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<p>Presentation Title</p> <p>Enterprise HoldingsYour Global Transportation SolutionPresentation For: ABC Company</p> <p>The goal of this presentation is to be a high-level, fact finding presentation, hopefully more a conversation than a presentation.</p> <p>There are two primary parts to this presentation:Who is Enterprise HoldingsValidate our Global Network, with this in mind it is designed not to favor a single region over another and to clearly align regional solutions to that region so not to create confusion.</p> <p>You will want to allow questions after each slide to determine what their needs are and what future meetings are required</p> <p>This presentation has several hidden slides that can be accessed via links on the relevant slide. These hidden slides are after the Thank You slide and if you delete them they will not be available during the presentation.</p> <p>Ideally you should practice this presentation several times to learn the functionality and flow.</p> <p>1</p> <p>Enterprise Holdings2Leading The Way To The Global Future Of Vehicle Rental</p> <p>XX+ vehicles</p> <p>XXXX+ airport, rail station &amp;neighborhood locations</p> <p>$XX.XX+annual revenue</p> <p>XXXXX+ employees</p> <p>This is where you position that the first few slides of the presentation are about Enterprise Holdings as a company, not fully reflective of our global network. Its important for them to realize the strength and focus that stands behind every country we operate in, second to none in the industry.This will be the only time where we intentionally bring up the structure of our network by stating: The entire car rental industry operates globally with a model that includes corporately owned and franchised markets, however, there is one significant difference, Enterprise Holdings is the only provider with 100% compliance from every location. Not only is this important from a rate/cost standpoint, but the bigger issue could be risk exposure at locations which wont honor the coverages within your agreement, this isnt the case with Enterprise Holdings.With the exception of the previous comment, stay away from mentioning partners, franchises, etc unless specifically asked.Besides that statement, cover the facts on this slide as you always would, remember to tell them why its important to them.2</p> <p>Proven Financial &amp; Management Stability3XXth largest privately-held company in North America</p> <p>XX years in businessX CEOs in XX yearsOnly investment-grade rated company in the vehicle rental businessContinuous reinvestment strategyAnnually, largest purchaser of new cars in the worldProven commitment to stability and sustainability</p> <p>Heres our opportunity to differentiate ourselves from everyone else on many levels, pick a couple which will ring with the account and explain why they are important, dont just read the slide.3</p> <p>A Responsible Global Citizen4Take care of your customers and employees first; profits will followEnterprise is in the Business of Sustainability- Jack C. Taylor Founder, Enterprise Holdings</p> <p>SustainabilityCustomersService QualityIndexDiversityEmployeesPhilanthropy</p> <p>This slide is loaded with hidden navigation which will help to facilitate a discussion based on a customers feedback.</p> <p>Begin by introducing the Jack Taylor quote and then progress to the six pillars or foundational beliefs we have as a company. As you work your way around the wheel and hit on a topic interesting to the customer you can click on that topic and 3-5 talking points will appear. Once you are finished covering that topic you will need to click on the icon at the bottom right of the slide to return to the original slide. At that time you can then select another topic if you would like. DO NOT PAGE DOWN WHILE YOU ARE VIEWING THE HIDDEN INFORMATION</p> <p>Stress we are more than a car rental company, we operate with the communities and environment in which we operate at the top of our mind and we are constantly looking for ways to serve and protect them both all the while developing the best employees