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Slides from the Engage for Success Practitioner event in Essex


  • 1. 2A warm welcomePerry Timms &Lisa Sibley

2. 3A day totally devoted to employeeengagementNetworktalk, listen, connect to engageShare knowledge and experienceTime out to reflect and have fun! 3. 4Gratitude to todays sponsorsand supporters 4. 510.50am - Cuppa/break12.45pm to 1.30pm - Eat, drink, connect3pm - Comfort break4pm - Event closesEvent timings overview 5. 6Handouts on tables for referenceSlide decks will be made available post eventSay cheese.photographer in the houseLets spread the word Twitter #EngageEssexEvent essentials 6. 7Employee engagement a vital driver of economic successRobert OverallEssex County Council 7. 8Getting to know each other and the employee engagementingredient, whats yours? 8. Engage for SuccessNita ClarkeEssex practitioner event26 April 2013 9. 10KEEP IT SIMPLE.A workplace approach designed to ensure that employees are committed totheir organisations goals and values, motivated to contribute to organisationalsuccess and able at the same time to enhance their own sense of wellbeing.Professor David GuestIts the people, stupid!with apologies to James Carville 10. 11ITS NOT.. 11. THE CASE FOR ENGAGEMENT03/05/2013 PRESENTATION TITLE IN FOOTER 12 12. THE BIGGER PICTURE03/05/2013 Engage for success 13The context for WHY Employee Engagement is critical:The 20th Century model was Business as Usual.MAKE EFFICIENT aligned but not engaged, centraldirection, command and control. 13. THE CASE FOR ENGAGEMENT03/05/2013 PRESENTATION TITLE IN FOOTER 14 14. THE CASE FOR ENGAGEMENT03/05/2013 PRESENTATION TITLE IN FOOTER 15 15. THE CASE FOR ENGAGEMENT03/05/2013 PRESENTATION TITLE IN FOOTER 16 16. BARRIERSSpare me another **** HR/comms initiativeDont you know theres a recession on?Ive not got time for the soft and fluffy stuffSpreading good practiceLeaders modelling behaviourCommand and controlMicro-managingPeople skills for the lineTakes time, application, consistency and effortTransactional ie survey rather than transformational ie culture change17 17. DISENGAGEMENT IS NOT INEVITABLEResearch shows that how an organisation deals withredundancy has greater effect on employee engagement thanjob losses themselves (Roffey Park 2011)Engagement has stayed high in high performing companiesthrough the recession. Among results of engagement:improved product qualitymore technical innovationBetter internal co-operationmanagers encourage people to learn from their mistakesgoals clearly definedcareer opportunities and performance management strengthened(Towers Watson July 2010) 18. 19KEY ENABLER 1: STRATEGIC NARRATIVEStrong, visible, empowering leadership provides a strong strategicnarrative about the organisation, where its come from and where itsgoing.This gives a line of sight between the job and the organisations vision.The story is communicated clearly, consistently and constantly.The past You are here The future 19. 20KEY ENABLER 2: ENGAGING MANAGERSThey:focus theirpeople, offerscope and enablethe job to getdonetreat their peopleas individualscoach and stretchtheir people 20. 21KEY ENABLER 3: INTEGRITYThere is organisational integrity the values on the wall arereflected in day to day behaviours.These expected behaviours areexplicit and bought into by staff.Keep it real staff see throughcorporate spin quicker thancustomers or the public.Integrity enables trust: noengagement without trust 21. 22KEY ENABLER 4: EMPLOYEE VOICEThere is employee voice throughout the organisation, for reinforcing andchallenging views; between functions & externally; employees are reallyseen as your key asset not the problem. 22. 