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Factual programming doctumentary task 2

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  • 1. FACTUAL PROGRAMMING:LEARNING OUTCOME 1Task 2: Codes and Conventions.

2. STUDIO NEWSREADERSWeb definitions: someone who reads out broadcast news bulletin. How does a studio newsreader impact the Audience? Their facial expression always looks very serious this makes audience feel like the stories are very serious and may worry them more then needed. The news readers are dressed formal and this impacts the audience because if they were wearing jogging bottoms and a hoodie you may not be as interested and not take it seriously Although we wont have any news readers in our documentary we willhave a presenter and he will need to look and act the same. Studio newsreaders use serious faces but still slightly smile. Their eyes dont look around all that much either. They dress smartly and formal.News readers dont just read the text they scan the wording. 3. FIELD REPORTERS Yahoo answers: Field Reporter is as an analyst or a side line reporter. They just provide additional coverage. How does a Field reporter impact the Audience? Although field reporters dont dress as formal as studio newsreaders they still needto dress formal to a curtain level so they dont give the wrong impression. Again we wont use a field reporter as such but our presenter will be as casual smart as field reporters.They dont usually dress as formal as studionewsreaders but they still dress formal.Depending on how heart breaking the storyis field reporters are usually very smiley. 4. LINKS TO STUDIOWeb definitions: They send a radio stations or television stations audioand video from the broadcast studio to a transmitter in another location. How does links to studio impact the audience? As you get it from the people who are there, so you may get a differentprospective from the people who are nearing to home. Our documentary wont be using links to the studio as It doesnt gowith the style of documentary we have the idea of but it will be agood idea for another time. 5. INTERVIEWINGWeb definitions: A conversation between a journalist or radio ortelevision presenter and a person of public interest, used as the basis ofa broadcast or publication. How do interviews impact the audience? Interviews usually ask the public their opinion on an issue or problem so thiswould give the viewers a different side of the story and not only the mediasside. Interviews also can be with a victim or perpetrator so this would give theviewers different prospective. Our documentary will contain a lot of interviews from differentpeople asking there opinions.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Hzh1jZPOkU Youtube Example 6. EXPERTS AND WITNESSESWitness Someone who observes what happened or occurred.Expert An expert knows the probable causation of what occurred. How do experts and witnesses impact the audience? Witnesses have actually seen what happened and as theyre real people theyare more believable. Using an expert in our documentary will be really effective as it wouldback up what we were talking about and the viewers may believethem more than us and the public we are interviewing.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnmAbHSxnus Witness YouTube examplehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Q8tA2iqaXo Experts YouTube example 7. REPORT STRUCTUREWeb definitions: Report structure is a structure containing a reportingclause and a reported clause or a quote. How does report structure impact the audience? As soon as they start watching they can see the most dramatic news whichwould keep them watching. 8. EXPOSITORYWeb definition: Intended to explain or describe something: "expositoryprose". How does this impact the audience? They know more detail this could effect their emotion towards the story. 9. OBSERVATIONALWeb definition: Experimental: relying on observation or experiment;"experimental results that supported the hypothesis". How does this impact the audience? They have seen proof this again would effect there emotions. We would be using information and statistics from the internet andnewspapers and this would support what we say and what the publicsay. 10. INTERACTIVEWeb definition: Acting one upon or with the other. How does this impact the audience? Having more than one opinion in documentarys is an effective way for the audience to make there own decision on the subject.Ourdocumentary will be asking the public how they feel the mediaportrays young people this will make sure the viewers have there ownopinion on it. 11. REFLEXIVEWeb definition: Denoting a pronoun that refers back to the subject of theclause in which it is used, e.g., myself, themselves. How does this impact the audience? They dont loose track of what they are listening/watching to this would meanthey wouldnt get bored and loose track of thought. In our documentary we will make sure that we either have apresenter or voice-overs that refers back to the subject of it. 12. PER FORMATIVEWeb definitions: Relating to or denoting an utterance by means of whichthe speaker performs a particular act (e.g., I bet, I apologize, I promise). How does this impact the audience? By speaking in a per formative way it would sound more reliable and the viewer would more likely believe what the presenter was saying.In our documentary we cant take sides this would mean thatmaking promises would be very difficult! 13. REALISMWeb definition: An inclination toward literal truth and pragmatism. How does realism impact the audience? Because its real and believable. Our documentary has to be believable otherwise our viewers will notfollow what we are talking about, our documentary also has to bereal as were interviewing the public and we need the internet to backup our findings! 14. DRAMATISATIONWeb definition: A prose or verse composition, especially one telling aserious story, that is intended for representation by actorsimpersonating the characters and performing the dialogue and action. How does dramatisation impact the audience? As its a serious story the audience would listen and understand, but as itsrepresented by actors this would make it more interesting for them. We will not be having any drama/actors in our documentary but wemay need one of our crew to step in and get interviewed.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKIA30mny9U Youtube example 15. NARRATIVISATIONWeb definitions: To make into a narrated account or story; to make intothe form of a narrative. How does narrativisation impact the audience? This would again make it more interesting for the viewer as they can imagine itthemselves and make their own characters instead of the actors indramatisation. Although we wont be using narrated stories we will be includingvoice-overs that would keep track of what is going on in thedocumentary.