. 12. 5 Ram Chander & Sons This is the oldest toy store in India. It is located at Connaught Place, Delhi. 13. 6 Which company did these three men start? Who are these three people and which company did they start? 14. 6They are Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn and they founded DHL Dalsey HillblomLynn. 15. 7 a) Connect these images. b) What is the missing logo? 16. 7 DIAL Delhi International Airport Ltd and the missing logo is GMR group. They are all partners of this joint venture are GMR Group (54%), Airports Authority of India (26%), Fraport & Eraman Malaysia (10% each). 17. 8 a) What are these called and b) Where are they used? 18. 8 The Barnstars on Wikipedia The Barnstar, given to recognize fine contributions to Wikipedia. The Editor's Barnstar, awarded to individuals who display particularly fine decisions in general editing.The Random Acts of Kindness Barnstar, awarded to those that show a pattern of going the extra mile to be nice, without being asked. The Photographer's Barnstar is awarded to those individuals who tirelessly improve the Wikipedia with their photographic skills and contributions. 19. 9 Why is Dadar to Pune 50p? 20. 9 The Tata Indicomcampaign 21. 10 Identify the Author. 22. 10 Philip Arthur FisherPhilip Fisher is considered a pioneer in the field of growth investing. Morningstar has called him "one of the great investors of all time".The best-known of Fisher's followers is Warren Buffett who has said on some occasions that "he is 85% Graham and 15% Fisher". 23. 11 Which famous landmark in Delhi did this man lend his name to ? 24. 11 Duke of Connaught, Connaught Place 25. 12 Promotional campaign for? 26. 12 The Limited Edition DVD of Memento is uniquely packaged to look like Leonard's case file from a mental institution, with notes scribbled by "doctors" and Leonard on the inside.The DVD menus are designed as a series of psychological tests; the viewer has to choose certain words, objects, and multiple choice answers to play the movie or access special features. Leonard's "notes" on the DVD case offer clues to navigating the DVD. 27. Connect13 Connect the two images. 28. 13 Two brands of biscuits from the Unibic Group.One of them is obviously named Bradman considering its country of origin - Australia.The other brand - Anzac (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps) - gets its name from the fact that during WWI, women back home made them and sent them to their soldiers at war. Interestingly, a part of the proceeds from the sale of Anzac, will go into supporting Indian jawans and their families. 29. 14 Which product connects these two people? 30. 14 Mysore Sandal Soap Mysore Sandal Soap is manufactured by the Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Limited (KSDL), a company owned by the Government of Karnataka in India. This soap has been manufactured since 1916 when Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar, the king of Mysore set up the Government Soap Factory in Bangalore. The main motivation for setting up the factory was the excessive sandalwood reserves that the Mysore Kingdom had which could not be exported to Europe because of the First World War.In 2006, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, was selected as the first brand ambassador of the Mysore Sandal Soap. 31. 15 Kawasaki 704 eyeglass frame 32. 15 Sarah PalinSarah Palins eyewear has been all the rage since her convention speech. Her specs are titanium frames designed by Japanese designer Kazuo Kawasaki.The demand for the glasses have soared after her speech , similar to what happened to the predator series of glasses after the release of MIB 33. 16 What is the claim to fame of this google doodle? 34. 16 The 2009 Doodle 4 Google Competition saw school kids from all over U.S submitting designs for Google Logo based on the theme What I Wish For The World and 28,000 designs were received this year. And the winning logo is 35. 17What is this sculpture an inspiration for? 36. 17 The logo/trophy of the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.The sculpture is the lion of the Piazza San Marco in Venice and it was the inspiration for the Cannes Lion trophy. 37. 18 What doesthis map show? 38. 18Special Economic Zones of India 39. 19 Name the famous blog and the book written by this person. 40. 19 Conscience of a Liberal by Paul Krugman 41. 20 Started as a machine tool manufacturing company after Indian independence, this company has diversified into various businesses. Though it is popularly known for one its products.Which company? 42. 20 HMT - Hindustan Machine Tools