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© 2013 IBM Corporation Förbättra kassaflöde och minska faktureringskostnader med en smartare infrastruktur Magnus Strömer, IBM Alliance Manager Anders Wasén, B2B Solution Architect

Förbättra kassaflödet och minska faktureringskostnaderna med en smartare infrastruktur - IBM Smarter Business 2013

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ESAB, världsledande inom svetsteknologi, är det svenska och globala företaget med krävande kunder, många i komplicerade leverantörskedjor och just-in-time tillverkningsprocesser. ESAB möter kraven bland annat genom att automatisera processer och integrera egna och kunders system. Det har givit en förenkling av orderhanteringen och faktureringen, det har förbättrat kassaflödet och sänkt kostnader för fakturering. Bara en förkortning av "kundkreditdagar" ger kostnadsfördelar i miljonbelopp per år. Ta del av hur Enfo har hjälpt ESAB göra detta till veklighet, hur en på riktigt smartare infrastruktur kan skapas. Talare: Magnus Strömer, Alliance Manager och Anders Wasén, Chief Architect, Enfo AB. Mer från dagen på http://bit.ly/sb13se

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  • 1. Frbttra kassaflde och minska faktureringskostnader med en smartare infrastruktur Magnus Strmer, IBM Alliance Manager Anders Wasn, B2B Solution Architect 2013 IBM Corporation
  • 2. Enfo Sweden AB Frbttra kassaflde och minska faktureringskostnader med en smartare infrastruktur Magnus Strmer, IBM Alliance Manager Anders Wasn, B2B Solutions Architect
  • 3. Enfo Sweden AB ESAB, a smarter infrastructure Magnus Strmer, IBM Alliance Manager Anders Wasn, B2B Solutions Architect
  • 4. Agenda Enfo, who we are The ESAB business case Baseline The solution Enfo Sweden AB
  • 5. Enfo Zystems We are close to 150 Integration specialists We design, implement and maintain our solutions, Middleware products along with our framework Baseline We have more than 200 certifications on Integration products Enfo group is Nordic IT company with close to 1000 employees Zystems has implemented more than 75% of all IBM Integration platforms in Sweden Europe's leading support organization within Integration We have subsidiaries and partners in Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany and USA Enfo Sweden AB
  • 6. The ESAB case Enfo Sweden AB A short introduction to ESAB: Founded 1904 after Oscar Kjellbergs invention of the welding electrode World leader in welding and cutting equipment Owned by Colfax corp. About 8.000 employees worldwide Offices in 80 countries and 26 manufacturing plants ESAB boosts customer satisfaction with seamless EDI Accelerating onboarding for new clients, improving cash-flow, reducing invoice and order processing costs An IBM case-study: http://public.dhe.ibm.com/common/ssi/ecm/en/wsc14456seen/WSC14456SEEN.PDF
  • 7. The ESAB case Enfo Sweden AB The business case: Together with IBM we analyzed ESABs financial statements and found that the Days sales outstanding (DSO) was higher than the industry average. The reason was found to be in their IT solutions for EDI, which was unstable and difficult to monitor. Invoicing for example added 2 days to their DSO. In decreased cash flow and loss of revenue these 2 days builds up to substantial amounts over a year. Cash flow took a 23 million Euro hit which was slashed by 1 million Euro!
  • 8. Enfo Sweden AB Baseline Baseline the Award Winning Integration, SOA and BPM Methodology Anders Wasn, B2B Solutions Architect
  • 9. Baseline Integration Best Practice Roles and Organization Processes Documents and Templates Concept Model Baseline Reference Architecture Baseline Software Any Middleware (IBM, MS, Open Source) Enfo Sweden AB
  • 10. The Concept Model Integration Model of integrations Easy to understand Can express any requirement Contract Service Consumer System Provider
  • 11. Bridge the Gap with the Concept Model Contract Contract Integration
  • 12. Enfo Sweden AB The solution
  • 13. The solution Enfo Sweden AB ESAB started looking for a new B2B Gateway Key features for the new B2B platform: Ease of use! Flexible Scalable Robust Secure Efficient Atlas project was started to migrate several ERP instances to one Transformation of EDIFACT was moved from WMB to WTX in DataPower Partner profiles consolidated into DataPower XB60 SOA enabled B2B Gateway lessend the ESB complexity Several servers/protocols migrated into DataPower
  • 14. The solution Enfo Sweden AB IBM DataPower overview Purpose built hardware platform Provides support for all modern protocols and B2B, e.g. EDIFACT, ebMS/ebXML, SHS, SSEK Performs critical security functions and protects messages across the enterprise Decreases cost by enabling self load balancing and cluster awareness Enforces security standards with zero coding using configurable XML encryption, digital signatures, and Oauth Supports data-streaming, removes the need for file storage in DMZ
  • 15. The solution Enfo Sweden AB Internet DMZ Intranet MQ Queue Manager DMZ Queue Manager B2B / EDI Gateway ESB WebServices DMZ App.server DMZ Queue Manager IBMFTP Server Datapower Appliance Failover (HA) IBM Datapower sFTP Server Appliance sFTP Client FTP Client Firewall Firewall JMS Bridge ERP Intranet DB MQ Queue Manager File share server File storage ESB MQ Queue Manager ERP MQ Queue Manager File storage
  • 16. The solution Enfo Sweden AB DataPower XB62 Production cluster. Real-time replication. Internet DMZ Datapower XB62 Datapower XB62 Datapower XB62 Optional: External load balancing Firewall L B MQ Queue Manager FTP HTTP JMS WebService (SOAP) DataPower XB60 QA/Test. 2 DataPower in production 1 DataPower for test/QA Load-balancer for HTTP/S external proxy to handle HTTPS/SSL
  • 17. What ESAB love the most Enfo Sweden AB Ability to support a wide range of customer demands in transport protocols due to the width of DataPower capabilities Greatly decreased lead-time of onboarding new connections and partners Consolidation of several protocols and different message-flows into DataPower gives your company a single focal point for all your external traffic. This is giving you only one place to monitor all your external data, regardless of if it is sFTP, WebServices, EDI, AS2 or any of the other supported protocols and message types. Enfo Zystems concept of "Extend SOA to include B2B" has significantly decreased the complexity of routing in the back-end integration platform as DataPower handles any routing, even content-based, with such efficiency. The graphical Processing Policies in DataPower helps configuring fine control of message routing in a quick and efficient manner.
  • 18. What ESAB love the most Enfo Sweden AB Out-of-the-box support for EDI, both ANSI X12 and EDIFACT in combination with the best transformation tool on the market, IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender, reduces development time of advanced transformations to a fraction compared to standard coding. Profile based setup of partner- and message-flows gives the availability to deploy and change setup as a common base and also script configuration as both export and import packages. This is reducing errors and significantly speeding up projects. Synchronous handling of transactions within DataPower gives the possibility to reject any invalid data sent by external partners. The transaction will be refused by DataPower and the partner will receive an Error-response instead of your organization having to deal and track down invalid data in your own internal platform. This is especially convenient for EDI data which is normally complex and difficult to track errors in.
  • 19. Enfo Sweden AB Thats it