23A government sponsored, employer led Task Force (TF), to spearhead a movementto enhance levels of employee engagement across the U.K. workforce.Launched at No 10 Downing Street by the Prime Minister and BISs Ed Davey inMarch 2011.ENGAGE FOR SUCCESS - THE NEXT STAGESupported by a high level sponsorgroup and by Guru and practitionergroups.TF already looking in more depth atbarriers and practical challenges toengagement.Practitioners national network andmajor website 23. MOVEMENT STRUCTURE03/05/2013 PRESENTATION TITLE IN FOOTER 25 24. Lord ODonnell, Former Head of Home Civil ServiceMarc Bolland, CEO, M&SMark Elborne, CEO, General Electric, North EuropeSir Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPPMartin Temple, Chairman, EEFMoya Greene, CEO, Royal MailNigel Stein, CEO, GKNPaul Drechsler, CEO, Wates GroupPeter Cheese, CE, CIPDSir Peter Housden, PS for ScotlandPeter Rogers, CEO, BabcockPeter Sands, CEO, Standard CharteredPeter Searle, CEO, Adecco Group UK & IrelandRichard Baker, Chairman, Virgin ActiveRob Devey, CE, Prudential UK and EuropeRonan Dunne, CEO , O2Rona Fairhead, Group CE, Financial Times GroupSimon Walker, Director General, IoDSir Stephen Bubb, CE, AcevoStephen Howard, Chief Executive, BITCSteve Elliott, Director General, CIASteve Mogford, CEO, United UtilitiesTim Melville-Ross, Chairman, HEFCETim OToole, CEO, First GroupWill Hutton, Executive Vice Chair, Work FoundationSir Win Bischoff, Chairman, Lloyds Banking GroupAdam Balon, InnocentAdam Crozier, CEO, ITVAdrian Brown, UK and Western Europe CEO RSAAlex Gourlay, CEO, Alliance BootsAmyas Morse, Auditor General, NAOAndy Harrison, CEO, WhitbreadAnthony Jenkins, CEO, BarclaysDame Barbara Stocking, CEO, OxfamBarbara Frost, CE, WaterAidSir Bob Kerslake, Head of the Civil ServiceBrendan Barber, General Secretary, TUCCarolyn Downs, CE, Local Govt AssocCharlie Mayfield, Chairman, JLPChris Browne, MD, Thomson AirwaysChris Hyman, CEO, SercoDavid Evans, CE, Grass Roots GroupEd Sweeney, Chairman, ACASIan King, CEO, BAEIan Livingston, CEO, BTIan Powell, Chairman & Senior Partner, PwCIan Sarson, CEO, Compass GroupJane Wilson, CE, CIPRJohn Cridland, Director General, CBIJohn Hannett, General Secretary, USDAWJohn Neill, Group CE, UnipartJohn Walker, Chairman, FSBKaren Boswell, MD, East Coast RailEngage for Success Sponsors 25. CEO BREAKFAST03/05/2013 CEO BREAKFAST 27 26. Nita ClarkeNita.Clarke@ipa-involve.comEmployee Engagement report & recommendations:Employee.engagement@bis.gsi.gov.ukEngage for Success www.engageforsuccess.org03/05/2013 ENGAGE FOR SUCCESS 28 27. 29Time for a break andopportunity to network! 28. 30Engaging leadership perspectivesJon SalkeldAnglia Ruskin University 29. Engaging Leadership Perspectives 30. The Context 31. Prediction 32. RealityThe future changes you, not you change thefuture 33. EmergenceStrategy is considered as emergent or evolutionarya pattern in a stream of decisions(Mintzberg, 1978) 34. Leadership in Crisis 35. Dictate 36. Accelerate 37. Fixate 38. Overcompensate 39. Berate 40. Leadership on Track 41. Reframing 42. Recharging 43. Redirecting 44. Surfing 45. FinallyThe crisis of today is the joke oftomorrow 46. 48Lets talk, listen, connect toengage and share to take action 47. 49Engagement to delight v disengagementto disappoint your customersBrian WestonInstitute of CustomerService 48. Institute of Customer ServiceEmployee Engagement:The Business ImpactBrian WestonDirector, Marketing and Communications 49. about the Institute of Customer Service UKCSI Benchmarking Accreditation Customer Service Training and Professional Qualifications Research Conference and networking UK Customer Satisfaction Awardswww.instituteofcustomerservice.com 50. 2013 UK Customer Satisfaction AwardsObjective HREmployee EngagementStrategy of the YearWinner High retention rates Ex-employees returning Lower absence rates Higher customer satisfaction Productivity and growthFinalistsAgeas InsuranceLV=New Charter Housing Trust GroupRHPStar Technology - A Claranet Group CompanyUKFastcustomerserviceconference.co.uk 51. heightened importance of emotionalintelligenceEconomic insecurity Diverse customer segmentsLess deference Social Mediaexplosion 52. customer satisfaction is up65.669.471.272.075.2 75.676.777.3 77.478.0Jan 08 Jul 08 Jan 09 Jul 09 Jan 10 Jul 10 Jan 11 Jul 11 Jan 12 Jul 12UKCSI wave 53. the day to day service experience1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10FriendlyKnowledgeableHelpfulEnthusiasticInterested in meeting my needsPassionate about doing a good job for meEnjoying their workSeemed proud to work for the companyBoredBanksInsurersHigh St RetailersUtilitiesUsing a scale of 1-10, where 1 is completely