Email Bankruptcy

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  • Email Bankruptcy

  • Our Focus Today: The Why of email

    Principles that precede practices

    Root cause of symptoms in email

    Pursue a better future!

  • Average Emails/Workday 100

    Average Minutes/Email 3

    # of Workdays/Year 240

    Total Minutes Spent/Year on Email 72000

    Hours Spent/Year on Email 1200

    Days Spent/Year on Email (based on 8 hours) 150

    Percentage of work days spent on email 63%

    The truth about email

  • Email. Advantage?

  • Email. Advantage?

    Advantages Efficient Fast Connectivity Productivity Written record Easy to share Other

    Disadvantages Distraction Interruption Volume increasing Reduce quality of our work

    Harm to relationships & self


    Does your overall use of email produce a net benefit or a net loss?

  • The ultimate barrier to success is a shortage of mental bandwidth, or the ability to focus on a task

    in the moment. ~SendhilMullainathan

  • Hows your bandwidth?

  • Galatians 5:22-23

  • Mark 12:28-34

  • Visitors? Calls?

  • Principles Transfer?

  • Email. Strategy!

  • Developing the Why for emailPurpose precedes planning Define success for the proper

    and appropriate use of email

    Consider a Clean Slate perspective

    Consider declaring Email Bankruptcy. (Chapter 11)

    If you were to start over with email, how would you design it?



  • Top Button Strategy.

  • Notifications off Periodically checked Email NOT on mobile phone Respond in 24 hours or less Unsubscribe periodically Inbox to ZERO, once per day

    My Progress

  • Principles to ConsiderDont let obligation drive your behavior Avoid victim mentality Apply parallel principles to email Treat root causes, rather than symptoms Design strategy from a Clean Slate perspective Build expectations among those you email Be willing to be different to pursue your Preferred Future. Pursue the abundant life God has for you.

  • Email. Action.

  • Thank you.