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Intuit at Engage for Success

Danielle Kirkwood & Jennifer Mullen8th June 2016Intuit at Engage for Success


AgendaWho we areIntuit in the UKOur valuesAnnual Employee SurveyPersonal Growth and Development Tiger TeamResultQuestions


Who we are




1983, our founder Scott Cook was watching his wife struggle to balance the family cheque books at the kitchen table and thought there has to be a better way, I think I can build software to deal with this problem.

Over 30 years on, we are a huge global company with multiple products, offices in 27 locations and almost 8000 employees. Major offices in US, Canada, UK, India and Singapore.

Intuit Inc. creates business and financial management solutions that simplify the business of life for small businesses, consumers and accounting professionals.


Recognised as one of the worlds leading companies:

2004 - 2016

Most Admired:Software Industry2004 - 2016100 Best Companiesto Work For 2013Most InnovativeCompanies


Intuit in the UK

We serve small businesses and accountants

Moved to London Victoria in 2014

130 employees across marketing, sales, finance, HR, engineering, care & product

Great Place to Work top 20 for 5 years running!

Proud sponsors of Aston Villa

Ambitious growth plans

Talk about:

History in the UK (Maidenhead move to London) the product we sell in the UK - Quickbooks the make-up of the team (e.g. marketing, sales, finance, HR, care), Aston Villa sponsorship, office location, anything else thats relevant


Our values:

BeBoldBePassionateLearnFastBeDecisiveWinTogetherDeliverAwesomeIntegrity Without CompromiseWe Care andGive Back

Our mission: To improve our customers financial lives so profoundly, they cant imagine going back to the old way

MISSION always has been and always will be to improveIn support of this clear mission, we are also explicit about the values we believe in and stand for

Values have been at the heart of all we do for over 30 yearsHelp us create a strong culture and enables our employees to do the best work of their lives

Talk about own experience of the values


How do we live those values & how do we engage employees?

Personalised and thoughtful onboarding and induction

Ongoing training and development centred around our company values

Feedback-rich culture

Transparency from senior leaders

Giving employees time and opportunities to give back to causes they care about

Emphasis on wellbeing

Passionate about creating a diverse workforce where people can bring their whole selves to work

Engagement Council

Employees always come first at Intuit, before customers and shareholders - These are just some of the things we like to showcase, there are countless ways we reward and develop our employees but this is just a selection.

Onboarding from even before day 1Training (e.g. Styles of Influence, Leadership series) monthly checkinsActively creating feedback rich culture to help people continuously improve and get to where they need to be in their career building trustTransparency Brad Q&A, all-hands, sharing business resultsWCGB 4 days per year to carry out charity work, team days, comment on photo of clearing up ThamesWellbeing employee assistance programme, Virgin Pulse, Fit for Life incentive helping keep people healthy so can do best work of their livesDiversity Womens Network, global Pride Network etc., socials where we celebrate different cultures e.g. India socialEngagement Council arrange socials, promote WCGB events, representatives from all teams, mark special occasions7

An opportunity for employees to contribute feedback and suggestions about their:Level of engagementWork experiencesObservations about the company

We want to make sure employees feel proud to work for Intuit and understand how we can do better

Pulse survey in May helps us understand how our improvements have made an impactAnnual Employee Survey

So how do we measure that engagement and make sure we are continually improving? The main way we monitor employee engagement is through our own annual employee survey.

The Annual Employee Survey (AES) is designed to maximize employee engagement. It does this by providing an opportunity for employees to contribute feedback and suggestions about their:

Level of EngagementWork ExperiencesObservations about the Company

The information gathered from the survey is intended to be used as a tool by Intuit Leaders to foster high commitment and drive high performance. We take it very seriously and take action when the survey identifies something that needs improvement.

The AES Guiding PrinciplesThe survey is voluntary and confidential (i.e., not anonymous, yet individual responses will never be disclosed and always aggregated with 5 or more responses).

The survey process is designed to build employee confidence that action will be taken on the survey results.

Managers at all levels of the company are accountable for continually improving and taking action on issues that are most critical.8

Identified areas of opportunityWork ResourcesProduct LeadershipDecision MakingPersonal Growth and Development

Tiger Teams 6 people 3 months

AimBoost scores! Pulse Survey in MayAnnual Employee Survey 2015

The UK based senior leadership team wanted to focus on improving some of our lower scores.

The areas of opportunity identified by the AES wereWork ResourcesProduct LeadershipDecision MakingPersonal Growth and Development

For each of these areas a Tiger Team was formed. Each group of 6 employees was given 3 months to formulate a plan that would result in a higher score at our Pulse survey in May.