disagree and 10 is completely agree, score these statements about customer service staff you regularly encounter at 54. memorable customer experiences29% of customers said they had a memorable service experience 55. differentiators between good andbad customer experiencesEmployee behaviour Differential between customerswho had good and badexperiencesSeemed interested inmeeting the customersneeds6.1Seemed helpful 5.7Seemed passionate aboutdoing a good job5.6Seemed enthusiastic 5.3 56. outcomes of good and bad serviceexperiencesSince this experience, have you 57. what customers complain about34.3%31.1%31.0%23.7%22.5%21.7%17.5%13.2%13.2%Quality or reliability of goods/servicesStaff attitudeStaff competenceLate delivery or slow serviceSuitability of goods/servicesCostAvailability of goods/servicesOrganisation not keeping its promises andcommitmentsOther 58. frequency of first point of contactbehaviours 59. impact of first point of contact behaviours 60. employee engagement is a driver ofbusiness performanceGood and bad service experiences Customer satisfaction Complaints and complaint handling Recommendation Repeat purchase 61. 64Eat, drink and connect! 62. www.gomadthinking.com4/26/13 65Go MAD ThinkingPocket Gate FarmOff Breakback RoadWoodhouse EavesLeicestershireLE12 8RST: 01509 891313Go MAD about EmployeeEngagementA Results Focused ApproachRob Huntington Thinking Engineer 63. www.gomadthinking.comWhere in the world are we?4/26/13 66EuropeUnitedKingdom 64. www.gomadthinking.com4/26/13 67Go MAD Thinking Headquarters 65. Discovering 3 Things1. How to create the conditions to release thepotential of people to think and act in a moreengaging and results focused way. 66. Discovering 3 Things2. A guaranteed way to add value to the top andbottom line of your organisation 67. Employee Engagement what itlooks like 68. So what is employeeengagement? 69. Definitions of EmployeeEngagement the missing link The psychological investment people have intheir organisation and its goals (ModernSurvey) The employees drive to use all of theiringenuity and resources for the benefit of theorganisation (Best Companies) Emotional and intellectual commitment totheir organisation and its success (WorkFoundation) 70. The Business Case for EmployeeEngagementis well madeInnovation, Productivity, Customer Service,Sales, overall financial performance 71. The Business Case for EmployeeEngagement5,370,000 results2,005 books 72. www.gomadthinking.comEngagementCapabilityDirection4/26/13 75PeakOrganisationalPerformanceImpact on Performance 73. A Quick Quiz What percentage of your managers truly understand theconcept of employee engagement? Considering your Companys employee engagementefforts, what percentage is directed towards surveyactivity versus genuinely improving engagement? What percentage of employees in your organisationhave absolute zero interest in improving themselves ortheir situation versus those that will make the best of anysituation? How many of your employees are disengaged right now? How many of your employees appreciate that they have achoice about their engagement levels? 74. A Quick Quiz What percentage of your managers truly understand the concept of employeeengagement? 40% Considering your Companys employee engagement efforts, what percentage isdirected towards survey activity versus genuinely improving engagement? Typically it is 80:20 this needs reversing! What percentage of employees in your organisation have absolute zero interestin improving themselves or their situation versus those that will make the best ofany situation? 10% versus 5% - an 85% opportunity! How many of your employees are disengaged right now? Around 35% to 50% (McClean and Company) How many of your employees appreciate that they have a choice about theirengagement levels? ??? 75. www.gomadthinking.com4/26/13 78Employee EngagementGroundhog Day 76. The link to resultsAssumed Imposed ExpectedTHINKING ACTIONS RESULTSChanging thethoughts andemotions thatpeople have aboutwork at anindividual andleadership levelChanging thethinking leads to anew set ofbehaviours andactionsNew and betterresults achievedthrough differentactions andbehavioursgeneratedthrough differentthinking 77. Discovering 3 Things3. Thinking with Ropes 78. THE RULESThe rope must remain on your wrists exactlyas it is at the momentYou cannot cut or break the rope 79. 