and providing the best customer experience in the industry.4</p> <p>2 Global Brands, 1 Global Solution5 </p> <p>~XX countriesXX+ locations</p> <p>Worlds Largest FleetGlobal reporting &amp; billingXX%participation</p> <p>X Global loyalty program</p> <p>5</p> <p>2 Global Brands, 1 Global Solution6Being the Worlds Leading Vehicle Rental Network</p> <p>China</p> <p>XX+ vehicle models</p> <p>XXX locations in XX cities </p> <p>Every Commercialairport </p> <p>24 hrsalways openBoth self-drive and driver provided service available</p> <p>XXXX+cars</p> <p>6</p> <p>Your Ideal Transportation Partner7A financially-stable company with a long-term strategy</p> <p>One that offers a single loyalty/rewards program worldwide</p> <p>A customer-service champion </p> <p>Enterprise HoldingsAn ethical, flexible and experienced partner</p> <p>Simple 3-step implementation process</p> <p>The largest, most consistent global supplier</p> <p>7</p> <p>8</p> <p>Proposal Background: Total Cost Solution9of what determines your total cost will be overlooked if daily rental price is the only focus.XX%Time &amp; Mileage:Base RatesSpecial City RatesCity DifferentialsMileage FeesOne-way FeesWeekly FactorMonthly FactorOne-day SurchargeLoss Damage WaiverLiability</p> <p>Taxes &amp; Fees:Lower cost, lower taxes</p> <p>Business Practices:Capacity ControlParticipating locationsEnergy Recovery FeesBlackout DatesOne-way availabilityBest Rate</p> <p>Optional Services:GPSRefuelToll TagSatellite Radio</p> <p>9</p> <p>Global Account Management Team</p> <p>Simon ScottEMEA Account ManagerRobson Oliveira LAC Account ManagerBob SmithGlobal Account ManagerMary JonesADRJim Brown Implementation SpecialistJoe ExecExecutive SupportBACK TO DECK</p> <p>10</p> <p>A Responsible Global Citizen11Enterprise Is in the Business of SustainabilitySustainabilityCustomersService QualityIndexDiversityEmployeesPhilanthropy</p> <p>DiversityIt is a Core ValueX out of X new hires are female or a minorityXX% of our vendor spend is with disadvantaged entitiesVia our extensive network we operate in all socio-economic areas</p> <p>BACK TO DECK</p> <p>11</p> <p>A Responsible Global Citizen12Enterprise Is in the Business of SustainabilitySustainabilityCustomersService QualityIndexDiversityEmployeesPhilanthropy</p> <p>PhilanthropyEnterprise FoundationAwarded over $XX million in grants in FY14Top XX United Way Contributor, XX% employer matchSupport the communities we do business in</p> <p>BACK TO DECK</p> <p>Enterprise believes in supporting the communities we operate in. </p> <p>Enterprise accomplishes this through its employee driven foundation which last fiscal year alone provided over $19 million in grants. </p> <p>In FY14 the Enterprise Foundation issued over 4,000 grants, 90% of which were directly from employees. </p> <p>In addition the Enterprise Foundation provides episodic disaster relief through the Red Cross.12</p> <p>A Responsible Global Citizen13Enterprise Is in the Business of SustainabilitySustainabilityCustomersService QualityIndexDiversityEmployeesPhilanthropy</p> <p>ServiceQuality IndexBackbone to our successTop Box Completely SatisfiedVital to career developmentBeing implemented globally</p> <p>BACK TO DECK</p> <p>13</p> <p>A Responsible Global Citizen14Enterprise Is in the Business of SustainabilitySustainabilityCustomersService QualityIndexDiversityEmployeesPhilanthropy</p> <p>EmployeesTop hirer of college grads annuallyIn-depth training programPromote from withinCustomer Satisfaction is a habit</p> <p>BACK TO DECK</p> <p>14</p> <p>A Responsible Global Citizen15Enterprise Is in the Business of SustainabilitySustainabilityCustomersService QualityIndexDiversityEmployeesPhilanthropy</p> <p>CustomersBullet1Bullet2Bullet3</p> <p>BACK TO DECK</p> <p>15</p> <p>Emerald Club Tiers16FBO delivery for all Emerald Club levels</p> <p>0-XX rentals or 0-XX daysEmerald aisleEarned membershipXX-XX rentals or XX-XX daysExecutive selectionGuaranteed upgradeEarned or invited membershipXX+ rentals or XX+ daysExecutive selectionGuaranteed upgrade Guaranteed car with 24-hour noticeFBO delivery </p> <p>BACK TO DECK</p> <p>Bullet1Bullet2Bullet3</p>