Each team found their own path, though many followed a similar structure and I will share one with you now9

SWOT AnalysisStrengthsWeaknessesGaps in knowledge

FocusInternal vs External trainingSoft skills vs computing skills

FeedbackLunchtime session with stations (and cupcakes)Priorities: 3 most important to individuals

Personal Growth and Development

In depth SWOT analysis: identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the company but also discovering where the gaps in our own knowledge lay. The range of people in the room provided us with a good base and we surprised ourselves through the course of the discussion and exploring all the Benefits Intuit has to offer. A good example of this is the eLearning platform, only one or two members of this team realised that theres more to our eLearning platform than the compulsory health and safety at work video. Its a rich resource packed full with tutorials on a range of subjects.

Lots of directions that we could take our Personal Growth and Development Tiger Team. We wanted feedback from our fellow colleagues so that we could focus our efforts on what really mattered. Would people prefer internal or external training? Soft skills vs Computing?

To get this feedback, we held a lunch time session, cupcakes included, and invited our friends to join us. We had stations around the room, each with a team member and a possible focus area. We asked people to visit our stations, listen to our 2 minute share out and feedback their immediate thoughts.

Before leaving we asked them just to name the 3 most important stations in the room. It was a great session, we all had a lot of valuable conversations and it was rewarding to be able to share with others the hard work and effort we had put in up to that point. To have others engaged and excited about our possible direction. We learnt a lot from this hour, with more than half of the office taking the time during their day to listen.


1. Mobilitya change in role whether geographical or functional, also including moves within the same team. 100%Data CollectionCase Studies

Priorities: Top 3!

2. Leadership TrainingSeries of lunchtime sessions delivered by leaders & SMEsGiving Feedback, Coaching, Leading Distributed TeamsUK pilot for Global Leadership Training Series

3. Tuition Assistance Program2500 pa Certification in field of expertiseEncouraging long-term career planning conversationsCase Studies

The results! The Top 3! The results shocked us, which is awesome. In asking the attendees of our session to name their top three areas of interest from the 6 or 7 we gave we were able to prioritise our workload and to focus our efforts.

The first on the list, Mobility. This one was the big shocker.

We defined mobility as: a change in role whether geographical or functional, also including moves within the same team.

100%, 100% of people asked said that they valued Mobility, that they were interested in it, that they wanted more.

Data Collecting Time! Insert us finding as much information we could about Mobility moves in the UK. When sharing our findings at the bi-weekly all office meetings we had audible gasps of surprise when we announced that in the past year there had been 37 mobility moves in the UK in the past year.

(7 to London, 1 away from London, 10 role changes and 19 promotions)

Understanding just how important Mobility is to our team and hearing how little people knew about it made us wonder how we could raise awareness of the mobility moves that happen and how others might make their own transitions. We agreed to start by asking a handful of successful movers to answer a few questions: How did you identify and research your move? What was the biggest obstacleWhat are 3 pieces of advice youd give to others? That sort of thing.

The responses were so full and valuable exactly as they came that the team decided to provide them as Case Studies and not to change them. To leave the them just as they were, raw, packed full of positivity, passion and advice.

Second on our list was Leadership Training. We dove headfirst into strategies and ways to involve both the senior leadership team housed here in the UK but also those from other Geos. We talked about having bite sized chunks of learning delivered by the leaders and subject matter experts in the UK on topics such as:Giving FeedbackCoachingLeading Distributed TeamsDecision Making etc.

We communicated this to our leaders and to those in the US and drum roll the London office is now a pilot for the Global Leadership Training series. Weve had a couple of those sessions now and the response has been super positive.

The final item on our list of priorities is the Tuition Assistance Program. This is a great Benefit offered to employees at Intuit that grants up to 2500 each year for tuition assistance. Employees can access this money when gaining certification from an accredited body, the course is to be related to their current role or to one they will be transitioning towards. Its a very real way of achieving recognition and the correct positioning for a mobility move, which we already know is super important to all of us, without the need to sacrifice personal finance or a social life. Many of our employees had heard of this benefit but were not aware of how others were using it or just how easy it is to get approval. Our aim as part of the Tiger Team was to educate people managers to ensure that theyre having career planning conversations with their employees in their one to ones each month. By increasing awareness, we hoped to increase interest, encouraging people to use whats there. To help get people off the ground we repeated a process similar to the case studies from the mobility section and created a few really valuable insights into how others from the UK have used this benefit. 11

LearningGiving ownershipProviding transparency

Pulse SurveyIncrease in Employee Engagement and other scores8 point increase in Personal Growth and Development



So thats our story to dateWeve learnt a lot from the process so far and are continuing to grow and develop not only as Tiger Teams but as an office and the impact has been measured. Our pulse survey in May has shown an 8 point increase for Personal Growth and Development in the UK and our Employee Engagement level has also grown. Giving ownership to our employees and ensured transparency throughout we have encourage and engaged our employees.Thank you.