82What were you saying to yourself /your partner?There must be a way.. 80. Some Thinking StatisticsQ. People talk to themselves, onaverage, how often?A. Every 11 seconds 81. Some Thinking StatisticsQ. How many thoughts do we haveeach day?A. Approximately 6,000 82. Some Thinking StatisticsQ. Of those 6,000 thoughts, whatpercentage of those are the sameas previous thoughts?A. 90% 83. Some Thinking StatisticsQ. Of the things that people worryabout, what percentage are actuallyreal?A. 8% - although 4% are out ofyour control 84. www.gomadthinking.comThe 4 thinking components4/26/13 87StatementsRecalled ExperienceQuestionsImaginedFuture Self Others SituationHelpful Focus 85. www.gomadthinking.comThe 4 thinking components4/26/13 88StatementsRecalled ExperienceQuestionsImaginedFuture Self Others SituationHindering Focus 86. www.gomadthinking.comThe 4 thinking components4/26/13 89StatementsRecalled ExperienceQuestionsImaginedFuture Self Others SituationHelpful 87. Helpful or Hindering?Summer Holidays 88. Helpful or Hindering?Your next Birthday 89. Helpful or Hindering?Politicians 90. Helpful or Hindering?Customers 91. Helpful or Hindering?The last Work Christmasmeal/outing/party/? 92. Helpful or Hindering?The BrazilianBeach Volley Ball team 93. Helpful or Hindering?A team tripto Paris 94. Helpful or Hindering?Senior Leadership 95. Helpful or Hindering?What you did last week 96. Helpful or Hindering?What youve got to do therest of this week 97. Helpful or Hindering?The only way is Essex? 98. www.gomadthinking.com4/26/13 101 99. What are you?Which best describes you at the moment?If you reviewed you last week at work, whatevidence could you provide for each?How would your colleagues describe yourengagement? 100. Po I = Pe100% - 40% = 60% 101. www.gomadthinking.comOriginal research (4000 hours in1998)Question:What is the simplest way of explaining thesuccess process that people naturally usewhen making a difference?Answer:Go M.A.D. a Solution Focused ThinkingSystem104 102. www.gomadthinking.com 105Take Action& MeasureResultsSelfBeliefPersonalResponsibilityInvolveOthersPlanPrioritiesDefineGoalReasonWhyThe Go M.A.D. Framework 103. Application levels for SolutionFocused ThinkingHelping youto think(Personal Effectiveness)Helping others to think(Coaching)Helping teams to think(Projects, meetings & team development)Helping organisations to think(Leadership thinking & cultural transformation) 104. www.gomadthinking.comThe Go M.A.D. LeadershipThinking Framework107Culture(CollectiveBeliefs)LeadershipResponsibility PeopleOrganisationalReason WhyVision &ObjectivesManagementThinking &PlanningTake Action and MeasureResults 105. Client Experiences Co-operative Pharmacy 7 point shift inemployee engagement scores in 6 months,unexplained KPI uplift Kraft - Over $15m difference Lloyds Banking Group 15 people identifiedsavings of 15m (300k implementableimmediately) Vaultex 30-40% uplift in engagement scoresand associated efficiencies and improvements tothe value of 500,000 identified in a 90 dayperiod 106. Possibility Thinking MindstormingWhat could I possibly do to improve levels ofemployee engagement in my organisation ? 107. Taking Action. Employee Engagement Open Programme 20%discount 22nd & 23rd May 2013A taster of the things you will learn: The Go M.A.D. systems thinking approach to improvingemployee engagement 65 High Quality Questions that enhance leadership thinking todrive increased employee engagement How to think creatively and widely about employeeengagement... ...to generate more than 100 new ideas to take away How to create your bespoke employee engagement umbrellagoal with prioritised actions to apply instantly back in theworkplace 108. Go MAD Research & Consulting GroupSome free gifts from me as a thankyou Over 100 Thinking for Success podcasts canbe accessed through iTunes business section Free Go MAD Thinking App 109. www.gomadthinking.com4/26/13 113Book available First come, firstserved. 