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<ul><li> 1. Universidad Jurez del estado de DurangoEscuela de Lenguas.Licenciatura en docencia de lengua inglesa.Final project.Arts Education.Teacher: Ana Virginia Garduo lvarez Tostado</li></ul> <p> 2. Objective With the visit to the Middle School and theobservations that the team had made, students do notlearn in the way we expected and they do not have amaterial that let them to improve their day to daylearning, This is why we decided to make a calendar thatnot only allows us to teach the basics stuff that acalendar have, also the calendar can show the seasonsand the numbers making it very useful for teach a lot oftopics easily and not have to spend so much to createsomething simple but nice to improve the class. 3. Materials To make this calendar is needed: Cardboard Felt Crayons Images related to the month being viewed Foamy Eggshell Rubber 4. Instructions1.-Print images and names used in thematerial 5. 2.-Color and decorate the material 6. 3.-Cut out pictures and letters 7. 4.-Cut the numbers with fomi and put Velcro 8. 5.-Assemble all the material so that it is calendar 9. Competencies:With this calendar the students will learn the months of the year, holidays, the numbers relating to that month and the seasons. The teacher can practice every day the pronunciation of the days and months even the seasons so the students learn every day taking as prime examples the day on which they are the month and season 10. PERSONAL REFLECTIONWe think that this material is very importantand necessary for the education ofadolescents because we want to teach in adynamic and easy way, the colors, numbers,and days of the week, seasons, and monthsof the year. That is why we decided to dovery striking to attract attention of thestudent.</p>