110. A Closing Thought.Whistle while you work. The SevenDwarves 111. www.gomadthinking.com4/26/13 115rob.huntington@gomadthinking.com07961 823156robbhuntingtonrobhuntington 112. Employee voice matters lets getloud!Dr Martin ReddingtonEngage for Success Essex 26 April 2013 113. An insight-driven functionIn this way HR uses much of thework from its core activities to further inform the organisationabout challenges, course correction and big opportunities..A Business Savvy function.. We wanted to get into aconversation with practitioners about what they think businesssavvy isFour foundations that help build business savvy in HRprofessionals and their teams..(CIPD, 2011)High Performance HR 114. Comfortable with social media and its uses in organisationsUnderstanding people performance recipes and employeeengagementUsing big data to optimise organisational effectivenessMore individualisation of the relationship with top managementand high potentialsHigh Performance HR Dr Martin Reddington (2013) 115. NEW OEThe heart oforganisationaldevelopmentConversationalPracticeParadox &AmbiguityLeadership &ManagementLanguage& ActionAuthenticity& Mutuality Dr Martin Reddington (2013) 116. JobPressurePerformanceConversationsSolutionsConversationsWorkplaceTensionsConversation-in-Action Dr Martin Reddington (2013) 117. Expression of Tensions Dr Martin Reddington (2013) 118. www.skillpill.com/cipd Dr Martin Reddington (2013) 119. Apple Device123 Martin Reddington 2012ValueAndroid Device 120. Dr Martin Reddington (2013)Question Public/VoluntaryPrivate1) I have useful conversations with my linemanager about improving my performance68 632) I have useful conversations with my linemanager to find practical solutions to workplacetensions83 663) I actively take opportunities to exchange viewsabout work-related issues with other members ofmy team85 794) My line manager encourages conversationswithin the team about improving our performance78 635) I constantly experience excessive pressure inmy job73 48En-Gauge Pilot CIPD members 121. Dr Martin Reddington (2013)Enabler Category (MacLeod & Clarke, 2012) Percentages1)Visible, empowering leadership providing a strong strategicnarrative about the organisation, where its come from andwhere its going172) Engaging managers who: focus their people and give themscope; treat their people as individuals; coach and stretchtheir people533) There is employee voice throughout the organisation, forreinforcing and challenging views; between functions &externally; employees are seen as central to the solution224) There is organisational integrity the values on the wallare reflected in day-to-day behaviour. There is no say-dogap8En-Gauge Pilot CIPD members 122. JobPressurePerformanceConversationsSolutionsConversationsWorkplaceTensionsExample 20138370707668 Dr Martin Reddington (2013) 123. PsychologicalContractPerceivedOrganisationalSupportJobEngagementEfficacyOrganisationalEngagementRepresentationof EmploymentDeal Dr Martin Reddington (2013) 124. Line Manager Relationships Dr Martin Reddington (2013) 125. Line Manager Heat Map Dr Martin Reddington (2013) 126. Best Thing Sentiment Dr Martin Reddington (2013) 127. Impact ofDifferentDeals Dr Martin Reddington (2013) 128. Play a full and active role in creating better conversationalarenasUnderstanding people performance recipes that underpinemployee engagementDoing the basics brilliantly using technology where you canUrgent and Important Steps for HR Dr Martin Reddington (2013) 129. Thank youmartin@martinreddington.com@TheRedster007 130. 134Engagement and You!Lisa Collins &Angela PearsonObjective HR 131. What will you dodifferently? 132. You, Your Team, YourOrganisation and EssexWhats going to stop?What do you need to consider?What are you going to do? 133. So What?What are the tangiblebenefits?How will I measure this?What investment will it require and whatreturn will my business get from theinvestment?What are the intangiblebenefits that I should behighlighting? 134. 138Event reflections andgratitude 135. 139 136. 140Lets keep engaging and connectingwww.engageforsuccess.org@Engage4SuccessEngage for Success 137. Thank you for listeninglisa.sibley@essex.gov.uk@LisaSib07501466981Talk, listen, connect to engage- dont hesitate to get in touch!